Al is on camera. How you doing al! Oh good! Thank you. Excellent right. Our friends at omp hobby have sent me the s720 literally takes minutes to, if not seconds, to put together, you get everything that you need in the box to fly this less the double a’s you need to put in the controller the transmitter here. So you don’t need any glue to put this together. You only need the screwdriver to put the spinner on the brushless motor with the propeller, otherwise the wings and the tail plane just click in place, simple as that. So what have we got on the controller? We got obviously the sticks for roll pitch and throttle and rudder it’s three channels: um that’s, right isn’t, it one two, three, four, four channels. What am i saying, four channels and on the controller you have got normal and sport modes and a trick button. Now we’ve read the instructions they are. They do lack a little bit in translation, but i think we’ll figure this out as we fly it should we give it a go. Al sounds good all right here we go omp s720, pure radar on level there yeah everything goes the right direction, lovely think. So all right so we’ll start off in normal mode. That’S easy enough! Let’S do some nice circuits to get used to it, so i’ve changed into sport mode. So i think that was preventing me from rolling inverted. It was stabilized, but not letting me roll inverted.

Whereas now i can right, should we try that trick butter now yeah, i did suggest you wanted a little bit of height to do that, dom in the instructions to be fair, two seconds it says: hold it for right, so we’ll go over there coming back, holding It down, oh so, did it loop itself. I think it did and dare i ask how it flies. Inverted i’ll, try yeah, look at that: oh he’s, showing off now that’s pretty good isn’t it for something that’s out of the box. Yeah i mean a beginner won’t. Do this, but oh Music, yeah, nice and low waiting for a dog to snatch it out the air? It flies so well upside down um! I think that’s, pretty good, so it’s not for a beginner you’ll break it. If, if you know, if you’ve never flown something radio controlled before you would it’s it’s the second plane, so if you have got the muscle memory, would you call it al yep? You know you’ve got your orientation right. You know what the stick does and how the plane reacts. When you move the sticks, then you can move up to this as a second plane there’s a kind of first aerobatic plane, and then you could use it on normal mode to begin with it won’t. Let you roll inverted and then move to sport mode and it’ll allow you do aerobatics fantastic. So the link for this is in the video description and the pinned comment.

If you’d like to grab hold of one and yeah pretty impressed for what it does and you get everything that you need in the box, so thanks for watching this one. If you’ve enjoyed this essential, rc video, then please give us thumbs up. It does make a huge difference. Please subscribe and click the bell icon for notifications, our future uploads and live streams, but thanks for watching this, one thanks to al on camera, we’ll see you for the next one.–8CTPwW7Q