It takes jumps and bumps and does not break well built and easy control better than expected on learning mode it’s about 25 minutes, then regular 15. My seven years old son absolutely loves this thing. I bought another battery for extended play time. So far all is so good performance is awesome. I must have additional batteries to increase exercise because i could not put it down. I own multiple 112 and 110 scale. Rc cars and have never owned a 118 scale, rc car before until now, i am pleasantly surprised with this thing’s performance it’s, actually pretty awesome and due to its small size and extremely low center of gravity, it’s actually harder to flip than my larger scale. Cars super happy with this and can’t wait to go play on the salt flats with it. This rampage truck is awesome, just like the hailstorm rc we bought before from hay boxing, the remote with the option to toggle between slow and normal is the best feature, especially for younger children who can’t handle breakneck speeds. This is the best toy for beginners. The batteries. Also, last a decent amount of time definitely longer than my three year. Old’S attention span, so i never have to worry about losing juice before he’s done playing this hey boxing rc truck toy is the best lie. Tm oegi, one stroke two. I hurried up with a wood slope. The second day i had it wonderful to drive this trick to run about.

It is not bad out of adequate steering and instant acceleration. It would be much appreciated if seller makes up listings for stock parts and op Music parts.