Uh recently, i bought a hbx one. Six double eight nine one sixteenth scale, brushless little basher. Now for anyone, that’s watched any of my reviews in the past. I do not really customize the reviews. It’S just my opinion on rc cars. I don’t really feel like. I know enough to give a warranted full down review i’ve only been in the hobby for a few years, so this is more just a zing zing rc opinion stroke review stroke rating on the hbx1608, now Music Applause, Music. So, first of all uh, i just want to tell you what i think about the car as on a personal level, and i absolutely love this thing it’s. You know i i didn’t expect to like it as much as i actually do. Uh we’ve been locked down. It’S been curved still is kinda curved, but you know we’ve all been trapped in dog and i just wanted a little something for the backyard you’ve seen my backyard racing videos that’s exactly what i wanted to pair just one of these cars and for the price point That these coming out, you know you just can’t, beat it i’ve had a ton of fun of this with this in the back garden. Now this is the smallest best. Rc caravan i’ve had a wl toys, a seven nine b, a seven nine seven, a seven nine. Seven b, i think that what it was already done, what you know, which one i’m on about uh, the one with a five five and for me it was just too fast.

It was. It was too small to go on grass or anything like that, and it was just too fast for tarmac. It was just uncontrollable, i did take it and if you go way back in my videos back to the rc boise days, uh you’ll see i took it to where to a debt tracking scarborough and it was just crash after crash after crash, it was just uncontrollable And it it became more frustrating than fun because you just you know i wanted to rip it around this track and i just couldn’t do it, but this thing kind of hits it right: bang in the middle it’s small enough that it’s light to carry do you Know what i mean i can hang off my little finger. Absolutely no issues whatsoever i’m, not showing the exact weight of it, but it’s, not a lot uh but yeah. It comes in small enough that it’s light it’s compact. You can throw it in a backpack, yet it’s big enough and powerful enough, for it still to be great fun. It’S it’s, easy to control. It’S got a tiny little brushless. Motor and i’ll show you all the internals in a minute, but it’s got a little brushless motor in there and it’s, not too fast, it’s uncontrollable, but it’s not too slow that it’s not fun. You know you can. You can send this in the air and he’s got the punch to be able to do back flips, but you’re not going to spin out constantly like i’ve drove it on grass i’ve drove it on tarmac perfect.

I haven’t drove it on loose there. So i can’t comment on that, but on grass and time out this thing earns it short. Grass is the best. This thing absolutely rips and it’s just so much fun. Battery life is fantastic. It runs off a little now. I think i’ve got it handy somewhere. I’M. So bad at this stuff today i really should have all this stuff handy, and i just never do, but anyway, is it in here here it is so it runs off this tiny little 1, 500 milliamp lithium ion on a dean’s connector, which again is kind of Good for these cars, a lot of the cheap chinese cars come with. You know i wouldn’t say odd connectors, but just not not very common connectors and it makes some. You know you know if you’ve got a proper lipo charger and stuff, it just makes them charging them a little bit more difficult. You usually have to charge them with the stock charger. It takes forever and it’s just nice for it to at least be on a dean’s, uh and i’ve had i’d say you’re at least getting about 20 minutes. Out of this no issues. Do you know what i mean i like to say when i was ripping it around the garden? I turned it off before it ran out of battery and i think i had about 20 left, but that was a good 20 25 minutes, but it was, it was intermittent.

You know we were just driving around it. Wasn’T long stretches of hard bashing, but you know only on a good day. I reckon you’re getting at least 20 minutes of battery life over this, and you know it doesn’t tell them to charge if you’ve got a proper lipo charger. You know you said it and it you know no more than an hour and that’s going to be charged for you, the transmitter again, i ain’t got anything ready: one sec there’s, the trans man now you’ve probably seen all this in the unboxing, but you know i Just wanted to go over everything again for those who haven’t seen the unboxing, so the transmitter it’s light enough. It feels like a uh, plasticky and stuff and cheap, but again for the price of this guy it’s, not the transmitter but it’s a car this. This is more than adequate, it does the job it’s it’s, it’s fun. You know, it’s got all your trims on there. It’S got everything. You need sorry i’m. Looking at the pc screen to make sure you can see this so yeah like so you’ve got your throat all over their steering wheel, steering trim, stop uh, end points and the speed. So you know you can even dial the speed down so, if you’re buying these for your kids, which i’m going to in the future 100 i’m, definitely going to be getting both my boys, one of these, you can dial the speed down, not that i think you Need to, but if you’re giving it to a toddler to play with, you can drive it down a little bit just so they don’t drive full pelt into every cab and, while going so that’s, the transmitter now i’m going to switch the camera around and we’re going To have a look at the actual car, a bit more close up all right, so here she’s, nice and close up so we’ll pull these body pins out it’s a little bit squeaky.

So i took the shell off shell’s, not bad, looks pretty cool comes with stickers and whatnot i’ll still call them ravage stickers on myself and stuff, but you know it does the job it’s got a bit scuffed on the back? Now you can tell i’ve been using it, but it’s all good, and then you got the actual car, so you’ve got center metal drive shaft that’s. Just how am i going to do this? Can i get it closer there we go so we’ve got the center metal drive shaft in here, uh, the brace on here and stuff you’ve got. These? Are oil filled shocks by any means, but you can buy the oil fill shocks upgrade for about ten pound. They don’t add that’s, fanned whatsoever, you’re running a tiny little brushless motor uh, two in one esc and a little a little micro server there. But what i really like about this – and i haven’t actually seen this in the smaller chinese cars uh any of the wl toys don’t have this. This is the smallest car, cheapest car that i’ve seen with this, and if you look, i spin the car that way it actually has a three pin server. So you’ve got three pins ever i haven’t tried taking these out what i don’t really want to force it, but i reckon they can just pop over there and now i’m gon na have to test it. Now i can’t not so is it coming out once we break it now say: i’m, not 100.

