Christmas is coming up a lot of kids in the list, and this is an hbx. 1 16 scale, little scale rc basher truck with a twist. What is the twist its? Not that expensive its about 130 bucks and its got a brushless motor cool huh all wound up Applause, Music, Music, yeah. Normally i wouldnt be so jazzed. I wouldnt be testing this, but when i saw i had a brushes motor, i said you know twist my arm. I could do it so here we go its also got another cool trick up its sleeve its got a switch right outside on the chassis, so you dont have to stick your finger in that body or open it up. So here it is, lets try and give some gas brushless motor, so pretty good power hot 25 miles an hour on my test and youll see a lot of running video. I put it. I got it to the park. Did some jumps? We go into the backyard. Servo is plenty good uh and let me show you the inside and you know its kind of hard to break uh. I put the beat down on it crash it like 20 30 times tumble tumble and nothing happened. It has a plastic sheath on the outside. I havent taken it out yet has a little warning sticker warning. I have a plastic sheet so here it is its kind of cool, very basic plastic tub chassis, but i think the fact that its plastic nicely supported gives it a lot of flex shock absorption takes the hits bumper is, has a nice.

Oh look at that thats. Very important and the body is cool too tires are cool. You know nice and rubbery, not not hard plastic, just the right size, the um lipo battery small, but it lasts a long time. You know ive been testing like half hour and its still going its so tiny, but you know lipo and brushless thats what it gives you long run time even at high powers, high powers at high power usage, so it has deans nice strap. I dont think you can put a bigger battery in here, but here is the brusis motor, its a good size for brushless and damp shocks. Yeah you dont want a vehicle in this scale with undamped shocks, its going to be super hard to control. So there you go open this front and rear a little bit noisy on the upsides, its its its good fun for about 130 bucks and 25 miles an hour at this scale is pretty fast, especially youre, going to be operating on a small space. Servo is good enough plenty good that you could do some tight turns with it uh. I wish the steering radius was bigger. So on the downsides, you know the main one. One of the main downsides is it. It seems to be an unbranded model. So hbx is: is this one 130? I think from amazon, but you know you go to ebay and its 90 bucks. You go to banggood and its another price, different name, but its the same model so uh.

If youre concerned about that, you know getting getting the best deal and support uh thats a little bit of a downside, the good news is, hopefully you can get because of its sold its so popular. The the underlying chassis under different brands is popular. Then you can get parts for it. The another downside is, you know, being this small and this powerful it it its a handful. You know when i was trying to do a job like five times out of ten. I couldnt hit the ramp, even though the ramp is so big, because the thing i wanted a full power jump, it wouldnt just not go straight at full power, so nature the beast theres, no, even the big cars. You need a gyro. Or what do you call that a steering stabilization to keep it straight because its just it it will respond to all kinds of forces, so there it is also. I wish you had two batteries uh. This particular one only comes with one battery, but it comes either. Comes brush power or brushless power. Definitely brushless and the the chassis is plenty good enough to take that power thanks. Tan Music is Music. I can help here. We go Music, Music im. If you do, i can help you Applause, Music. I can help you Music. If you dont wan na Music, if help you out, i can help. You said i was the only one. No one likes me.

You made this mess and left me with the pieces. Now i wan na burn all the bridges between us, Music, Music. Lately, Music, so were gon na check the top speed on it. Music run for his money, Music, oh Music, Music, Music scale. Speed is even higher because you know youre a small car Music 25, who says okay survey, says boss, stop ended Music 24 miles an hour.