This is the Music hyundai Music. Honda first displayed the urban ev concept in 2017 and two years later, at the frankfurt motor show the production version of the honda e debuted. The concept was a three door with huge wheels and flared fenders it communicated with the user through a graphic display between the headlights, where the grille would normally be it featured suicide doors and two benches going across the front and the rear of the car. The production version had to be toned down a bit and a rear pair of doors was added for some real life usability. However, as far as i’m concerned, this is still a great modern homage to the early generations of the honda civic. In fact, the honda e may look small, but it is the size of the third generation civic, if you don’t have a brain littered with car dimensions like many car journalists do here are the dimensions: it’s almost ‘0 centimeters long, 175 centimeters wide and the wheelbase is 253 centimeters cars, like the citroen c3 opel corsa and the renault zoe are longer than the honda e, but the honda is wider. The honda also has longer wheelbase than skoda fabia, and it is about the size of the current generation to origaris and honda e is actually bigger than the suzuki swift gone is the concept display between the headlights, but the car still has a friendly face with round Led headlights doing a welcome spin on the ring.

Are they running lights and indicators, while the center is the main beam? These are full led headlights, also, the rear lights are led and they are round, unlike the squarish ones, in the concept from the side, the floating roofline remained, but the wheels are clearly smaller than in the concept. The 17 inch wheels on this test. Car are optional. 16 inch wheels are standard carried over from the concept, are the cameras instead of wing mirrors and the door handles are hidden for better aerodynamics and more annoyance. Honda boasts how modern its new ev is. It is packed full of advanced features and it is built on a dedicated platform. There is new lightweight and rigid design, and yet the competition somehow manages to offer larger cars that offer more space more range and, if not less, at least similar weight, which is about 15 1600 kilograms, and honda e is on the heavier end of the scale here. Subjectively, the honda e style is worth many sacrifices, but objectively, most evs currently on sale are just better more about that. In a moment, i’ll start with the boot. The volume is laughable. 171 liters, a smart for 2, has almost 100 liters more like in most evs. A lot of space is taken up by charging cables, which you may or may not need, depending on your lifestyle and the infrastructure where you live, but seriously. If you want to put anything substantial in here fold, the rear seats for 861 litres of cargo space.

Up to the roof, they even put two shopping bag hooks here, but they are useless unless your shopping bag is about 15 centimeters long under the floor. There is a place for the tire repair kit and a warning triangle: that’s it on the inside. The honda e looks like from a scandinavian interior design magazine. The grey upholstery is very pleasant. The seats are soft and the faux wood elements add to the ambiance in the back it’s better than one could expect, but not as good as you’d. Imagine knowing the external dimensions of the car sure you can put someone taller in the back, but rather to prove it’s possible than to keep them there for a longer commute. The headliner is concave, just above the passenger’s head, making more headroom, but you end up sitting with the legs quite high up because of the batteries hitting the floor. On the plus side, there are decent cup holders in the doors two usb ports located by the floor. As well as lighting like you’d expect to find around your favorite armchair in the front, besides, the scandinavian apparently that’s how you pronounce it there’s, also a japanese garden, spread across the entire dashboard. Now this wide display here is a direct carryover from the concept. The concept also got two displays on the doors which, in the production car are more up here next to the a pillars and they show the image from the wing mirror cameras more about these virtual mirrors.

In a moment, from a practical standpoint, i can’t complain door pockets, accommodate bottles, because why not between the seats? There is a cubby with removable dividers, so you can either store a small umbrella or put up to three drinks in there. Another cup holder, extends from the center console and in front of it are two usb 1 hdmi one 12 volt and one 230 volt sockets that’s a lot of connectivity for charging, obviously on the console next to the drive, selector are buttons for the recuperation, etc, etc. Now the glovebox is medium size, but there are physical buttons and knobs for the ac and also for some basic car functions, but the rest of settings are here on the display. The wide screen with the japanese patio panorama is as impressive as it is unnecessary. The most important functions like satnav and energy flow need: half the real estate honda promises an intelligent, personal assistant and voice commands, but in this press card those services are inactive. I also didn’t get access to the mobile app, which gives users access to car status, charging and climate control settings as well as it allows to unlock the car with nfc enabled phones or to share the car with others. The driver display, as well as the steering wheel, are similar to those in the honda jazz it’s much more intuitive than in the older honda models. Before me, i see data from the trip. Computer satnav driver assist systems, satnav directions are displayed also from apple carplay and android.

