Oh no! Look what i did: Music Music, guys whats going on today. Weve got another rc car and this one is the udi sg1604 man, these rc cars and their numbers. This one is the brushless one. I believe it has a gyro in it. It is all terrain ready to run its 116 scale, so its only a little one but its pretty awesome. It is a four wheel drive, it has headlights its got these cool little lights on there and its meant to do 30 miles per hour out of the box and well were going to test that okay, guys were going to be testing out this udi four well. Sg1604 some speed testing and were gon na test out the battery and were gon na bash it. It reckons its a rally and its an all terrain, so were gon na put that to the test: stay tuned, thats coming up short, okay. So on this side we have the car itself, obviously and weve got the controller. Weve got the shock assembly steering servo, waterproof, esc and gyro, and a 3 900 kv brushless motor system and all road aggression. So we can do drifting, it comes with those tyres and it also comes with some rally off road tyres but thats about it. Lets get this bad boy open and see. Whats inside in the box we get the rc car itself. Weve got the radio, the destruction manual and stuff, and we also get some tools and a battery charger so fully ready to run and dont.

Forget those spare wheels, those look pretty cool and this is the rc car guys. It looks actually really nice. I had the sg 1603, it was like the hoonigan model, uh, it looked like a ute and that thing was awesome, but that was only brushed. We ended up getting the brushless version of this and i cannot wait to test it out all right, so lets get inside the body and be careful when you take off the body. There is a cord just underneath you alrighty guys. It looks really nice. Look at that brushless motor, its even got a heatsink on there. It comes with a two cell 1200 milliamp rechargeable battery, got your brushless esc and gyro right there and, of course, motor and it comes with the three wire servos. So if you want to upgrade it, it would be pretty easy to do so all right, so the shocks dont appear to be oil filled, but they are fairly stiff, which is probably something i would expect from an on road car, as you can see its fairly Stiff and i think theyll actually handle pretty well so lets get this bad boy powered up. You will need four double a batteries for the controller thats pretty standard, so lets turn on the controller and turn on the vehicle, and you get a little bit all right. Steerings, pretty quick, you can see that gyro kicking in there guys. Would you actually have to be powered on board for it to actually work little trick here right here? This is the speed adjustment, so youve got like 25, 50 and 75.

This is what its like. With like 25 percent, this is this is the lowest seems pretty good, probably a good drifting speed, 50 thats, okay, thats really fast, and i said 75, but its obviously gon na be 100, so lets test that out Music. Okay guys, i definitely think, were gon na hit the 30 miles per hour, possibly even more okay. So, with the old model of this, i believe we broke the record at one stage. I think its broken again now we hit like 60 miles per hour with one of these that included my little secret, which i shared with you all, but i think were going to give it a go again. I really like this one and i believe this one has a metal drive shaft like the other one, but the gears at the end that went into the diff. I cant remember what theyre called out of drive gear diff, whatever you want to call it uh. They were plastic last time and i ended up stripping out the back one fairly easily. However, i do believe these ones are metal. I will check before i try and do any crazy speed runs. But if you already know, let me know in the comments below these are the lights. I think it looks absolutely awesome and the back tail light there headlights that just its a really nice feature, i really like how theyve done that theyre, nice and bright, as you would have seen from the beginning of the video.

This has to be my favorite thing to do. Oh doesnt, that just make it look 100 better with all that, shiny goodness, all right time to go. Take this thing out for a bash lets. Do it all righty guys were gon na start off by doing a speed run, uh weve got this little course here. So lets hit track and start and lets see how fast we go actually going to switch it on to 50 mode, so its at its lowest. Ah thats full throttle at 50 percent, bring it back in see what we got lets is stop read and we got 14 miles an hour thats only on 15, so lets try. Oh thats. Only 50 percent so lets try 75 a little bit unstable because shes such a small car on this bumpy road lets get it. Oh, no, it lets go back full throttle. It said stop and breed and 21 miles an hour. This time lets see if we can hit 30 to claim speed on full speed all right guys. This is a full speed run. So lets hit start all right now. Im gon na have to use my skillage to try and control this thing on such a bumpy road. All right guys were on a bit of a smoother road lets. Try this out all right, guys! Sorry, i wasnt recording, but uh lets hit. Read we got 25 miles an hour thats not too bad. I honestly think we could have gotten a lot faster if it wasnt for this rocky road, but you know what i think its bash time, its an epic little rally car on the road Laughter Music.

Oh guys, i broke the lens on the camera. Oh man, but its not enough. Lets give this thing absolute hell guys. Oh nice house dude thing is awesome: Music, oh, what a calculating that was again all right! Lets go! Oh, oh, no! Look what i did to the body matthew repairs. Oh, i really did a backflip hello, buddy guys. This thing is taking a beating Music. How is it not broken Music? Oh guys now were at the big jump and were gon na send it. What are you doing down there? Man, Music, it lands on his feet, a lot guys taking a further look at after that chaos, its still going perfectly fine wow. So we didnt break any speed records this video. But if you do want to check out where i broke the speed record, then you can check out this video right here comment down below.