I actually recently got this remote for my GoPro Hero 5, the Smart, Remote retails for 79.99. Well, I know that does seem like it’s. Quite expensive, the GoPro is mostly mounted when you have it, so it really is a essential accessory and all GoPro accessories are pretty expensive. So I considered a 79.99 price tag, actually not that bad and it’s a very good gift for the holidays. A great feature about this remote is also his rugged design and that it’s wearable mountable and is waterproof up to 33 feet for need, and you can actually control up to 50 cameras with one remote. This remote has a 40 percent battery increase compared to the old Wi Fi remote see the old Wi Fi remote didn’t have very good battery. This battery has lasted days for me upon days and overall, with the built in LCD I’m. Very surprised in that, and it makes it a very, very nice addition to your GoPro arsenal. The remote also includes a keyring and wrist strap for wearing the remote attaching into gear. The keyring actually comes out for charging with the included USB cable, which is nice. So you don’t have to worry about changing batteries at all. You just simply plug this into any USB port on your computer, and it will allow the remote to charge in about an hour. The smart remote delivers full control of all camera functions, including shutter, onoff settings and also video and photo mode.

The Settings button on the remote allows you to quickly adjust the settings, but it also allows you to mark key moments, also known as highlights. You can also do this with the Hero 5 by saying certain phrases but it’s nice to have this on the remote for people who did not have the voice functionality of the Hero. 5. Alright to get started. We’Re gon na first put the remote into pairing mode by holding down the Settings button once all down. You will see the GoPro with arrows, showing you that it’s in pairing mode now go into your hero. Black 5 go to connect, connect, new device and click smarter about now, they’ll both be looking for each other, give it a couple of seconds, and now they are connected. As you can see – and this is just to show you the remote in some better detail and about how the settings work see here, you could see all your settings, including your frames per second, your field of view. Your resolution from here you could change from video to pictures to settings to Wi Fi it’s really nice. So here you could see actually how many pictures you’ve taken and then once I hit this guy they’ll actually start recording my GoPro actually isn’t on me right now, but as you can see, it’s recording and the time does roll, which is really nice for if the Gopro is mounted we’re not on you or on a selfie stick or anything like that.

It’S, just a really nice feature to have over all this remote is just fantastic also. I just want to note that the build quality of this remote is plastic, but it does feel very nice. It does have a rubber outside for gripping, and the LCD screen does make it feel like it’s worth the money. The buttons do not feel like they’re gon na wear over time and having a nice hook actually right now. I have this app for the USB charging, but attaching the hook on to there make sure you don’t lose this and overall just does feel like it’s worth the money, even though it’s plastic, the features I’d be able to record on the go and see in real Time how you’re recording is just worth, in my opinion anyway, guys that’s it for today’s video. I really hope you liked the review of the GoPro Smart Remote, and I really hope that it was a good buy. Maybe for someone for the holidays or if you of the GoPro, maybe you’re looking for one. This is a really good way to up your GoPro game and, if you ever mount your GoPro or put it on a selfie stick like I do it’s a very, very nice addition to your arsenal. Anyway, you guys, I hope you liked the video, if you liked at any point, throw me a thumbs up.