THE CANNON FIRES!! What a crazy build project this is.. The boys and I continue to work at this mammoth (see what I did there) build and the machine is a true work of art. Krazy Joe, his son Trent, Rookie and I continue to work out the bugs and set up the electronics the correct way. The hunt continues for the perfect software setup.. WE WILL GET THERE!! We are missing one of the books that was critical to our success – the audio setup instructions. This was a part of our programming fail today. But, regardless.. we have figured out its called a Benedini Sound Module.. and we are on the hunt to restore our volume to the speakers. Somehow.. we turned the internal volume all the way down.. and the external knob does not adjust this. These are the types of mysteries that make a kit build both frustrating.. and FUN!! Who doesn't love a little troubleshooting from time to time?! It makes me use my brain 🙂

I sourced this amazing kit at

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FULL HISTORY of this WW2 Model:

I am not replicating a WW2 model. It is 2018/2019 – and we are building an Ferdinand Elefant Tank Destroyer, with our own twist. We are amazed with the current model, and really are enjoying putting this together as a group. I sourced this MAMMOTH Build from in England! This entire kit was just over $10,000 – and has been an EXCELLENT 10 year project for us! We are celebrating making our show RC ADVENTURES on YouTube for the last decade, and wanted an extemporary project to commemorate this achievement.

The Radio I am using is a Flysky Paladin (PL18) – at the time of this filming it is Flyskys latest Dual Stick radio to hit the market. Touch screen, and nicely weighted – this radio is the right fit for me on this project.

I did choose to get all of the options, to make this Project build tank kit all it can be! This is my 10 year celebration, of being on YouTube. For more than a decade I have created RC ADVENTURES for the world to see. More than 1.2 Billion views later.. we wanted to do a giant project together.. something that is truly astounding for us, and the viewers. This ARMORTEK TANK was the largest kit we could source.

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