I have what may be the best overall crawler motor available today and im gon na tell you: why are you ready, okay, best overall motor thats, a tall order right? Everyones everyones got their favorite one and and whatnot the super pricey ones and whatnot, but in terms of performance, versatility, price form factor. I would say this is the best okay. So what it is, is the hobby wing fusion pro motor thats version, two of the fusion? So version one they came out with a year and a half ago and what they did is they merged the esc and the motor together. Welded them put some put some sugar and made an all in one solution. So what you lose is all these wires. You know that you need two different locations for the for mounting it. Now. You just have one its always hard to mount that esc anyway, right theres, you have to tape it on so its all in one and it has uh it it. I talked to about a dozen people recently about their uh fusion and it was their favorite and they had no problems. They just love it. How smooth it is, how simple it is, and whatnot and im going to tell you i loved it too, and i put a i put a review here on it. I beat i tried to make it overheat. On my trx4 defender, i dragged the brick around. I think for like 5 10 minutes, i just wouldnt go and i loved it, but it didnt have enough punch for me uh, you know so that was that was the one thing i was missing.

So in this version of the version two fusion pro they improved that punch and they improved a bunch of other things, so im going to tell you five reasons on why this is better than the previous one, making it the best and im gon na give you Some running video i took it out on the field and really gave this thing: the uh, the rundown. So here it is fusion pro force number one. Is they improve the size, so the size used to be 550 um in length with you know, kind of a little longer than the 550? Actually, it kind of had uh. If you include these motor tabs – because you know you could tell this – is the end of the motor thats kind of where the old motor went so it was about, i believe, seven seven millimeters longer than this one uh. They made it thicker by one millimeter, but no one cannotice that um it doesnt really matter. So this is thats a 550 homes. This is a 540 and this is a 540 homes, hobbies brushless as well. Okay. So this is a brushless motor by the way. Okay, thats, not clear. So here are the five reasons why it got better. So number one is the size decreased. It got smaller, shorter will fit in even more applications. Number two: it got more powerful, so you got more powerful in two ways: now they have a 2300 kv, so more rpms given a certain voltage and it has a more powerful esc.

It used to be 40 amps now its 60 amps. So a 50 improvement in the current that it can deliver to the motor so basically more more punch, more rpm, more good, all right number three: is they improved the current that they give the servo, so thats called the bec and used to be four amps uh? The bec now its six amps and mind you, you can also do the two voltages by the six volts or seven point four. So not only to give this your servo more voltage now youre going to give it more amps, so its a six amp bec and in my testing of all these servos, they really dont require more than six amps these days, except for a couple: crazy, hungry, servos. Okay, so thats three reasons why its better. The number fourth reason is now theres, more parameters, more configuration settings, so what they added is now they have a a bashing mode, meaning uh theres, crawler reverse, which is forward forward and reverse Music. Now theres forward brake and reverse and theres also forward and reverse without the foc technology. If you dont want that assistance that rotor control they have, you can turn that off too so another setting they have. Is they allow you to control the punch of the motor? So you can have it like. You know, super crawler or bashing mode, basically, where you can just pop a wheelie. So you can use this now on a non crawler and who doesnt want that right, Music.

Third one is: they have something called Music deceleration, so running mode, deceleration rate. So when you, when you let go of the throttle, the car decelerates, but an foc motor is very controlled on how it accelerates. If you just want it to freewheel and break loose kind of like youre, you know maybe youre drifting or something. You could turn that off, um, so very powerful and then – and i believe, theres another one. So there used to be nine parameters now, theres 13. So why not huh just remember that it doesnt have bluetooth. So you have to do the program card which you get on all your hobbywing devices, uh motors anyway, so thats what you do – and i would say the number five reason how it is better from the previous one is the lower the price. So it used to be 156 156 now its 149. You know that might not seem like a lot, but with all these improvements and all the supply chain, um inflation issues im just shocked that someone can lower the price of a product thats way better uh than the the the outgoing one. Okay. So without further ado, uh im gon na run it to you for you in the table and then i am gon na show you the running video, but man. This is mind blowing i need like i need like five of these motors, so here it is its on. Has a nice switch, and this is just a just just an actual.

The new low cost axle the cx 103 uh, just the cheap transmitter and look at the kind of control and modulation im able to achieve its so quiet, theres, no noise whatsoever in the transition from crawling. This is unbelievable. How smooth this thing is so much what you call a resolution Music. So you see how how the salaries, how it slows down thats, configurable and theres punch control as well im going to punch it its not violent, but im sure you could change that. So you not only have a crawler motor, but you have a great trail motor and maybe a little bashing motor right, so its not instant its just so smooth. How can you go wrong? Huh, 149? Okay, so it did appear on amain for for a short little bit, it sold out within an hour. So what i would recommend to you guys is click on my link in the description ill, have a channel out and just back orders this baby um. When this video comes out and when people discover the improvements on this motor, just make sure you get the pro fusion pro, not the fusion, because fusion is still gon na sell and its uh its the old version. So just back order. The thing put your money down its refundable anyway, cancelable, if it, if its taking too long but hobbywing tells me theyre gon na have a bunch of these coming out, so hats off to the best motor company around and thats your best.

But you know the one of the most versatile motor companies around and their new product the hobby infusion pro thanks a ton all right. How about a little test ride with the fusion right here is the climb. You could see how easy it is to control and right as it got over the top it doesnt run away thats. What fusion does is it just? It just holds the motor to whatever speed you have it out and right here right. There thats drag break for you that can hold it until youre ready and then you just punch it. So you need power to get it out of that very steep hill. Here we do a little technical climb. This is more clearly a function of the the vehicle and and dragging but shows you that with modulation, the machine can just hold this position right here, thats thats, why you need a little wheel, speed where brushless helps when youre trying to find traction. You just gun it just just to get the tires to expand a little bit and and bite, and here look at that torque required to do that. Move im one handing it so not ideal driving here. You really need to punch it, since i dont have the clearance and heres another test of the braking. This is why braking and modulation is important. Is the vehicle doesnt run away from you right? There dont have the clearance, but uh do a little wheel, speed action.

Steering action and get the vehicle to move and right there again, control and this cool trick, theres no way to get out, so i just im just gon na have to done it and the brushes motor can accelerate so good. So this is what the fusion lacked before was that punch – and this is just a single speed on three cell and look at it raleigh a little bit of fun huh, but this kind of power comes in handy too, when youre in the gym. So there you go hobby wing fusion pro like the video comment and check the link.