This is on offer this week, but im going to make you help you make your mind upon. Is it worth it by taking, through a bit of a guide and review on this little radio controlled car? First, im going to take you through the customization, which is quite important for the first bit and then im going to show you how to use it and how it helps you. So here we are at the arena wars. Yes, we do actually need to have an arena wars workshop to be able to upgrade this car to be able to put the bomb on it. Now the remote bomb will cost you 261 250, so its quite expensive, but it is important and then you have the kinetic or emp mines um, so they cost about nearly 150 grand and then finally, you will need the jump. The vertical jump 100, which will cost 210 000, so that id say the bomb and the jump are the most important. Although the mines will be useful as ill show you later on. So this is how you call it for your interaction, menu, go to inventory and launch rc bandito, so this basically throws us our body into the actual radio controlled car. So we are no longer on the map. We are off the radar. Nobody can see us, but do bear in mind that people can lock on with a missile, so a mark to oppressor can lock on to you if they accidentally pick you up or if they see you and go for you now.

This is how you pick a target notice. You can drive underneath cars quite easily. Some cars you cannot under drive underneath as well, because of uh clearance, obviously were going to pick a target here. This is quite a basic target. This is a guy who is afk. Now, press the two shoulder buttons if youre on joypad or you press the q button, if youre on keyboard and its as simple as that, the bomb has exploded and weve blown up our first enemy. Now one advantage this rc car has over the rc tank is speed its a lot faster than the tank. However, its still slower than your um, probably your average car but um heres an example of me, traveling across the desert off road to catch up with these dudes and in order to make that bombing happen um. So here we are up the road theyre a bit slower than me, and then they seem to have stopped and they dont realize that theyre coming im coming at them and kaboom, although not everybodys, going to be so naive. Now why dont you use the emp mines, because that is going to disable your foe for a few seconds to allow you to blow him up. So here we are deposit. The mine then wait in hiding. They cant see you on the radar. They shouldnt be able to see you and they cant hear you so once this car goes by disabled, go fast and get their mind detonating as youre moving and kabam full is gone, but why have they called it? The arse bandito, which is obviously a homophobic slur, its very 1950s and im a bit disappointed in rockstar for going this kind of route, um so yeah.

If youre disappointed by that, then do a drop, rockstar, a line and so its time to come to analysis of, is it worth it? But first i should mention a few other things, its very durable. It can take three rpg rockets and also as soon as you blow up or get out of it, then you will reappear not where you are lost, where with the bandito but youll be reappearing, where you were when you first got into it. So this can be a good tactic. So if you drive a fair distance to your target and blow up, then youll respawn miles away from them and itll confuse them as to why youve youre so far away and you yet. You attack them also, if youre trying to escape somebody, whos griefing you and get miles away from them. You could respawn back in the vicinity, so thats not great so anyway. Is it worth it back to that question? Well, heres um, a breakdown of the costs on the right is the cost with discount, so its 2.4 million, including the arena workshop. So if youve got that its gon na be a lot cheaper, but um, full price is 3.2 million, which is more than the rc tank, which is two and a half million with the turret, which you will need to upgrade to probably a plasma. Turret is your ideal, but comparing the two, there are slight differences to them, so i dont, i think.

Ideally, you want to buy both of them, but if you dont have either, then i would buy the rc bandito this week while its on discount and get the arena workshop when you can afford it to upgrade it um in the future and because you will need The upgrades to put the bomb on etcetera, because that is essential, um rc bandito, i think its better against vehicles because were using the emp mine. You can sabotage them and uh blow them up as long as its not a fully armored vehicle, such as an edge detergent. Pick up customer tank like that, oh thats, a sticky bomb and if youre attacking people on foot, then they can hear you coming a mile off because of the sound of the car um, so its a bit more tricky, but it is, it is achievable. Of course it is, but i think the rc tank, although its slower much slower, i think its quieter, therefore, and its got a weapon on it, so it can attack from a distance so its better against foot traffic um. So i think, ideally you want both of them because they are both going to be of value to you. Also, you dont have the cooldown if you switch between the rc bandito to the tank, so you both of these are off the radar as well. So they are both excellent for not being detected and they can both be locked on by mark two oppressor missiles or any other kind of lock on missiles, so very comparable in in various aspects, but very different in others.

So if you found this useful, then do drop a like and give me your comments on what your thoughts are on these vehicles.