I apologize to keep you guys in uh, lingering mode uh, because we were supposed to have this car done uh right near christmas time right at the end, and here we are almost end in january, so why the big delay well um messed up my leg, really Bad is one thing waiting for materials to come in to do the project and just you know, holiday and everybody and come to visit, and you know just what what happens right right near christmas time: it’s, crazy, it’s, crazy uh, so apologize for that. But uh gizmo’s done and uh i couldn’t be any more happier the way it turned out. So if you haven’t seen part one, i suggest go back part. One you’ll get a little bit more information on. Why we’re doing this project and all that stuff so give you a breakdown? Basically, we have to do. We have to find a chassis to make uh all this happen to me, the vintage tamiya buggies from 1979 1980. Those chassis are a little shorter, so they’re not quite long enough to meet this uh 1979 barbie mattel uh corvette. So i have to customize that and need to make it at the middle that’s. What steven spielberg’s team did so that’s what we had to do um and we were trying to replicate an original uh copy of what he did, what his team did bob lawyer, so then we had to find luggage and have to find electronics that we’re going to Use had to find a larger steering wheel for gizmo to turn, because the original barbie one’s, too small, had to use all the tracks for that so vintage little tracks.

Uh controllers: have these big large steering wheels and that’s what we used, and you can see those you can find those quite often on ebay. Then we had to make remake decals for it. I had to use a printer and all that stuff, and so then we had to find special pieces like the bumpers. These are hard to find paint. Those up find out luggage. Rack paint that up a lot of stuff so use to me. A super brat wheels find a spare metal and all that stuff, so a whole bunch of stuff to replicate this project. Probably not a lot of people are done. One of these um also we’ll, say before we dive into more of gizmo. We’Ve got some huge projects coming up, so i’ll go over that stuff in just a second. But let me show you how gizmo comes in and out. This is kind of cool, so he is just basically velcroed from the back and to get into the car. So i stitched some velcro to his back um. He doesn’t mind it, and then i had to cut his body in half a little bit on the bottom there’s, just not a whole lot of room and he’s pretty fluffy dolls it’s, not super short doll, but there’s. Like that much room and there’s only an inch and i don’t know maybe an inch or a quarter inch and a half of space in there. So you don’t have room to have a full size doll in there.

So i’ll show you but uh. So i got special bolts and stuff like that, for it to kind of look prettier and uh that’s, pretty much it we’re using a just a small lipo pack and a really strong esc that that’s going to give enough ampage because it’s a very heavy car. All this metal and the body’s really heavy everything’s heavy he’s weighs a bit so probably one of the heavier rc cars i’ve done, and you can tell that by just the way it drives. So i don’t know how they did it. Uh with all the other uh electronics that he used uh in the movie, those guys, but man it’s it’s a lot. So he just sticks in here nice and um velcro y, and you can put his hands that his hands kind of sort of go to where it needs to go. You know just like that touched him up a little bit pain in his eyes a little bit. I got to touch it up a little bit more, but uh yeah. So if you’re wondering what happened to me like i said you know, uh things happen, it got hurt at work and uh, then you’re just waiting for materials to come in. So it was the delay the huge delay on this car so, but we got like i said: we’ve got some cool projects coming up, so we’ve got a kyosho big balls coming up a mud, blaster, uh, radio, shack red arrow that we’re going to be doing.

Super excited about that. If you haven’t seen my golden arrow video check that one out that’s pretty cool it’s, a modified brushless one, then we’ve got a 1995 118 scale, prp. Usa company, that i like a lot and we’re going to be doing one of those i’m. A root hunter, a uh tag, a navajo and uh redoing. This power tour from 2005 2007., i believe, is when they were doing these uh big giant one sixth scale camaros by radio shack. So a lot of cool stuff coming up guys. So in this video you’re going to see what it took to get gizmo in this stage, um it took a lot and then you’ll see the running portion, all that’s going to start right now, all right. So now what we got to do is remove um the body from the chassis and let’s pull this window off there we go and uh so on the bottom of the barbie car. We got screws here and screws there, so let’s go ahead and undo them. We’Re gon na do right now is see where we need to cut at and i’ve got my trusty sharpie ready to mark the chassis where i’m gon na cut the chassis up cause. Basically, i just need the front end of this car. I don’t need all that. Other stuff, so um i’ve got to cut this portion out and then back to so let’s go ahead and mark our zones and start cutting all right.

So now we just needed to take the mock up, that i got all the numbers and everything like that and transferred over to this aluminum and start cutting away all right. So what we’re going to do now? We got to cut this um. Okay, like roll bar that you used for the uh buggy um, because you can’t put the body on it. It won’t work, so you have to either remove it or cut it and i’m gon na think they probably just cut it. I don’t think they went through all the hassle trying to find something that would work uh, so that’s. What we’re gon na be doing exactly what they did it’s kind of a sad thing to do because of the part. But luckily you can get those parts now, but back then it would probably it would definitely be a little a little a sketch but we’re going to go ahead and cut it all right. So this is basically how we got it set up now. I’Ll show you um, i got the uh battery installed we’re using a zip tie, not a zip tie, but a velcro strap nice and easy to get the batteries in and out right here. Just like that, pull this out and then also we got a nice soft grippy pad that’s on the base to hold any battery pack. I want nice and grippy, so that’s pretty cool. With this kind of setup. You don’t need um, two straps.

You just need one because this here is like almost like a sandy paper kind of thing and it grips really well, so you can tell i’ve got the on and off switch in here it looks really good. I’Ll show you the bottom real quick just like that. So i’ve been busy washing there’s still a little bit of water on it and cleaning it up nice, so that’s pretty much it yeah looks really good um. Then we got the body all done um and then i got a little piece of velcro right here. You can’t see it whenever the uh gizmo’s in, and i got this here – a little velcro sewed in on the back of him, so that another way when he’s in there he sticks right in there. So i’ll show you what i’m talking about. Just like this. There he’s in and then you just get his hands and you put it, you can put him on the steering wheel, nice and easy so looks really good let’s go ahead and uh put it on the body onto the car on the chassis and then uh we’ll. Take it for a test drive all right. Well, everybody’s, been waiting on let’s, see uh gizmo in action, guys hit the running portion of the video right now so go gizmo. So speed was probably about 18 miles an hour so believe it or not as heavy as it is. It actually moves. All right got a little bit of a squeaky noise.

I think it’s, one of my bearings. I got ta, definitely oil, something a lot of weight on this car. I know that’s what it is with all that articulation with the rear end, so it runs really good Music, Music, he’s trying to run me over and that’s going to be a wrap on this bad boy. I want to appreciate you guys for watching my videos once again apologize for the delay of this one. I promise you’ve got a whole lot more cool stuff coming up guys, so please hit a like.