It has rained here the last couple days and he has played with it in the rain rolled over branches and up slash down the hill. This little vehicle is great battery. Life is okay, because you have that backup battery when the other one goes out. This was definitely a purchase worth the money. This is a fun radio, controlled jeep. It comes with two battery packs and is rechargeable so no buying batteries. My kids enjoy driving it inside and outside boat. This will drive on gravel sand and through the grass, the lights work and make it fun to drive at night great 4wd, rc car. That is a blast to zip around my street unboxing and assembly. The car is basically ready to run out of the box. The only part you need to put on is the rear. Spoiler, remote control takes 3aa and kit includes a basic usb charger for the battery pack. Charger output is 7 v at one thousand muscle. It should take about two and a half hours to fully charge if it was fully depleted play car as fast handle grass pavement jumps with ease had enough torque from the single motor to go over everything reasonable. I played for about 10 to 15 minutes and the battery was not dead.