She represents uh wx hobby and they were nice enough to send me a car for review i’m gon na start the video unboxing right. Now it is the hvx16889. So i’ll go ahead and start the unboxing now Music, all right. So this here is the uh racing 4×4 truck it’s, like i said known as the hbx16889 it’s, also known, under a variety of other different names in the market uh. This one, of course, is of course, from high boxing. 16889 is the name: 1 16 scale. Electric powered four wheel drive race truck uh. This, incidentally, is the brushed model and here’s some pictures of the side of the truck. It comes in two colors uh, an orangey one and a green one, that’s the back of the box and here’s uh, the side of the box, of course that shows the uh what’s inside ‘0. Motor some features include a metal spur gear, metal, diff gears, metal, cbd, shafts metal, rear dog bones, metal, diff, outdrive cups, aluminum capped oil shocks, wheelie bar. I believe that would be for the brushless model, but i’ll confirm shortly and um metal center shaft. So there’s a lot of metal and and these cars here so i’m just going to go ahead and open up the box and show you guys what’s inside very well to get a put together box and it’s made of good quality materials. Of course, here’s. The owner’s manual here i’m just going to cut it up open for you guys real, quick okay, so we have just a little just a little card here.

Um. Thank you for choosing our products and we have a decal sheet here, very nice. You can apply your own decals to the body. Okay, of course, the instruction manual basically instructions on how to set up your your truck or your car um how to do it? How to control the steering on off switch, how to connect the battery pretty basic preliminary stuff, um yeah as we go along the languages, change of course, and should be some sort of parts list at the very end of it. Let me just confirm that yes, here’s some some assembly views, exploded, uh diagrams um parts numbers for things that may break down. As you can see here, all the screws, all the spur gear metal, diff gears, the pinions wheels tires. So everything, basically you need for this truck right now, okay, so here we have the green model – okay of course, it’s without any decals on it. So let’s want to go ahead and show you guys what it’s all about okay, open it up. So now the body pins i’m noticing uh come with these little metal. Sorry, these uh plastic tabs very similar to arma i’ll, show you guys it’s, basically, these little tabs with these little things here to uh pull it up. So this is one of the actual first budget rc cars that i’ve seen with these little tabs. Okay, taking off the body right now, and here we go with uh some details – okay, so here, of course we have the ‘0 size motor right over here.

It’S got its own heatsink. Okay, it’s got a brushed esc with a dean’s. Connector it’s got a small. It looks like it’s a 2s i’m, not sure if it’s a light bulb. Let’S have a quick look here: oh yeah it’s, actually a 2s lipo it’s. Definitely not a lithium ion um it’s, a 1000 ml amp unit, so it’s a small little 2s lipo, of course, with the charging port and, of course, the deans, okay, so that’s nice. So we have battery back in okay. Here we have the uh steering servo, which is in here it’s of course, it’s a five wire being a brushed setup and it’s just plugged in right over here. Okay, we have just like the box states, dog bones and all that now the box. It must be referring to the brush model, because this is the sorry it must be referring to the brushless model, because this is, of course, the brush model. So everything that stated was metal is actually in plastic, with the exception of the drive, shaft and could and very well could be the uh um metal diff gears could be in metal uh as well, but the drive shaft is metal. Everything else is in plastic and it’s. I mean it’s understandably so because this is the brush model, um uh the front. We have a um cbd, setup plastic. Of course, i’ll drive, cuts, plastic same thing on this side. Shocks are not oil filled more.

The friction variety and in the rear, it is a traditional dog bone set up and, of course, plastic out drives and diff cups as well so that’s, basically it for this part of the vehicle. We have the typical hbx remote that you guys are very aware of um, so basically it’s uh, we have an on off switch, steering reverse switch, steering, trim, speed, switch okay. This car here comes with a second 2s lipo battery 1000 ml, so that’s twice the driving time, which is nice as with most modern rc’s. It also comes with a charging system. That’S admit that that’s been made. I should say very conveniently with uh usb, as you can see, and of course the charging port is at the end of it, so it makes it very simple: you can plug it into anything. Even a laptop can charge it and we have a bag of spare body clips as well. Okay, so not a bad setup, um for a child, it’s, actually it’s perfect, because it’s a it’s a great little starting vehicle um, like i said it’s for the budget, minded um individuals, so um yeah. That is basically it for my review and video unboxing of the hbx16889. If you guys have any questions about this rc or any of the other rc’s in my fleet, please by all means uh leave a message below and i’ll answer any questions that you guys may have and once again thank you to uh, wxhobby.

com and uh c. Lynn are for sending me this rc vehicle to review and uh.