So, as we talk about tires it’s a good point, so we actually finally received our grp delivery Applause. So we can’t park that car quickly about bella drone. So we have received a gop delivery. Gfp is really well known to um produce some high end high speed capable tires been around for a very long time. Yeah gp is obviously another italian companies and all this stuff is made in italy uh and they produce tires. They’Re rented – and i think you set up 180 kms an hour or so you go up to 180 here, yeah, so so that’s the rating. That means you can probably push them, maybe more too. Yes, but something could happen right. They might pop the map up yep, but 180 is pretty magnificent speed. So we’ve got all the tyres here. They all look pretty similar because uh they are basically the same wheel, combinations. Some of the tire we’ve got radials uh. We have the tread pattern on them and then there’s also slicks and then within these we’ve got all the different compounds. So let’s adjust the top camera here. So here there’s links and yep yep. Now the amazing thing about these particular tyres, i mean i started using jp’s a while ago, and i was using a very hard compound for speed runs yes, so it does all very well uh as long as you could heat up the tyres. Yes, i tried to use the same tyres at the velodrome and i couldn’t get them hot enough to stick properly that’s right.

Hence why i was spinning out all the time, but you managed to get a set of these yep in a softer compound and it was phenomenal. Yeah and interesting is we’re used to the touring car tires and the rubber is really sticky even on the buggies. But this rubber here feels like it feels really hard, and you think that this will not actually grip at all. So this is an s3 compound. So s3 is roughly the middle yeah. They go from s1 to s7, where s1 is the softest softest and the s7 is really hard. Yes, now what happened with this? Is you in my case, i put it the car down for probably 10 seconds really and spin the wheels and they were really warm yep and then within a lot or creepy, very grippy, and what happened when you finish your round? You can see that soft they become and you have all the stones kind of they’re, all stuck in it’s, stuck in it yeah like a formula one card really, yes, and they have also that they start wearing in kind of little waves. If that makes sense like the rubber is spinning off yeah, like you see on motorbike, you know moto gp when they finish the race, they had the the edge it’s kind of like old wavy. Yes anthony. There is a terminology for that, but that kind of effect really yeah, but the feel is totally different. Isn’T it yeah – and this is the softest compound here and it’s – really hard still that’s right.

It doesn’t feel tacky at all that’s right, but once it gets the temperature that’s crazy, it’s, crazy, soft yeah, so very interesting, the transformation so of the rubber from um. You know cold to a bit warmer yeah. So i guess we could start using some uh warming belts uh. We actually could have fixed some, so automatics make some warming belts, so you put around here so, like the tire warmers you use on your touring car there’s, a cab yeah these cars. They have a better belt yeah, so um a few things to try, but yeah we have uh. We have quite a few compounds here. Yes, well, this in this regard, we’re all set with the entire part of it uh and then it’s just about getting car set up. So great thing is they use a standard 17mm hex that’s right, so these will fit on a lot of the a scale type cars, even the buggies, so you want to take a buggy down there, so we just pop these on and specifically those that should fit. Also, all the armor infraction and felony, which is this – you know long wheelbase, um uh speedrun cars, which is really cool by armor, yes and uh. I don’t know if you know that, but they have a handbrake as well. I didn’t know that so so i i. I didn’t know until recently, but they have a server in the middle of the car right.

That was one. It was the server for the middle of the car and there’s a handbrake. So right you can do you know you can put your hand brake drift. It right off, you go so it’s phenomenal, really classical i’m, really looking forward to go one of those we have a few of those, the hobby men, the cameron, curse yeah. Well, there were a few of those at the village. Definitely a few of those drums. So i’m sure we’ll see a few more and these stars definitely do work really well on yeah, this type of um, this type of cars, actually yeah good stuff, yeah, absolutely excited about all this cool, so that’s grp yeah. We also received some fifth scale grp. We only brought in the um offroad grp scale for the bajas for the past chunky, stuff yep, but we’re, looking at bringing in also the physical for the touring. Coming like like the on road mini.