This is the latest improvement that i have brought to my rig. I absolutely love it. I have decked the death. This is most definitely the most tricked out trx4 that you’re ever going to see in the world i improved let’s, say the design of one of the gearboxes that i found on the market. So now it contains actual automotive atf oil. It has a micro pump, circulating the oil and it also cools the motor at the same time and and almost forgot, it has a super scale, 2020 suspension system welcome to my channel. So if you guys are new to the channel welcome, you are definitely going to find yourself at home. If you are into rc crawling and the trx4 specifically um, you are also going to find some classic car reviews and test drives and some how to mechanically oriented videos. So welcome. Welcome so here’s the quick run, fusion brushless system banana is for scale. I don’t usually do unboxing videos. There are dozens of these out there um, i personally find them boring. So you know, if you want to see what’s in the box, either buy the thing or just you know, go watch some some unboxing videos. There is an interesting feature feature that i’ve found here is the anti counterfeit code uh system, which allows you to verify that you do have a genuine system, which is definitely something that you want to avoid. The cheap knock offs, a great thing to have, as well as the programming card which comes with the kit, allows you to set all the relevant parameters to your needs now again: here’s the system banana for scale and some crispy sexy close up shots Music, oh yeah, Now, for those of you who care the system, weighs roughly 200 grams and definitely aids in getting the weight distribution, uh centered in one place now this system claims to be um to be waterproof.

Now i do have some doubts regarding the button right here. I might be wrong, though i do love the way it sounds when you press it, though ain’t that something so as i said, this is most definitely the most decked out traxxas 2×4 that you’re ever going to see in the world um. This is a demonstration of the cooling system that uh that i’m busy uh testing it’s still at the stages of prototyping. It has a micro pump right there pushing the oil through the gearbox and the motor cooling system. Now i am busy designing a radiator to fit at the front as well, which we’ll see the light of day. Sometime soon, i don’t know i’m very busy with my main business. So you know all this kind of stuff um is is definitely after hours. So, to speak, i’m gon na take this opportunity to salute my patrons, who are definitely making all of this possible. So while you install this system, it’s, definitely a good time to give your rig a good, clean now to aid in lowering the gearing as much as possible, i reduced the size of the motor pinion. I put a 10 tooth instead of the 12 13 stock fitment. It has a quick tip when you’re using the extension cable, which is included in the kit. I’Ll put some heating tube over the connection, and, while the heat shrink is still hot, just pinch it with some tweezers and that definitely helps to seal it off now, as you have to feed the the wire through the receiver box, instead of just chucking it in There and and prodding the plug on top.

You just cut a slit in the in the rubber, bung and that’s it Music and then just feed the cable. Through there there we go nice and watertight. You can add a bit of grease there if you, like Music, it’s, a better alternative than some other things that i’ve seen in other people’s videos, so i don’t know hope this helps i’m. All about helping. You know once the motor is fitted just proceed to calibrating and testing the motor as uh described in the instructions and then button everything up and go for a test drive Music. This is nuts Music. The drag break is insane now i will be doing a specific video about the super scale. 2020 suspension system. If you all guys, are interested just. Let me know in the comments Music, i will also bring an update about the gearbox prototype, which is in its second version right now, um, and it has had huge interest so um that’s, coming along soon: Music, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music. Now is this system, something that you guys should buy um. First of all, to make things clear. This is not promoted content. I paid to buy this system with my own money, so my views are my own. They are completely unbiased. I don’t have any sponsors or anything so um. You know this. This is just me uh, making video uh, hopefully um, which might help you decide if the system is good for you or not.

I think the fact that it combines the esc and the motor in one place is absolutely fantastic if you worry about or if you care more like about weight distribution, this is definitely a top notch solution. The other fact is that this system is brushless, so you do have a huge amount of accuracy not only on accelerating, but also with the drag break which outperforms by far the original system. As long as your slipper clutch is properly adjusted there’s. A lot of misunderstanding about that, if you need some more information, let me know in the comments otherwise uh yeah this system really is i find it fantastic. I really find it great. I’M. I’M. Happy that i bought it. It is an expensive, optional extra, but if you’re in the market for a new motor and you’re definitely into crawling over bashing, then this system is the one to choose. I think that the 1800 kv system will probably keep that compromise of having really high gears and low gears. Now. This definitely makes it slow as hell. This thing is dead, slow with a 1200 kv system, and on top of that, i modified the gearing in between the motor and the gearbox to lower it uh that much more so this uh definitely crawls now it’s a true crawler, the the original system it had, Which worked brilliantly well was a bit of a compromise in between uh. You know having the high range to be able to to bash around or or dash around, as it were, go from one crawling area to the other, a little quicker and the low gear to enable you to crawl over obstacles.

So, to put things into perspective right now, when you’re in high range – and you hammer it down, it’s a bit as if you were in low range with the original fitment it’s, a trade off it’s, a trade off but i’m perfectly happy with it. Because i really love the crawling ability that this thing has right out the box or although right now it is far from the state that it was in when i took it out of the box. If you’ve been watching my channel for some time, you will understand why obviously that’s it from me for now. I hope that you found this video interesting. If you learned a thing or two, then then you know drop a like and get that video out there share it with the world. Please do um, it does help in getting this content discovered and getting this channel off the ground. Now i really must thank as well my patrons who are making this possible, so thank you all so much for watching.