First i’ll start off with the housing q903. To start off, we have um plastic chassis, good, um, nice shocks, wheelie bar um, good arms, yep leds at the front i’m, nice motor, good esc i’m, using a 1 000 milliamp hour, uh lipo 7.4 volt to cell, and it is really good. Actually, it is really really fast for the size and steering’s good, um and yeah. This is the body shell there’s just clips for it. I think it’s uh, one yeah one 16th scale. This is the manual that’s, not the car that’s, a different q9 or something uh, yeah 52 kilometer high speed, but it doesn’t do that. I think that’s only with 3s four wheel drive ready to run out of the box manual stuff like that yep uh, that transmitter not bad, but i would recommend like a dumbo rc transmitter, um and yeah. I have some other batteries for that that i’ve purchased. This is a 1 000 1 500 milliamp hour 7.4 volt 2 cell battery to sell lipo um. I use i have to use a strap for this because it doesn’t fit uh connector is a dean’s or a t plug um, so yeah. I would not use a 3 cell battery this isn’t, a three cell. None of the batteries that i have are three cells, but i think it will blow up the car um but yeah, and this keeps the battery on and that’s. Basically it there. It comes with a few tool like it comes with um i bought.

I think i think it came with two batteries, but i might have bought another battery for it comes with tool um and it comes with yeah. I think that’s, really it and um yeah and it also comes with uh. It comes with everything you need to run it um, it’s, really good um. Moving on to the moving on to the transit um, this is more of a crawler, so this right now it’s kinda out of commission um. You got motor big beefy motor uh. I don’t know what connector this is. If anybody knows tell tell me, please put it down in the comments, because i have no clue uh, i think yeah, the esc it’s a little busted up right now. Uh steering’s, good it’s, not as responsive uh shocks, are good. I they’re not. I haven’t used this in a while. It comes with a spare tire leds and um yeah it’s it’s, really good it’s, definitely not as fast as the other ones. It’S a it’s, a crawler um comes with this battery 1 500 milliamp hour lipo and um. It yeah it’s a 7.4 volt, no leon, sorry it’s, a leon battery um i’ve, gotten some extra um lock nuts for the wheels. This is the part number i got it from my local hobby store axials um brand um manual. It is a 112 scale. Two speed. Four wheel drive buggy, um it’s, ready to run out of the box. It has um the battery the it has a nice.

This is the this. Is the transmitter it’s pretty. I would definitely recommend a dumbo again um, but it’s it’s, not bad and yeah that’s it for those rc cars. I charged i charged um the batteries with this i have like other. I have like other two other ones or three other ones, that i charge the batteries with um but yeah and it comes with leds um. I think yeah has locked diffs, it has locked ifs but um it’s. Definitely not a fast car it’s, not a fast crawler, but it’s, really really good, um and i’m. Actually, thinking of getting, if you guys know the um arma granite voltage, i’m, probably gon na get that in the next week or so, because i want more of like a monster truck thing for skate parks and stuff, like that, i don’t want something too expensive, like An x maxx or a hoss or a creighton, or something like that, but for if you guys, are looking for an rc car to get, i would say to start off with an rc car. I would go with the hosiem q, 903, um or q901 or q902 they’re really good. But if you want, if you’re like looking for a more high end one, i would definitely get like a traxxas or an arma. I would recommend like an arma craton 4s or a traxxas traxxas slash or a traxxas e revo or some traxxas haas, but my my favorite rc car overall, i don’t have it, but i think it’s, probably the traxxas x, maxx it’s a beast of a basher it’s Fast, it it’s really durable, but yeah both of these cars are really durable.

I would say the q903 is more durable, but um yeah, they’re they’re, both really good cars, um yeah, so leave any comments down below.