If they come over there, but my point being is it will do it will come over there? If not you’ll just have to desolder it’ll be fine, you can resolve it back on, but with other cheap chinese cars, if any part of it breaks you off to replace the whole electronics and it’s just a bit of a pain in the ass. Wherever this, if you serve guys, you can replace it if your esc does, you can still use your sim uh, and you see me you’re, seeing your same ever said. You know the only the only way you’re gon na have to replace well you’re, not it’s. As simple as that, you’re, not you know anything that breaks you just simply replace it, replace it with another item. The only issue you may have is: if your esc goes he’s, maybe fitting an esc and a receiver in there. You know you’re a little bit limited for space, but other than that it’s fantastic, but yeah. So i thought that was really really really really good, really happy with that. You got some cool lights up the front and they just pop into these two little holes here. They pop in they’re pretty bright and they’re, not really necessary, but they look cool fitting nice and easy. So all in all pretty happy with uh with how the inside of the car looks. You’Ve got you’ve got metal, metal drive shafts. What are the plastic cups on me? Yeah? You got plastic cups, uh plastic out, drive cups, plastic cups on the wheels and stuff, but you’ve got metal metal drive, shaft metal center drive shaft the plastic on the front there metal on the rear plastic on the front, but upgrades are available.

I’Ll uh we’ll have a little look for upgrades in a minute just to make sure they are available, but i’m 99 sure they are quite quite readily available. Uh you get your wheelie bar, which can attack yourself that’s optional, but overall, i’m just i’m. Just super happy with it the only bad points i’ve found about this uh and and again. This is me looking for bad points. This isn’t, it hasn’t saved me any any mishap yet, but this is just me. Looking for bad points is one. The battery tray is literally just big enough for the stock battery, so the stock battery goes in there. You aren’t getting a bigger battery in there, without maybe strapping it to here or strapping it somewhere else. So if you wanted to run, you know a nice big, 2s lipo on it, maybe a 2000 milliamp, 2500 you’re going to struggle with space, but using the rc hobby. We know how to work around things don’t. We so we’d figure it out, but it would have been nice if the battery tray was just a little bit bigger. But when you’re dealing with the car this stars space is always going to be limited. But you know the stock battery’s farm is great uh and the only other thing i didn’t like is the fact that the wheels are on phillips screw heads they’re, not on your wheels, your seven mil wheel nuts, so i haven’t actually taken the wheels off.

I don’t know what the like behind it uh, but i don’t really like that, but again janae’s. The answer have been no purpose. The tires feel fine. The tires are fun, they’re, grippy enough, the great they’re nice and soft uh well somewhere in between i wouldn’t, say the hard, but i wouldn’t say the super duper soft either, but again that’s. Just me nitpicking that’s. Just me looking for bad points, so i can say something that i necessarily don’t like about the car, but it doesn’t really affect whoever sir let’s jump on the uh on the pc. Now and we’ll have a look. If then parts are readily available all right. So look at this, so yeah parts are definitely readily available. Yeah you got you you’ve got your drive, crop metal, uh and they’re all on offer at the minute as well. Metal drive shafts somewhat, not metal gears, metal cups, metal, spare, uh, wheelie bar and other shell differentials. What do you call it? The cooling thing in it, but the old man’s gone he’s uh 20 to one in the morning, though, when i’m filming this review so bear with me so yeah. This is the spares that are on banggood, but we can go back search so look at this. So yeah this is a star in america by the looks of things, but you got all your bits on there as well. More upgrades there let’s have a look on ebay. So yeah again you know you’re getting your spares on ebay as well, not a ton, not a ton, but you know stuff is available about amazon.

So again, oh yeah, look, they do come out. They definitely do come out. So again you know: they’ve got some spares chassis stuff like that, so i’m sure i’m sure it’s not going to be difficult to find spares if needed so yeah spurs are definitely definitely uh obtainable, so yeah, all in all, do i think it’s a fantastic car. Don’T really know what else to say about it. I absolutely love it. You’Re. Definitely going to see more of this on the channel later in the year, uh i’m going to do some more backyard, bashing it’s, definitely something i can fit in a rucksack so on days out with a family and stuff, rather than look in a big heavy car. I’Ll be checking my drones, i’ll be taking this with me. 100 definitely want to get birth boys. One of these, so first zing zing, rc, review, stroke, opinions and i’m gon na give it a four zings out of five just on the uh basis of them. Phillips drivers on the wheels and the size of the battery compartment, but that’s me just looking for you know i probably could give it a four and a half but we’ll stick with the four just because it’s easier for me to brush that up there, but watch That so yeah, that was the hbx16089. If you haven’t bought one go buy one, they are super fun. I will leave a link down below in the description where you can pick up one of these and, if you do gives me a little bit of commission as well so make sure you use that link you’ll, get it for cheaper i’ll get commission but fappy.

So yeah cheers for watching guys. Like comment. Tell me what you think about these cars. Tell me what you think about this opinion video, whether you’d like to see more of these, i do have a load of cars. I could go over if you want me to. I enjoy doing them. Let me know subscribe, make sure you turn the notifications on to know.