Most people are gon na, be like uh, who cares it’s, just a hobby store? Who cares about those things? But for me someone who’s been passionate about rc vehicles and all that kind of stuff, whether it’s a boat, a plane, a car, so on and so forth. I’Ve been um a hobbyist, my entire life. So when i see a cool place, such as hobby people, as named as permanent clothes, as in google, is saying that they’re down for the count they’re not going to be reopening that’s a very, very sad day for me, but it’s, not something that is unexpected and The reason why i’m saying this is that people don’t really understand hobby anymore or the new generations don’t have the same kind of ideals when it comes to buying things regarding the hobby field, and so something like this, which is a tamiya 110 scale on ebay, it’s Actual value of this vehicle, as you can see here, is 245 dollars. Of course, in this case i do believe it probably comes with a remote and all the other stuff it may or may not. I don’t know, but it is um something that you know like if you’re a hobbyist, you understand that you buy one of these things and it’s more like a lifelong journey with the vehicle you don’t just buy it and then the when it breaks you just throw It in the trash, what you do is you buy it um it comes in a kit.

It takes uh someone who’s, never done it before, maybe a whole week on and off to build it and once it’s done, then you tune it and you try it out and then eventually some parts will break and then you can easily replace these things. For instance, you can change a transmission or something like that for something as low as 16 now for some people, that’s very expensive, so especially when the new generations and everyone else can go on to walmart or ebay and find something like this for 34 dollars. Almost like 35 dollars, you can buy a fully put together vehicle that will run with remote and everything. Of course, it’s not going to be the same level of capability as a hobby grade, because you won’t be able to find spare parts and so on and so forth. But you know that’s the way people are doing things these days so Music. Instead of buying a you know, 245 vehicle all included with electronics and and everything else they’re going for this kind of like cheapo, that happens everything together, but in the end like, if um, if you don’t, know what you’re doing you’re gon na break your car anyway. So it’s easier to replace something for like 35 bucks at a time compared to you, know, spending and having to go around and fish out what transmissions or a new body would be, because you know bodies even for things like that, like for an old product like That you can still end up having to pay like 50 or 40 bucks to change it out so yeah.

This is where the industry is going and that’s. Why i’m sad to see some um? You know companies like hobby people going out of business like that, but anyway those were my two cents on what’s, going on with the um hobby industry and yeah it’s sad to see that people um, you know don’t really know how to appreciate the old vehicles as They they used to be because the whole industry has changed and the way that people understand the the system is completely different in the past. It was about getting something you know just like martial arts and always continuing to refine and buy new parts and improve on what you have so a vehicle. Could last you like a lifetime, you could just just buy the one and keep using it and replacing parts and keep going at it, but nowadays it’s a whole different story. As i said before now, it’s all about you use it like three or four times it breaks, you throw it in the trash you put it in a landfill and then um. You move on with life when you buy another one to replace it and um on a side note on a side. Note um, if you have any vehicles that aren’t broken so on and so forth and they’re just sitting in your garage, don’t put them in the landfill. Just don’t. Do that because i’m doing a bunch of projects and those people follow my channel know this.

So any vehicle that is broken doesn’t matter, what condition it is in i’m, able to repair – and you know, recycle all the parts, so please don’t throw it in the landfill.