I got a special unboxing that we’re going to do it’s an rc i’ve been i’ve been trying to track one of these down for quite some time. I don’t know maybe six months. Eight months been really hard to find so we’re gon na get get to unboxing that thing finally today and show you what i got mtxl build right here, everything’s coming along great. If you didn’t see my last video, we finally picked an engine. We got that i’m. Putting that, together, all the ancillary parts that go with that engine i’m waiting for my pipe to come back and once that comes back, i’ll show you what pipe we picked and what i did to it and everything. But you can see here, got the drive train. All installed everything’s looking really great on it, so i’m really happy. I am waiting for one or two parts that i needed some shims and whatnot to come in that i’m, going to need for the clutch bell so kind of held up on that. But, like i said in the meantime, i was able to find this rc. So let’s get right down here and unbox this thing and see what i got one all right guys before we get this open. I got a little bit of rc business to take care of. I got a letter in the mail from my good christian friend jeff over at eastside rc. If you guys haven’t uh checked his channel out.

I urge you to do it. I got her up here on the big screen behind me. Eastside rc works with uh tmr performance and they uh doing a lot of great things over there on his channel. So i urge you guys to check him out it’s a great christian friend of mine and uh great brat brother. So i will put a link to his channel in the description below. So, if you guys haven’t checked him out, you can uh, you can get there from the link and uh see what he’s doing over there. But anyway he sent me a letter and everything and let’s see what i got. Whoa bunch of stickers coming out got a note in here for us, so let’s just see what it says: brother allen, god bless you brother, my prayer will be always with you and now my stickers will be too awesome. Love you brother, may you and your family and all who surround you, be healthy and blessed your brat brother in christ, jeff eastside, rc and tmr performance. Oh, my goodness! I thank you so much jeff. You know what uh, what a great friend and brother in christ. You are, and uh really really really appreciate your friendship very much and uh. Thank you for sending us these cool stickers let’s see what we got here. We got got eastside rc, tmr performance. We got east side, rc and tmr performance love the look with the the old us of a stars and stripes very cool man.

He just unloaded us with some goodies here. Oh, i got a second tmr east side, rc sticker stars and stripes primal monster truck sticker hams, oil sticker yo it’s like christmas here at the 316 rc with the stickers, like i said before, check them out. Eastside rc tmr performance i’ll put a link in the description for you below, hey let’s, get down here and get this rc opened up and see what i got like i said: i’ve been uh wow, this thing’s really sealed up. Well, i had my eye on one of these for quite some time and just can’t find them pretty much gave up on them once in a while. I will look and see, but i could never seem to find them anywhere in stock um. But somehow i was uh was just searching the web one day and in the search i decided to search for them again and what came up was available at this hobby shop in new york called galamod’s hobby shop. I don’t know if you guys ever heard of it before, but they showed one in stock, so i emailed the guy see if they had it. He said they did. I couldn’t believe it so here it is at 316 rc today, hey i’ve got this box up. Well, i mean well got the old, handy dandy we’re, getting her we’re getting her, but this baby is. Ah here we go yes, sir. Oh wow, let me get this thing out of here, so you guys can see it.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s right ho, bao hobeo, ho bao. I don’t know how you say it hyper vt, 1, 8 scale on road nitro car wow check it out guys hyper vt from hobao 1 8 scale. Four wheel drive on road gt see. This comes in an electric and a nitro version, so i definitely not looking for the e word, but this nitro version been so hard to find. Like i said, i’ve been looking for it quite a while we got michelle on your esc there, waterproof waterproof servo. Yes, sir, two speed: two speed got ta love two speed swing down here to the side of the box. What do we got? What does it say? You know it’s been so long here’s the nitro features hyper 0.21.28 or 0.30 engine. This is the 0.30 engine, guys cnc aluminum front top plate, cnc aluminum, front suspension, block cnc, aluminum front and rear shock towers, painted body with the clear window, digital metal gear, steering servos 150cc high capacity fuel tank newly designed front c hub suspension with cva s. Cvas newly designed two speed transmission sealed receiver box with adjustable battery position, polished racing in line exhaust and manifold 17 millimeter big, bore, aluminum shocks, threaded bodies, front and rear, adjustable sway, bars, dual stage. Air filter with filter, holder, adjustable toes cambers turn, buckles suspensions and wheelbases, vented metal, disc, brake system, high impact front foam, bumper front and rear chassis, braces, high downforce gt wing and high traction.

Semi slick tires that’s right. This is an rtr version, includes the radio there they’re, showing us the front c hubs: two speed, hyper nitro engine air filters, cnc parts wow – this is sweet. This product is not a toy got the. This is just the side with the electric stuff, all right. How cool is this guys? How cool is this another nitro in the house for 316 rc let’s go ahead and get the uh box open and see what this thing looks like all right, let’s see what we got in here: heavy duty box, all kinds of goodies let’s see here we got This looks like the rtr radio i’m sure this is just a rebranded, something or other i’m, not sure it’s got your standard. Radio features that you get we’re not going to get too excited about that that to the side, that’s, not the star of the show. We got the looks like the instruction manual right here: there’s the plug turbo platinum t5, not sure what that is, that’s a hot plug, cold plug a medium. I don’t know nothing about that plug and we got the tube for the antenna. The manual you’ve got your it’s like this is the manual looks like it’s a double manual, either for the electric version, e word version or the boy. These are nice, uh, pictorials of the uh differentials and assembly. This is this is really nice. Oh here’s, the manual on the that’s, better, okay warning.

