Now this does retail around 29 pounds 99 pence thats around 41 in us dallas, but with a lot of cheap drones flying around on the market, advertise has been good for beginners. Is this one? Actually any good well lets check it out and lets go inside the box. First of all, everything comes very well packaged and protected. On the top layer we have the hs 450 mini drone itself, which does come in a very bright and yet striking, yellow and black color tone. Ah, okay, so it looks like weve got a battery already inserted within the drone, so thats. Basically, three in total weve got three 3.7 volts 300 milliamp power. Batteries included one inserted and two that are spare thats very refreshing to see, i must say, most drones, ive owned in the past only come with one. They are easily took out, replaced and are charged via that micro, usb port to the side of the battery now does it have any power lets, go ahead and press the power button underneath yep, okay, so its got some power and weve got some led flashing lights. Now, as far as i know, guys, the blue light equals the front of the drone and the red light equals. The back lets place the 450 drone aside, just for now and accessory wise well, we have been supplied with four cushioned sticky back pads. If you want to, you can insert them onto the bottom of the propeller motors for extra protection.

We do have four spare propellers too, although the propellers on the drone itself well, they are pretty well protected. Nonetheless, its really good to see that we do have spares and were also giving a handy little screwdriver and a propeller removal tool. Basically everything you need to maintain this drone as well as not one but two micro usb charge cables. And lastly, we do get a very detailed instruction manual which, by the way, i would highly advise that you have a bit of patience just to take some of the controls on board and yep. We do have included that transmitter. Now. I have gone ahead and ive recharged. All of the batteries off camera lets turn that drone back on press the power button on the control unit and were gon na simply move the joysticks up and down and thats. It were ready to roll now ill quickly. Go through some of the simple controls and some of the features. First, the batteries within this controller theyre not included, and you will in fact have to supply your own aaa batteries and well. The features are as follows: okay, first, well, youve got an auto flight mode which will simply take off to an average height. You have your usual height and directional controls to the left and right. The drone does tend to descend quite gradually lets see if we can get it to a good height and while moving the drone around okay does drift off now and again, but we cant indeed activate that calibration by long pressing the collaboration button.

Now, if we simply tap that collaboration button, it will take the drone into headless mode. It is a full free to roam mode, which is great for those open spaces, but im afraid it doesnt have the added aid of the obstacle avoidance feature which, by the way, is switched on by long pressing, that front left trigger button. Now, with that feature, it is certainly a welcomed option when wanting to use that 450 drone indoors or by younger people, for example, when that drone does go close to a wall or a garden fence at regular speed, it should move away software bounce right off the Wall and move away from it in the opposite direction. Well, basically, most of the time anyway. Now, if you short press that right trigger button to the front, you can toggle between two speed settings and while at a good height, if you want to do some fantastic stunts, then simply short press that same trigger button, wait for the beeps and quickly move the Right joystick, which will flip that bone upside down real, quick, making sure that the drone is, however, flying at a relatively good height first. In addition, if you long press that same trigger button, it will also fly in a circle too now hand gesture mode. We did find a bit confusing at first again, look to the instructions, and you will simply know how to activate it. Now, with this holy stone, 450 powered off were simply going to turn it back on place.

The drone flats, within our hand, were going to wait for those red and blue lights to stop flashing and were going to throw it up in the air, because this 450 drone has those obstacle avoidance sensors. It will now be upon you to basically use your hands to control the drone control its initial movements and, as you can see, it will automatically slowly descend. That is corrected by putting my hand underneath the drone. It should raise right up a bit. Yep lets go ahead and get it higher and lets move it about a bit again. This throne, within that hand gesture mode. It should move away from most obstacles when in this mode and if you want to take it up to the next level. But why not throw the drone within the air quickly place both hands direct in front of the red and blue lights and quickly take them away and move your hand underneath and yes, it will begin to spin and can even make it do a 360 flip. Just like this again dont worry, if you dont quite get the hang of those hand, gesture controls right away. We have in fact been messing around with this drone off camera for around about 40 to 45 minutes weve just about got used to them, and if the drone does fall to the floor now and again well, you can simply turn that motor off by flipping the Drone upside down within your hand, so, basically its got an added security.

If the drone does fly upside down dropped to the floor, those motors will turn off. Overall. I really liked controlling and messing around with this holly stone. Hs 450 drone. It is very nimble and quite durable. In fact, we were really shocked at how swift it was for such a small unit, its not bad to control once you get used to it. Although we did get mixed up now in a game with the red and blue lights, which is the front of which is the back, but to be totally honest, i was expecting another type of cheap drone that you basically get towards christmas time. For your kids, i mean ive been quite guilty of that in the past, but you know what i think most kids would love this. I think the fact that you get three batteries included. You can indeed have continuous fun, and i think it would be a really good product to have, especially in the rub to christmas. Youve got everything you need to have fun on the go and not having to worry about that single battery that you basically usually get with other bones and in addition, with the gas to our usage time when flying is drawn around our garden or home. On each occasion, we did average around 6 minutes for 6 minutes 30 seconds, which is pretty good for a small little fast flying unit. Now, with regards to rating this product, today, im not going to quite give it a 10 out of 10.

im gon na drop. It down one im gon na, give it a nine out of ten but its still a fantastic product, and if you want to check out for yourselves, please know that im not affiliated in any type of way, youre free to check that link out. I will supply it in the video description down below, but, most importantly, while youre in that video description, why not smash a like on this video id, pretty much appreciate it, and even more so, please subscribe to this channel. Please support us in any way by hitting that bell notification option. So, yes, you can stay updated on all our new uploads. Now this has been a fun week: testing out a few other remote control, toys stay tuned for them and, as usual guys.