What is it? What is xp5 flex razor? Okay, let me go bring a scissors to open it: okay, yeah, okay! I get the scissors now. Hi, kids, don’t use scissors make sure an adult use it for you yeah. So stay safe about opening it, for you come back and check it: okay, yeah that’s, yeah, Music, okay, pull it out; that’s, uh, Music, okay, that’s, the empty box that’s how it is let’s, see nine miles per hour, which is a 14 kilometer per hour. So it’s a very good speed one. It needs three triple a batteries and two double a batteries. Yes that’s the box, so we put the box back there. So you could see we bought these in toys, r, us so it’s available in choice. If i’m not wrong. It’S about uh 20 pounds 19 pounds or something let’s that’s the instruction i think, let’s cut this open. Now, oh no, you need a screwdriver upper going, bring a screwdriver. Now, okay, yeah number wait about: go, bring it right Music. What is this what’s? The instruction says: take another card in another car: okay, take the batteries off okay, and this is the batteries okay, and this is the screwdriver, and this is in this okay. Now we need to open these and put batteries Music yeah, that is the remote control, show it to everyone what’s in remote control, then it goes and forward and backwards and and that’s to turn left and right and it’s in the rivers, okay, and it turns and Left: okay, good boy, yeah, okay, let’s see so you take this off.

It’S come now so that’s rubbish. It has to go to the rubbish bin, but take it off. That is the racing car. So we need to get battery for them. Yeah, so i’ll go and get the batteries read the instructions. Okay, Music, oh Music, is okay. I’Ve got the batteries for you now. Have you read the instructions? Yes, what does it say? Take the instruction and let me know how to put the batteries here. Tell me how to put it, i got the screw driver yeah. This is not screwdriver it’s kind of a screwdriver yeah it’s kind of i couldn’t find the screwdriver straight away. So i had to get these okay yeah, so we need these aaa batteries yeah. It goes in the car put the batteries in the car. Please put the batteries in the class yeah, Music, okay. That goes this way, another one another one: Music, okay, maybe it’s, just lighter, very cold car he’s, a very cool car, yes yeah, it’s, very scary, very cool and very fast. It can drive up to nine miles per hour. Let’S put the battery for the remote control. Now, where do we put the battery code? Is it stuck down here? How can you put the back piece on there? Yes, Music? How can you Music Music, so we need to have two double a’s that’s there that’s close there. Okay i’ll, take this instructions off let’s switch on the car it’s on now and let’s switch on let’s reach out and the remote does.

It have a switch? No, it doesn’t let’s see. Yes, that is a fast car Music. Oh, that is a very fast car isn’t. It give us Music, oh god, it’s fast, do you like it? You had a big monster truck day before yesterday. I watched this one and he got this one. Now: okay, he had a good birthday: Music, whoa Music, thanks for watching Music review foreign. Thank you for sending it to the review. I guess please subscribe.