Music were going to do a quick overview of this were going to show you all the coolness about it and then were going to run it on our indoor course that we built before we do that well, take it outside on some real rocks. This is good for outdoor conditions, but its great for indoors as well. So this is perfect for the winter or for rainy days and then afterwards well go over some pros and cons and ill have a link in the description where you can buy one in case youre interested its very lightweight. Although i wouldnt run it over scribbles your pet hamster, but if you have a spare baby lying around yeah, no dont do that either. This is how big the tire is that it just climbed up now it had the very realistic rock on the other side to assist it, but check that out. This is definitely the biggest drawback, because theres not a lot of ground clearance right there, but you can find ways to work around that like again using that rock on the other side to assist. This definitely does hold it back, but not as bad as youd. Think in the future, im probably going to try to find a way to get rid of these side plates and mount these links up higher. You can see its flex game definitely is not too bad. All four wheels are touching a surface and thats quite the stretch as far as build quality goes its actually been pretty good.

So far because we have written, we have run this a few times. We have dropped it and nothing has broken yet so thats good, hasnt dropped off. Anything major is the escs yep theres, the esc. It has a battery that is not removable, it stays on the truck and you have to take the body off to charge it and its also hard to turn it on with the body on there. But you definitely can look how tiny that motor is yep. It is a small motor because it doesnt need to be very big, its a small car and it doesnt go fast, its a crawler. The goal is to get it over obstacles, not to jump off of ramps. The motor is extremely low, which is going to help its center of gravity be really low. Its got a lot of plastic on here, but the actual axles there inside the housing are metal im, not sure about the gears. The drive shafts are plastic, but that should be okay as light as this thing is, and if one of these breaks its a really easy replacement. While if something else were to break because these were too strong, it could be a little bit more of a teardown, and it has a lot of other metal parts, suspension links and steering links. It comes with the same controller. Most of these hbxs do, except the mode button, actually has a pretty important role. This time it comes with your stickers instruction manual and, as always, it still has your exploded parts.

Some of them are even in color. The truck is very small. Its a 1 24 scale, and yes, if you notice that is a steering servo on the back axle, it has front and rear steering, and that is what this mode button does it controls to either front only front and rear front and rear in the same direction. So that it can do a crab walk, it can go diagonal and then it has rear steering only and all that is to help you get over certain obstacles which we do have certain obstacles. Yes, we do. The tires are really squishy, but i feel like they should be squishier theyre, really not all that sticky plus theyre a little small and theyre really not as rubbery as i feel like. They should be that entire chassis is made out of metal. It has plastic shock bodies, there are definitely some small scale crawlers that have better articulation than this one does. But i really like this truck ive been a big fan of hbxs as well. So i wanted to give this a try: Music Applause, Music, oh Music Applause, Music, huh, Music, oh Music, Music, stepping stones Applause, oh Music, flatten, that down Music; yes, Music, oh wow! I was worried about that one Music. That glass is too slick; Music. There you go nice Music, thats, incredible check this out again for the guys in the back Music Applause. All right, we built another one.

We got to go up this very steep incline. This has a little bit of a rubbery surface. Its one of these floor planks turned upside down, and then we go over this gutter guard bridge down this bumpy ramp, but watch out for the spikes and over all that stuff, the spiky ball of doom and down the plexiglas ramp and through the chair tunnel, Music. Almost there dude good job. All right, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait were going to put it on crab, steer, see if you got it nice all right. Good job, Music, yeah, dude Music with pure ease, spiky ball of doom Music down Music – oh my god, Music, yes, Music, Music. The biggest problem with this is that theres not enough ground clearance between the ground and the middle of the chassis and also between the ground and the axles. Its only about an inch and a quarter of ground clearance at the middle of the chassis and only about 5 8 of an inch between the differential housing and the ground. The only other problem i see with it is the tires theyre, not quite as grippy as they could be, so well probably upgrade these tires. Some of course the size could be a little bit better, but its got plenty of power. The servos have plenty of power. You know for the size. Ultimately, it could use a little more flexing capability, it could definitely use more ground clearance in the front rear and the sides, and it could use some grippier tires.

It was even more fun inside because you can just create your own track and run it over almost whatever you want lick it lick. It lick it. No one flip over. Oh there you go there, you go there. You go okay, im not going to look. It really is a devastator, its devastating the lego track.