I picked this up a uh 1 18 scale. Rampage um, im gon na do a little uh review on this, so were gon na un package. It here and see what she comes with, so we got our manual uh. It looks like theres a few different versions of this uh buggy styles and we got the truck style so there it is. It comes with some stickers you can put on the body theres a service card, so lets see uh, pull the body clips off here and pull the body off body. It has a clear covering on it that you can peel off for right now. I think ill leave that on there and see the windows arent painted so pretty nice see here we need to cut these zip ties, this ones really hard to get to. So there got the car there. You got your motor on and off switch servo. Its got, some shocks springs little uh light buckets, maybe uh, just fake um, all wheel drive your connector for your battery. Your battery goes right. There you have these for the body to sit on. I try to take care of them which ive already dropped once i have to get that so theres our car itself. Its got looks like good return, so its got some little directions here. For you, your customers, rip off the body protection film before use the battery insulation tabs may be attached if its the case, please take them out before use driving at slow speed before trying high speed warning, do not force motor heatsink onto center drive and the power Switch is improved and changed into the red press, switch press and hold the red switch for one to two seconds to switch on the vehicle press and hold the red switch likewise, one to two seconds to turn off the vehicle: okay, Music: this is our remote, a Real basic remote, nothing super special steering, throttle on and off uh a trim.

I would assume steering you have a steering, reverse switch and a slow and normal switch on the top a little packaging here. The battery i did open this. The battery was already sitting in the tray right there i took it out, so i could charge it. It does come with a usb charger. I just used my lipo charger that i had. This is the battery. It comes with right here, a little basic connector that connects to it, but it does have your uh balance port, which is what the charger it comes with for usb has its got a little light. Kit comes with. You can see here very nice wasnt expecting that it comes with some uh zip ties to secure the light kit. All right so lets see here directions here on the light kit. It says the headlights which are not installed on the car gift as a free spare part in the package plug the headlights into connector in the two pin slot on the esc. Receiver attach the wire onto the clasp and insert the lights into the holes on the back of the front bumper separately. Okay, so theres a spot right there on the esc, for the lights to clip into so plugged in. There is a spot right here right in front of your steering arm here for the wire to sit into okay, the wires. It is a tight fit to get the the lights down in there well say that real tight fit all right guys.

So i got the uh lights in there uh. It was a pain in the butt to get them in there, but i have them in there. So we need see it looks like uh. Two, a batteries delays. Okay, the battery hold down has a little clip for it and Applause. It goes in there like that. So all right, so you can see here we got lights, pretty cool. I was not expecting that and then your body sits down there like that, its a pretty cool, looking little truck all right so get this ready and well get it outside and well do some test drives and see how it does so hang on there guys all Right guys, so here we go doing a little test drive in the house. I wanted to do that to just show that it can be fun inside or outside. Currently its on slow speed, so slick floor wants to slide around a little bit, which is always fun. I also feel like this uh slow speed is perfect for a young kid. I think this is what this uh truck is perfect for as a kid, maybe their first rc. You know the price points not very expensive, um so far seems to run really well. You can put it in a slow speed, so they can handle it, and if you want to play with it or if they get where they can handle it, you can change the switch which i just did and, as you can see, its pretty puffy, of course, Were on slick floor, so it just has Applause.

So, oh well! Okay, all right guys! So there you have video with the rampage this right here. So i have to be honest. The thing has impressed me. Its ran very well. Ive had a lot of fun with it. Ive played with it um at competitions in between rounds uh. The very end of that video last little bit thats my son driving. He had a a lot of fun with it and ill be honest. The battery life for such a small battery has actually been really good. Ive been impressed comes with some lights that you can put in the front. You can unplug them if you dont want to use the battery for them, so i think for the money.