R2. Revision. 2.. Music Music. So here it is hobo wing axe r2. The r1 was one of my favorite motors right there, but it had two weaknesses. One was it had this plug sensor, plug that was massive. It interfered with aesthetics. The other thing is, it did not quite have enough. Punch. Did not quite have enough wheel, speed and a punch. What i would do this is just a bronco is, i would put the extra big one. This is the 550 size uh and that compensated for that you know just if, if you wanted, you know like a little jumper car right here. Uh get the big motor uh, but you know for for the size of it. It wasn’t quite competing with what castle had and what what homes had. If you wanted that big punch, so they said r2 here we go completely new. What they have is a new esc and a new motor. The esc changes are significant, the first one is. They now put a fan, a bolt on fan. In case you have demanding conditions for crawler. We don’t really need that. The next one is the upped, the amperage of this, both in average and peak the peak used to be like 360 now, it’s, 480 amps, so it’s about a 20 jump. The other thing they did is they now support the not just crawler reverse but bachelor, reverse, meaning uh forward break and then reverse color versus forward reverse.

So if you had a different application, you didn’t want it to be instantly. Reversing you want it to break. You. Could use it now for that application? The other thing they did is they changed the bec, the bec used to be 4 amps now it’s 6 amps. So what is that a 50 boost where’s, my radio, so the bec affects your servo right, so you can change your voltage from six volts to 7.4 volts. You always want 7.4 volts. If you have a capable servo. This is just attractive. Servo and now you you get a little 30 upgrade in in in speed and torque and where the amps are drawn, is when you, when you’re doing this stuff, which is kind of what you do in rock crawling that’s what’s drawing the amps you don’t have enough. Amps, your servo is going to stall or it’s going to brown out in in some applications, so so pretty good changes there right the other changes now so the wire too that’s part of the esc, the wired up plug, is now about half half the size. Half the width and half the length so it’s now it’s a it’s, a it’s. It doesn’t call attention to itself, which is cool because sometimes you have some tight tight applications with my capra somewhere it just won’t fit in there with with the interior in the driver. Okay, so now we move on to the motor what what? What did the motor change? The first thing is: it’s now shielded.

So if you have some interference making your servo glitch, they put, they shielded it now, so those magnets don’t interfere with each other. The next one is they change the the kb ratings, so they used to be 1800 and 2300. Now they go right at 2100, kb, so it’s, ideal, crawler motor. This is a 2100 kv. They also have a 2800, so even more wheel, speed and then they have the on the big boy, this size, 3300, so what’s really cool is because of the lack of punch. I used to use these big motors, but they’re heavier. You know they’re higher off the ground and what not just to get that punch if i needed that application most of the time i don’t, but now you don’t you don’t, need to you. Could you could stay with a small can and you will be fine um. The another change in the motor is it’s got more punch. You know about, i don’t know 20 to 30 percent, more more wheel, speed and more punch, it’s kind of cool, so i’ll show you. It still has the legendary so i’m going on first gear, um, pretty pretty pretty legendary um. What do you call that modulation – and this is just as cheap as you can get on the controller traxxas? Look at that and and while you’re at this speed, it has a lot of torque. You know so some motors can achieve this. This kind of speed, but as soon as a little bump comes it just stops.

Maybe i should put this on the table, so this has a lot of torque and you can actually crawl at the speed with obstacles. The next thing so i’ll put go on. Second gear is now you have wheel, speed, so wheel. Speed is always cool to have that option Music. So this is just a stock gearing a traxxas two speed with stock gearing 11 tooth pinion a small pinion, but you could see how much speed it has on on second gear, so it’s able to achieve. I believe almost 13 miles an hour and the other thing. The other thing is it’s, got punch so i’m just going to stab it watch. Watch this thing, torque is what makes this thing move so it’s definitely got some some punch now huh, not bad huh. So there you go, you still have uh all the foc technology that they have that’s configurable. You can make this uh, the crawler keep keep going up almost almost automatically almost self driving mode or you could. You could make or allow it to stop like most normal motors, and you do the throttling, instead of it doing its auto, auto adjusting. So you have both options. You know, you know different different strokes for different drivers. So so so there you go so this is my defender and you’ll be impressed uh. What this thing can do: it’s very heavy uh front wheel, weights brass here and there um, but you’ll be pretty impressed.

Now uh, it looks like a big hobby wing motor or a castle motor, but it’s it’s it’s doing its thing enjoy the running video, my friends. So here, we’re going to show you some test: video we’re, going to start out in our garage. Show you how slow this vehicle is first gear and then do some donuts in second gear Music. This thing can rally then we’re gon na go outside, go for some top speed test. This is first gear 5.1, full on oh a little over five miles an hour now we’re going to shift the second gear and it’s kind of surprising 11 tooth pinion stock, small pinion, it still has wheel. Speed has a bunch of torque very impressive, 2.8 miles an hour, i think, almost 13.. What that means is, if you go for a bigger pinion which this motor can handle. You can get a lot of speed, 15 17 miles an hour miles an hour or if you go for a smaller pinion, you could have even more low speed control and still get decent. You know six seven mile an hour, crawler speed right here demonstrate to you. The braking so a good motor good, powerful motor not only has more power. It also has more braking this one claims up to 200 percent braking and i believe we only have to set to the middle pretty heavy vehicle 12 pound vehicle, the more braking you have and modulation, the less the car will slide or freely a lot of control.

So this is impressive. You know this is very steep and very loose and you could see this heavy vehicle handle it so modulations there. The steering and then who doesn’t like a little rallying part of the appeal of these scale. Trail crawlers is you can crawl? You can hike with them and then you can have a little bit of bashing fun as well. So here we go enjoy enjoy it, but the hobbywing r2 is definitely an improvement. Groundbreaking technology configurable you don’t, have to use all their auto driving modes or any of them, but so much flexibility and they have bluetooth app as well. So if you were thinking about the version one, this version two is definitely better. Only thing it’s not compatible with with version one have a good one.