Music Applause, hello, everyone. So, as you know, i bought the hbx one. Six double eight nine little 116 scale, brushless thing uh a couple of weeks ago. Being busy decorating doing other bits and bobs whoever has been bloody atrocious, so i haven’t actually managed to get it out yet until today, so we’re going to take this for a run, it’s got a full battery. It’S wet outside it’s, not great, but you know i just can’t. I can’t wait anymore, so we’re going to check it out we’re going to give it a run, see what this thing can do. The camera we’re going to we’re going to be filming it on? Is this called, i believe, it’s called the bulker balc a little action camera? I got it from aldi’s for 30 pound, although i think there was a for sale for about 50, but i managed to get the last one at 30.. Now it claims it can do 1080p at 120 frames, which is obviously great for slow motion and other bits and bobs. It doesn’t have an image stabilization, so chances are. The images will be a bit shaky, but i thought two bedroom. One stern i’ll test this camera out see how good it is as well as test the new car so enough for that let’s just get on with it, Music, so, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Applause, Music, Music, so yeah not bad, not bad, it’s uh. Certainly a fun little thing: battery life’s great on it uh we did lose two of the body pins, two of them ones, so i’ll put the green ones in uh, hopefully they’ll last a little bit longer.

I light it out did come out the front as well and that’s hanging down, but we can soon put that back in other than that. She’S absolutely fine managed the jumps good handled my little makeshift ramp out of the old laminate and a bit of polystyrene. So yeah impressed with it not the fastest thing in the world, but it has only got a small brushless motor, but for the sars you don’t want anything too fast. Anyway, i had a wl toys in and 79b and even brushed. That thing was just silly fast and uncontrollable, so i think this hits it just right. Uh in the whole size, speed factor, but i actually got this to play my back garden with it. I’M gon na make a little track in the back garden. So the speed of it’s perfect for that, but yeah well happy with this well happy onto the bulker camera it’s, not bad it’s, not bad uh. Obviously it doesn’t have image stabilization. So stuff was a bit shaky it’s really hard to keep the camera still when i’ve got it on the transmitter, but the image quality wasn’t too bad sound quality is bloody, terrible that’s why there was music all over it, because the whole way through it was just This weird crackly sound so for sound it’s, no good whatsoever, but for 30 pound i’m happy with it. I’Ll probably use it in the future on a tripod for slow immersion shots.

But i will be going back to my phone or my cam pack x20. As my standard filming device, but for 30 pound can’t rumble battery life is good image. Quality is not too bad and uh yeah slow motion, don’t, look too bad either so that’s it from me. So i hope you enjoyed that remember like leave your comments down below subscribe.