I love it it’s a windy day, as you can hear. In the background, the winds were pushing from left to right, but the jumbo is a beast. It was just fighting through it fighting through it. I gave it a couple of willies. It was awesome. Um almost threw me off my balance with the wind blowing so hard, though so i had to just keep it limited. As far as like how how how long i really did but um other than that man it’s a beast it’s just ripping through the whims, the uh, the the tail fan in the back is – is excellent. It’S working perfectly, i love it um. It goes fast as hell it’s only on a 4s lipo 5400 yeah. I love it. I love it. I’M gon na have to uh keep my hand off that break. A little bit i’ve been wearing down the tires a little while i had it for about a month now, nothing but good things, nothing but good things. Um on the street. I would recommend that you um, that you have skills before you just drive it up and down the road, because you will hit a curve. I hit the curve two times but, like i said, it’s a beast so it’s able to withstand anything um. I haven’t been jumping off ramps and stuff i’m, not really into that i’m, just in the bastion i’m into just full speed, throttles and just it’s making.

It look good, you know if it’s a little jump, maybe i’ll do it, but you know all the big crazy stuff, no i’m, not into all of that just like to see the sand and the dirt kick up or just the just the air wishing past me. I love this thing, though um the the controller for the um for the rc car. It works excellent, um, good, throttle, construct, control, good steering, control um. The range is okay. I i wish i could do a little bit longer from when i from when i’m. At a park or something like that – and i can really just take it – how far i want to but but it’s there it works good. It works good. I like it um nothing, bad um, yeah, it’s, the beast, it’s a beast. I haven’t even put a success in so i can just imagine how that would be i’m only on 4s right now and i’m leveling, no complaints, it rips, literally jambo. You guys put the body on you, the body clips work good, but um after a while. You know just wearing tail, you can peel some off, but everything else is good. One thing i do recommend: instead of keeping them on there, just wrap them around the whole thing and that’ll be great it’s, a beast. I can change the body as well. I can put the dementor shell on it or the chronos that can also fit on there.

So that’s good, yes, lovely. I plan on customizing it as well putting some lights in the front and a light bar on the top i’m gon na for sure change. The tires i’m gon na get some more um for for tires on the road, because i like riding it on the road – and i like how these are uh good to take off as well they’re easy to take off. I don’t have too much trouble with that. Um yeah thing’s a beast: i wouldn’t recommend you try to crawl upstairs or anything like that. I’Ve seen a couple of people trying to crawl up the stairs nah this isn’t built for all of that. This is straight for beast mode, ripping the runway straight, ripping the runway. You guys willy boy works, excellent i’ve been putting that to you super yeah. I like it, no complaints, you’re, 17 years old enough. It says 14 on the box, but i recommend 17 so when, if you get this right here, you have to just think about, i don’t want to crash. I want to just drive professionally. I want to make it look good, and this is what you get you want to crash it and do all that other stuff. I recommend you go with a cheaper, a cheaper rc car, you guys, but this right here – oh my god, take it to the park and open it up. Baby you can’t get to the park.

Just make sure you have nice driving skills because it will rip the runway. Have a good one.