Oh – and this is what we’re looking at so we’ll, get it out of there after pulling that out of the box. This is what we’re greeted with for you, 1800 milliamp and, of course it has the dean’s connector on there. Oh that’s, that doesn’t look good um. You can see that flex on the wheel there and it’s not it’s, not round so, and it feels like if there is foam in there. I cannot feel it like it feels like junk now. This will feels different, so i don’t know what’s going on here. This wheel feels fine, but in comparison like this feels like there’s foam in it like a good amount, maybe a little on this wheel. This will feels comparable to this one um, but this feels completely empty and you can see that you can see that indention that’s horrible let’s take off these clips, see what we’re looking at so yeah we’ve got. A pretty big motor in here got that esc looks like 45 amps yeah battery already in there. So i’ll i’ll have to put this on charge. Uh it doesn’t. I mean i felt worse, pre wired leds. I do like that. The that that’s all metal and they they appear to be very uh, pretty substantial, pretty thick the drive shaft is angular in there. It looks really nice, of course, that metal skid plate. The arms, of course, are plastic, see what this card said with it all right.

Please read: okay: cautions of battery got the product manual. What else we have in here we’ve got the spoiler. Ah, cool we’ve got the metal wrench, some extra clips, a wheel, nut that’s, pretty cool one charger and a screwdriver it’s, pretty cool to get all of the little extras in there and, of course, the remote steering trim. So just some basic basin basic stuff, the wheel. Uh it’ll require three double a batteries. I had seen some other people that did some unboxing videos say that you know they were theirs came with a card. That said, you could get like a 30 or 40 gift card through amazon by writing a review. Unfortunately, mine did not come with that. That does suck, but i still wanted the car. So if you order this car, you potentially will not receive any sort of additional discount all right i’m going to get these batteries on charge. Once they’re charged up i’ll go ahead and do a speed run got the gps meter on its very first run, will be a speed test. Do you have to say, with this controller it’s made out of cheap plastic but uh? It is very ergonomic, very lightweight and that foam rubber wheel doesn’t have a lot of uh travel. The speed switch speed throttle is all the way up on the control maiden voyage right out of the box, see what we’ve got still veering Music all right, let’s see what we’ve got all right, so the max 16.

2 miles an hour right out of the box Music It’S, a lot of fun: Music, okay, Music, all right so it’s gotten pretty slow. Just now, all right who knows maybe it’s this big stick here right: the battery’s going i’m still mad about this wheel. God look at that sucks. These tiny little clips that come with this uh normally under most conditions, it wouldn’t, be a big deal again: it’s uh, just above freezing right now, yeah it’s a it’s a nuisance. Fortunately, i charged up a second battery. I went ahead and added the spoiler because some of you all would want to see the spoiler on there we’re going to check the range so really good range. So far, Music it’s, not really digging through the grass. How i would hope car like this, the 540 motor let’s, see how it uh handles this hill. This travels Music, uh Music. It goes through grass, fine, it goes through terrain, it does some jump. It seems to be relatively well built couple problems, of course, that i’m not really a big fan of all right. As you can see, it took a beating got mud all over it. There’S, a little rock in there uh, but it held up, did good so we’re gon na tear this thing open a little bit and uh take a deeper look into this guy all right, so you have the 12 millimeter hex nuts. You can replace those with metal for better performance.

You can see the pin on the other side here you have an extra port for some leds. You’Ve got the plastic shocks, i open them up and there is no oil, so that’s. The second shot, no oil. The third shock, uh no oil and all actually had a different gasket – that white one and on the fourth one there’s some oil there. But i would never put anything that thick in there opening up to the motor. You can see a metal pinion and you can see a plastic spur gear all right. The the out, the outside of the diff, is lightly greased very little at all, and this is the rear div and you cannotice that there’s nothing in there, a dif that dry will will wear out very soon. The front diff is no is not greased at all. On the outside and it’s not greased on the inside, of course, we’ve got some wheel, bearings there. So in review the positives, um looks kind of cool. You get two batteries: uh 1800 milliamp. You get a metal wrench extra clips extra little nuts and stuff. You know: you’ve got a 540 motor but it’s really no faster than some of the 380 setup tested in some of the other trucks. You’Ve got oil filled shocks, but you know they’re, not oil filled they’re plastic, um they’ll do the job. You know it’s very inconsistent. Manufacturing i like the that the catch halves and the drive shafts they were all metal spur gear is plastic.

Obviously a negative. You know: pinion gear is metal, so mostly metal gears throughout so that’s good, but very little greasing that’s. The difference between keeping a car going for weeks to months instead of years, if you buy this car, if you get this car as a gift, great it’s, not a bad little car, you know again, it’s not bad, but you’re. Gon na have to do some work on it, just kind of be prepared to do that, or else you know, it’s not it’s, not gon na last, very long for you the will manufacturing. It was very inconsistent. You know it’s nice to see a metal skid plate on these things. It’S nice to see metal, drive, shafts it’s nice to see some of the components that they’re putting in these chinese companies are putting into these trucks, but there’s still a long way to go. They’Re still cheap chinese trucks, if you were, if you were limited on funds – and you just wanted the best car that you could get for the money um for around 100 bucks or less that will bash and still fast, and all of that this is not it. This isn’t bad, but this isn’t it get a bezgar, 6. it’s, a 1 16 scale, so somewhat smaller um, but it will do everything that this truck does and more you’ll, be so much more pleasantly surprised with the um bescar six. Now there are some other trucks that i’m going to be trying that may out do that besguard six, but as of right now for the money that’s, the best truck that i can actually recommend.

There are too many inconsistencies to make this something that i would make that i would call this my number one choice so that’s it that’s.