God bless you all and thank you very much looking at the, and i heard it i actually heard of these – i always actually was wanting to get one in the next couple years, and lo and behold here you go it’s called the realzer and i forgot who Uh, what company makes these again? I don’t think it was axial, i think, or there might be a company of their own, but i think this parent company also on the side that’s also on here you got actually the front shocks are all filled. The rear ones are just regular suspension, it’s. What it’s saying looks like you got left and right yes for the trigger thing. Instead of having the remote it’s, there um and it says, it’s got tires and actually old field tires like on the hobby grade, so it’s kind of a hobby it’s like a hobby grade shock, suspensions, charger, 2.4 gigahertz and it looks like we have um and it’s Got a it’s a power, it says powerful motor um we’ll run it in a little while so first i have a sticker here. There’S stickers right here now took it off. I have a sticker right here, so you open the box, and this is what you first come across. You have your radio, which it takes three double a batteries in here and works just like that. It’S got a off switch here. You have your a channel and your b channel and right now, it’s blinking, because there’s no connection with the car, but when it is it’ll, go off and then it’ll work.

Whenever you press the throttle, it’ll blink, red and it’s got a. I guess this is either for looks or it might be a turbo button. I didn’t actually test this button yet have to see what that is in a minute later next time, and then you have your steering so let’s get to the car, though let’s see right there, so it uses three double a batteries for your radio, and here this Is what you first see so right here? It has a little tab. You just slide that out, just like so it’s made where you can put it back in here for carrying purposes. You have this right here very nice. I can read that i need to look this company up see what they got. I might have to get another one. So that way i can erase them, or maybe my friend that bought it for me or somebody needs to get one. We can race them this summer, when i have a chance so i’m going to do a few videos with this one, especially for this this month. We’Ll definitely do a few videos with it and it might actually have a race with between the bronco and this one to see which one coin in it, and i can definitely tell that motor is powerful just by feeling of it. So let’s, look at the suspension here. Looks like you have say: you’re out the bat it’s got a hard plastic cage, and i can tell you right off the bat these plates can be replaced and also these plates right here are cast aluminum.

I can tell you that much these are definitely cast aluminum plates, so that’s high dollar right there, and then you have light bar here. It’S got four lights in here, looks like maybe some down here, i’m, not sure let’s, see, and then your suspension in the back is just like your average regular suspension not much to talk about, but it’s the wrist suspension to protect the engine. You need to have a harder suspension like that anyway, but i noticed the front look at this. The front are all filled and look at that. It goes all the way up to there so that’s how much uh see that’s how much suspension you got so that’s. It squatting right there, my suspension oil field, like i said back and then so you have that it’s very nice, and then you have of course this card right here.