Looking at the outside of the box here, i did notice there’s some optional upgrade parts you can get so they do have metal shocks, metal, driveline, components. You know diff gear spur gears there’s, even a wheelie bar too. This thing must rip jumping straight into it. We got our instruction manual user manual and our parts diagram. I imagine this to be pretty detailed. Oh yeah, look at that opens right up. You got all your exploded, diagram information right there and then, on the back side. You’Ve got all of your spare parts. Upgrade parts opening up the instruction manual here – oh sweet stickers, definitely gon na be putting these on it. This thing’s looks sweet matt. This reminds me of my mini summit, your truck your controller, and it looks like a little bag of goodness. So it looks like there’s a battery in here so it’s a 1 000 milliamp hour, 25 c 7.4 volt. So that should give you a good 15 minutes of runtime polymer too so it’s going to give you good power, and then they give you a usb charger for the battery. These are really nice because you’re able to bring a power bank with you. If you wanted, like a 20 000 mah power bank and then recharge your batteries over the field like over and over, and you could just drive all day long, if you wanted, looks like some spare body clips as well so that’s nice, because those always fall off All right, so the good stuff right here i want to get straight into the truck.

This thing looks absolutely sweet for the price that you pay for one of these i’m actually really impressed. I do see they kind of stole traxxas tires a little bit, but nonetheless, these tires did awesome on my mini summit that i had so i’m glad to see that they went with that same style of design. Now, if i had my old summit still my vxl summit, i would say that one was maybe a little bit bigger like not by much but maybe a little bit. The suspension. Definitely doesn’t have any oil in it really springy, but i think that’ll make it look. Really really cool going over the bumps. I just i love a springy truck because of how it it just goes over those bumps. So nice body looks pretty cool. I like the graphics that they include with it. The stickers will really spice it up too. So that’ll be awesome, let’s go ahead and pull it off. Oh, you want some asmr action. It’S got one of those protective coats on it. Oh, this is gon na be good. Oh yeah! I love that sun. Damn that looks good man. Look how shiny it is. Wow, they really did a good job with this body. I don’t see any clear spots like you: can’t see through it anywhere good layer of paint on there, so it shouldn’t peel off setting the body aside. Let’S have a quick peek under the hood here and see what we got powering this bad boy so looks like a little 380 sized uh brushed motor in there.

They do have a heat sink on there to help keep it cool, looks like your receiver and speed. Controller are an all in one unit right here, Music. It does look like the servo’s using one two, three four five wires i’ve, never seen that before. So if you wanted to replace your servo, you would have to replace this controller box, which means you would have to get a new speed controller and a new receiver, but but for the beginners. This works out really well, because if you need to buy replacement parts, they offer those in that manual and it’d be really straightforward to replace, because if your esc dies then you’re just paying for the 20 part to replace just that and it’s really straightforward. That way, just the wires that plug into that is all you would need to replace. I do see there’s actually a second battery already in this truck, so that’s really cool. That means that you actually have two batteries, so you could be running one while one’s charging and literally drive this thing all day, long that’s awesome. I really like to see that um wow yeah that that’s crazy for the price that you paid. I actually include two batteries: wow that’s, really really good. Pretty simple controller too didn’t really go over that, but uh yeah steering throttle trims on off switch. Nothing really too. Fancy here looks like it takes two double a batteries so like even less than spectrum controllers, so that’s kind of nice.

I guess you have to pack around less batteries, for it go ahead and turn on our controller here plug in our battery. Okay. There we go and then it looks like our on and off switch is actually located on the side of the truck right here. Let’S go ahead and press that for three seconds she’s on there we go there’s your led lights on the front, they’re pretty bright, not crazy bright, but they do illuminate my hand. Obviously this is a pretty well lit studio, so it’s not going to be anything crazy, bright in here right now, but i’m sure driving on the trails at dusk, it’s gon na definitely help illuminate the trail. Let’S go ahead and see how this thing steers: ooh, that’s, pretty snappy that’s, not bad i’m impressed by that. What? If we put a little bit of pressure on it, geez that’s pretty good, definitely more more torque than it really needs for a truck of this size and weight for sure. So, that’s actually really awesome to see. Let’S see how the torque is on man. That thing gets up and goes all right. Well, i guess enough talking let’s go ahead and get on and run it Music, Music, Music, alrighty, guys. Well, that was sure fun. This thing did pretty awesome for the price that you paid for one of these i’m really excited to see some entry level rc cars for that um. Now you got to keep in mind too somebody who owns you know stx 10 or team associated buggy.

This isn’t really marketed for them. This is more marketed for people who haven’t gotten an rc car before and really just want to try out and see how it is. I like that the cost isn’t going to empty their wallet completely and they can kind of experiment and see if they like the hobby or not because i’d hate to see someone drop. You know 600, 700, canadian. On a nice you know axial or team associated car and then end up saying you know what they’re really not into this and then they’re on a pocket. That’S. 600. 700 bucks. So for something of this cost and this amount of fun, like i’m, really really impressed with it now like, we always do guys. I am going to be giving this bad boy away to one of you lucky viewers. In order to do that, you guys are going to just have to leave a comment on this video down below. Let me know why you guys, like the radio control hobby, so much i’d like to hear you guys stories about that and uh i’ll be drawing the winner. One month after the publish date of this video i’ll be paying the shipping to get this to the viewer and uh make sure to like subscribe. You know do all that stuff, the more hits we get on these videos guys, the more companies that keep getting contacting me so make sure to really show your support for the channel and maybe one day i’ll be giving away an axial vehicle or a team associated Car that would be sweet, so yeah don’t forget to be fancy.