Well, i liked it and i thought id make a review on it. So here it is Music, Music, Applause, Music Applause, hello, everybody. I think im gon na um just jump were just gon na jump right into this ill start off with the outside, like with the wheelie bar and everything so um yeah, i installed the wheelie bar. I dont really think it matters, but i mean i think it looks cool its there, so yeah and then i installed the lights. Let me show you what that looks like yeah. I think they look pretty cool. I think theyre actually worth it to install. I didnt think they would be but yeah i like them, theyre good at night and everything so im – not really genius about that. But i guess the tires seem pretty grippy. I dont really know much about that part. The shocks a lot of people complain about these. They are very springy, but i mean i havent had any problems. I dont really see what the problem is. The clips have these little tabs, which i like theyre, easier to get out than without the tabs, so here lets get into the body. So this right here has a brushless motor. I forget what kv it is, but ill post, this um ill post it up there uh it has uh 52. It comes this one. I got its the two battery version. It came with two 1500 mil am 7.

4 volt. 2S lithium ion batteries, they last a very long time – probably 20, plus 20 to 30 minutes and comes with two of them. They work fine for me, they charge supposedly they charge in three and a half hours. I dont know how accurate that is, but i dont know i really like the uh the steering on this. It has a very powerful servo as you can, as you should be able to see here. The whole car moves when i do it thats, supposedly a good sign. I dont know that much about that, but um it has a uh. Yes, esc receiver combo some people dont like those again. I dont really know much about this stuff, so its mainly made out of plastic, which some people say is good. Some people say its bad. Some people like metal, because i guess it doesnt break as much but it um when it when it uh bends it bends right back. So i so it usually doesnt snap im like aluminum when it gets bent it stays mount so um thats. What i have so far it also the uh, the remote the remote control comes with. A lot of people complain about these. I really dont care it. Does the job and thats fully proportional, steering and um throttle theres a st steering, drive um jewel rating. Is that what its called i dont know um, it has a bind mode, although you dont need to bind it.

I dont know why it has it and then um yeah it works, works, fine and then to the charger. It just comes with the standard, usb port charger and then obviously the three pin 2s lipo charger lithium ion charger, um, so yeah thats, all i have for now. So this is the hbx 16889, with the full battery lets see how it goes. Haha, okay, so this is going to be at full speed. Now, im going to kind of do a speed run on full speed. Unfortunately, i dont have a uh gps or a speed. Gps, so we wont really know, but im just going to do it as fast as i can up and down the driveway that wasnt as fast as you can. Okay, now, im gon na test. This thing out on the grass lets see how it does. As you can see, this is a pretty tall grass and it handles it with no problem as it should. I dont know why it wouldnt, but okay, this is the final test. This is gon na, be the hill climb challenge. Will it make it up? The hill lets see uh awesome. First, try it might be done. This is trying to make it spin out. Wow see how long i can do this, for, i think, thats good. I think thats good mitchell.