You have this for a while we’ve had this sitting around in the house for a while in Jonah’s garage and we’re. Finally, gon na rip it open. Today, this is Honda’s Mazda, rx, 7 RC car it’s, a drift car. Do power, slides fun stuff. What movie was this in? I forget now Tokyo Drift. What movie is that that the second third fourth fifth sixth seventh stayed like third that’s that’s, the third but Hans dead. How does he come back alive yeah? How did he come back and forth in Fast and Furious four five? Six was he in the hospital and then he died in seven yeah, but he was in the third movie yeah. What so this times is a messed up? Huh all righty fast and furious Jada toys. Does it have everything we need USB charges? We don’t have to spend a lot of money on batteries on this thing. This is a big box people, big big off there’s, like 40 bucks. I think there it is out of the box. We got a second pair of wheels, got a remote control. We got the RC car. These sweet five spoke wheels twist. This off somehow don’t need a screwdriver. Thankfully, just keep twisting let’s screw it in catch the car it’s gon na fall. You got it, you got it got it all right. So that is the Ville side. Rx 7 from fast and furious the fast and furious Tokyo Drift actually Wow, pretty cool, pretty big.

This is like a real remote control car. Like it I mean it is a remote controlled car, but it’s like the high high quality stuff let’s, see what’s under the body. It’S got the mounting clips and plastic mounting clips. I wonder if they didn’t give extra ones those we always lose her. I always lose them, so this is a nice painted like a poly carbody, pretty cool got the and here is what’s under the thing, so there’s no antenna on this, and I believe he just opened this and charged it Plus this output in the charger charge it For a while need to pair with the controller, so there’s batter there’s some juice in here, here’s the the alignment for steering. So you get a better alignment. If your steering’s off you got the four tires, let’s check out this controller, so the Box said it has everything included on batteries, so they could be batteries inside this controller. Already I’ve never did never had a trip. Rc car it’s been a while, since I’ve been playing with real RC cars and yes everybody’s doing the drift drift. The drift King is cool or drifting is cool. You like drift King, the batteries in here batteries already in here, so I think we can pair this already let’s see if it here’s their simple it. No more blinking and it’s already paired, alright, so I’m, not sure how much the juice is in this let’s just charge it just in case.

So there you go not much under the body. Everything is concealed. Very nice let’s charge this up and we will take this outside and drift it in the streets, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right so it’s all fully charged now let’s see it should have been still paired there. We go whoa whoa whoa as fast Steve is past. Steering’S, pretty crazy let’s go take this out for a spin Applause, Music, Music Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Music, all right, we’re, back in from our inaugural inaugural run, with Mazda rx 7 Veilside rx 7 bodies still in pretty good shape, got it Stuck under a car how many times two times, one time and so yeah I’m, pretty sure that you’ll be able to find some regular rst bodies that’ll, you could mold onto this they’ll fit on this chassis, so this is original run. We had about what 20 minutes about 20 minutes of run time and the tires didn’t get up, eaten up so bad, so um you’ll get some good life on these plastic drift tires not too much damage from our the messed up streets. We have here at our house, but yeah it’s, just really good. On the wood floors and inside the house. Yeah you didn’t even need to use the turbo button, but under under and the streets we needed to bust the turbo pretty much every time we wanted it to drift, but all in all pretty fun.

I haven’t had this much fun with the RC car. In a long time so yeah the day, the toys did a pretty good job. With this and it’s pretty fast right, pretty fast, you can loose control really quick and this without the antenna it’s it gets a good range in our neighborhood, so maybe maybe more than 20 miles per hour. I don’t know it’s really fast. You think you could beat it in a race. No, oh yeah! You got chubby too much Laughter, so yeah I’ll get some crazy donuts. With this who loves Donuts, everybody loves Donuts, Joe Jonas, tell me Lowe’s building but yeah. This is a pretty fun RC car. I think we’re gon na have to charge this again bring it back out again play some more so yeah. So pretty much once this body’s on I clipped on you, don’t really have to take it off anymore until it’s damaged and um yeah. Just pop open. This and charge it up again another about twenty minute charge. It may be thirty minute charge. I don’t know how how much the battery was in there, but you got a pretty good run and we only charge you for fifteen minutes out of the box. Didn’T take too long, but there you go Jada Toys, pretty good car, pretty good RC car I mean if you don’t, want to build, build your own. We got a rs4 micro right here and Tamiya, and this is a lot easier, that’s ready to run stuff and for 40 bucks you can’t go wrong.

It was worth it it’s, a good fun, even if you crash it under a car, yeah that’s, a good body.