Hey all right guys. We got an unboxing to do today. Um this car got sent from high boxing for a review. First car i’ve gotten for a review, but uh yeah, um so far, it’s a great looking truck shipping ship. It was shipped great. There was no damage to the box at all, so i’ve already opened it because i took the batteries out, so i could charge them, but i put everything back so anyways. Now the truck it’s a lot smaller than i thought it was gon na be but that’s all right, it’s a good looking truck yeah, i mean not bad it’s got uh these little tabs pull these tabs off real, quick. Okay! Now you got these tabs off. Whoa hit the camera guys: oh man, anyways get the tabs off. Um, not bad, looks good. I think that’s a ‘0 brushed motor. I think it’s, a ‘0. it’s got it’s got headlights. Oh, those are, i think, are those leds. I don’t know let’s get headlights here here, they’re square, then um um let’s, see it doesn’t. Tell you the amp put out, but it’s got threaded shocks, so you can adjust your stiffness, which is really nice, but uh yeah, so that’s pretty much so you get two batteries with it. Also, i forgot your uh balance, charger uh and that is output, 1.3 amps doesn’t tell you how many mah and then you get four extra body pins and then your remote.

You got your speed, your throat, our speed, adjuster steering, trim steering reverse, which is kind of sunk in there kind of hard to get to, but uh you can still get it and then you got your on and off um. The uh steering knob feels alright but uh the high boxing um. You might want to put some foam for a more comfortable uh feel to it, but other than that the controller is nice. It fits fits well, it’s got the aux switch right there, so you can turn the lights on and off. I bet you that’s what that’s for that’s cool that’s actually really cool. You normally don’t see these cheaper rc cars. Coming with that, but uh yeah, let’s uh let’s get the batteries in and go take a first spin guys just forgot. Then your uh remote takes two double a’s right there, all right guys. The first off this truck looks amazing. It looks really great um. The aux switch uh, it doesn’t control the lights, so i don’t know what that does, but anyways when this thing starts to go, the rear end sits that’s, so cool this thing is super fast guys like i’m, not expected to be this quick gone uh. Oh, i need to mow my grass guys this thing. Applause, Music Applause, Music, let’s – go hit. Some jumps with it guys. Oh, i almost forgot. I got a whole bunch of rocks for my crawler core, so i’m gon na make a mud pit and some other stuff, but uh let’s go hit.

Some jumps with it guys all right guys. I just uh fixed my jump up a little bit, so we got some more upward angle and uh let’s hit it uh. So sorry guys i’m adjusting my steering frame. Oh, that was smooth, ah i’m. Definitely gon na need to get some oil filled shocks for this it’s, this one’s, so cool it’s, just a little monster truck you just you can put this in your freaking uh in your car anywhere. I mean you can even have this like a desk. So when you go out on lunch, or whatever i mean seriously, this thing’s tiny, i feel like a wpl, is the same way, but a little bit skinnier i mean w pels, probably come out about right there, but they’re the same length or so the only problem. I keep having is this back rear shock likes to stick up like that? It’S happened to me twice now, but uh. I think after some use, it’ll loosen out. Oh let’s uh go take her to uh the street and see how quick she is. It handles good on gravel, too my dogs like chasing it. The only other thing i’d like to see, would be a uh steering dual rate. You know what i mean because uh when you’re going fast it’s hard to control it, you have to be really really sensitive on the steering wheel. This thing is an awesome toy guys and i’m, not just saying that, because i got it for free.

I think this is going to be one of my new little favorite. Bashers thing looks so good it’s a shame. I had to get it dirty, Music Applause. These tires they’re, nice and soft they’re actually got some good grip to them, um so far, i’m honestly i’m liking. This rig, i mean i get some oil shocks and that’s about it. I mean honestly but uh let’s hit her for some speed runs guys well, and the only other thing i don’t like is this little button right here. It’S a button switch, so you mean, if you’re jumping it i’ve had other vehicles that have button switches. When you jump them, sometimes they’ll cut off guys. Let’S get some speed, runs Music Applause i feel like she’s reaching about 20 25 or so ah, oh there she goes that’s what i’m trying Applause so far. I love this rig. I would definitely recommend it to anybody. This is the high boxing one, six, eight eight nine, i believe and uh. If you don’t have one you need one. Oh i flipped but anyways as usual. You guys have a good day and like and subscribe all right guys. We’Re gon na do a little nighttime driving because uh she’s got lights anyways. So if you guys aren’t uh following high boxing on instagram or facebook um, i suggest you do so um. I will leave a link to both of them in the description come on flip. She says she’s waterproof, so we’re gon na hit this little bit of water right here.