We got some stickers. Some stickers are already off the sheet, as i’m sure they’re already applied to the body yeah. This looks pretty nice it’s a nice manual. All right. That aside, got an extra support, support form in case you need some help: uh here’s a special paper just on the hyper 30 engine. It’S got your needle settings. You know where your uh one millimeter on the idle position on the car. Full parts breakdown on the hyper 30 engine well i’m, not sure about this hyper 30 engine says new 2016 edition with blue or orange carb insert all right. Let’S see about that nice packing in here looks like the accessory bag. Full of um got your elf air filter stuff. Some tool kit looks like some body. Claps looks like a pool. This is a pull start: engine here’s the handle for the pool start and your wing all right, here’s, the star of the show here’s, the body let’s get the body out of there. This is the blue body go ahead and have a look at this body. Pretty sweet looking not sure what it reminds me of exactly but uh pretty aerodynamic, looking body, not the thickest uh plastic in the world, but be fine. All right, let’s get this guy out boy! This really looks nice let’s get this out of here all right here. It is guys, really looks, really sweet there’s, some really nice, really nice upgrade parts on this right out of the gate, so i’m really uh, just looking at it for the first time, i’m really happy with it got a 0.

30 engine. Here nice polished pipe two speed. Let’S swing down here, close and uh get a good look at this. Uh get a good look at this thing with me. For the first time, all right, let’s take a look at this front end. We got uh big front foam pad thick beefy foam pad here’s. The these are all aluminum body shocks, very nice. We got plastic arms, we got metal, i believe there are cvds in there drive shafts. They are. We got a beautiful front shock tower thick aluminum shock tower here’s, a top front, brace that’s, really thick aluminum. Look at that guys, that’s, really nice i’m really impressed with that here’s a mount for the servos let’s see this is a hubal branded digital servo for the steering and also, i believe, it’s it’s, the same exact servo part number from habao, the hb 5518mg for the Brake and throttle on a beautiful heavy duty, aluminum mount very nice on off switch receiver. Battery box looks like and swing around to the back. Here we got uh chassis, brace right here, plastic also plastic in the front as well got nice uh aluminum shock tower in the back again believe they’re the same they’re, the same shocks suspension feels pretty pretty sweet on it again. This is a four wheel drive, so we got sealed differential in the back, sealed differential in the front and the center let’s swing this around. We got our engine here’s, the pool start you put that little t handle piece on here for your pool starter.

We got our flywheel and here’s our two speed two speed system. Now i did read some issues with the clutch slipping that the two guys were having trouble getting the second gear engaged, so we’ll see how that goes. It looks like this mount here on the top, for i don’t know if you can see that or not right in here. This is aluminum i’m, not even sure what that’s attached to i think that’s holding the it is it’s holding the whole assembly of the gears. The two speed gear assembly in place – you can see here your brake system with the yellow right there, nice fuel tank, looks like a nice fuel filter right here that they give you yeah. This is really uh really sweet. Like i said, i’ve been trying to get one of these for a long time. Wheels. Look really nice on it got a nice uh they’re super flex, so there’s going to be some drifting going on with these guys, let’s see let’s flip. This thing let’s see what it looks like underneath: there’s, a beautiful aluminum chassis wow. Now i just picked up some new nitro fuel um, as you guys are well aware of i’m sure um, the byron’s you can’t get it anymore. If you don’t have any um there’s, not much, you can do so. I was looking around for some fuels uh. What am i gon na get i don’t know, but i found this.

I decided to try it out. It’S from a place called torco torco race fuels got ta like it right there made in the usa, so i decided to give them a try. So let’s go ahead and get this open. Torco race fuels rc, nitro, 30, all right right here, what’s this say on the side: torco rc, nitro, the same nitro that propels drag racing’s fastest top fuel, dragsters and funny cars can be found in our quality. Rc family of fuels. Torco uses only the finest nitro methane methanol and premium oils. Okay, torque’s engineers have emerged from the lab with the most powerful hobby fuels on the market. Today, consistent cooler, burn and superior lubrication delivers a one, two punch of performance and protection, yeah baby, one two punch all right: you got your danger and everything. Torco race fuels phoenix arizona, all right so we’re going to give that a try all right, here’s, a look with the body on and this baby is low to the ground here is, i don’t, know we’re going to have to do some adjusting or whatnot we’re going To have some serious scraping going on right there for sure that is low low to the ground sweet. Looking now pretty cool, all right, guys, that’s, my quick unboxing and review of the haubau hyper vt on road 1, 8 scale nitro car. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below i’m really looking forward to having some fun with this guy really looks like the speed demon, but we’ll find out all right how to 316.