Auto, as this is an eevee we’ll have to talk about range. Honda e is available with either 136 or 154 horsepower. The latter version can be ordered either with 16 or 17 inch wheels. The wltp range on the 16 inch wheels is 222 kilometers and on 17s it’s 210. Music with 35.5 kilowatt hour batteries, it’s easy to calculate the car should use about 16 and a half kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. In order to get the claimed range. Predictably, it uses more, but it is possible to optimize. For example, if you turn off climate control, you extend your range by at least a dozen kilometers, also around the city, it’s good, to use regenerative braking with regenerative. Braking on as you lift up the accelerator, you start braking. You can fine tune the settings with one of three recuperation levels using the paddles on the steering column on long drives it’s best to coast, but in the city where you stop often region braking is the way to go. Regenerative. Braking is also very useful. In hilly terrain i’m on the kelsey circuit, where the elevation difference between the top part of the forest section and the main oval loop is 34 meters, i have about 700 meters, downhill let’s, see how much i can recoup. This section is not very steep, but even with gentle recuperation, i regained almost two kilometers range. If you live in an area where there are a lot of hills, you can regain much more on longer steeper and quicker sections.

What’S. The real life range well around the city with the region. Breaking 200 kilometers is a safe bet. However, if you need to drive from one city to another, things get a bit more complicated, it’s 193 kilometers from my house to this filming location. So, theoretically, i should be able to get here in one go, especially as there is a type 2 charger on location it’s, not a public charger. By the way, so you know you can’t use it, but anyway i didn’t have four hours to spare along the route. I don’t have much opportunity for regenerative braking. Also. I have to get back home on the same day. So, instead of wasting four hours for type 2 charging on the truck, i decided to use a dc charger to have enough juice for filming and driving back to another fast charger. This is poland, q1 2021 and between my home and here there are several fast chargers. The first one is at a gas station exactly halfway, i’d have to drive another 30 kilometers, get off the freeway and drive into town to use. One of the two other fast chargers along the way and the last fast charger is about 15 kilometers from the truck again i’d have to drive into the city. At my halfway point, my range was down to 55 kilometers fast charging takes about half an hour to 80 percent. Honda e batteries are liquid, cooled or heated depending on the weather.

This allows for more efficient and more frequent fast charging. I spent half an hour charging on not the fastest but still free charger, and i barely made it to the next one 80 kilometers away. The problem with the second leg of my journey was that it was a dual carriageway. Mostly uphill, going back was much easier. Honda e can also act as energy storage in some markets. Honda is teaming up with local energy companies to offer vehicle to grid solutions to help balance energy use in peak hours, although you’re not buying the honda e to race it. I did measure acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. The more powerful honda e should accelerate in 8.3 seconds. I got 8.15 also. I got between six and a half and seven seconds from 80 to 120 kilometers per hour. The less powerful model should do zero to 100 in about nine seconds, both have top speed limited to 145 kilometers per hour. But if you go that fast you’re not going to make it very far, how is the honda e to drive well on a track like we are today? You can feel this is a heavy car, so it’s best to avoid sudden maneuvers at high speed. However, around the city, honda e is brilliant. It’S fast of the line it’s got quick, steering it’s, very agile in traffic. Honda e is also very maneuverable. The electric motor is in the back, so with less parts under the bonnet, the engineers manage to turn the wheels more turning radius is just 4.

3 meters and in order to avoid turning the steering wheel like in an off roader honda uses variable gear ratio. Steering there is also a 360 camera which helps maneuvering now, let’s think about it. This is a rear, wheel, drive car and you can turn the front wheels at a bigger angle than in a normal car. You know what this Applause means. I promise to talk about. The virtual wing mirrors implementation is good. The screens are where you’d normally glance. I don’t have a problem with eye accommodation. Also, when i turn the indicator on lines appear, which help me judge distance from another car in another lane. However, from an everyday perspective, i would probably like to have the screens mounted even higher a few days ago, i was in traffic and i didn’t let another driver merge by mistake, because you know i had my elbow here as you do in traffic, and i just Didn’T see them if the mirror was out there, i would have seen them anyway. I haven’t driven the lexus es with the optional virtual mirrors, but from what i saw in press materials, the screens are mounted higher, even though they sort of look like an afterthought, but they would probably solve my elbow problem Music at night. There is a lot of grain on the screens, but this is not your flat screen. 4K tv. Also the rear view mirror can be set to display a feed from the camera it’s useful.

When you have tall passengers in the back, but in everyday driving. I prefer a regular mirror. Honda e seems to be over equipped for a city car things like adaptive, cruise control or active lane, keeping assist sound like an overkill. On the other hand, with 200 kilometers range. Realistically, you could drive this car for about 100 kilometers every day and do most of this on the motorway. Honda e also has something called the collision mitigation throttle control which prevents sudden acceleration upon start when there is an obstacle in front or in the back of the car. There is also the lead car departure notification system when you doze off at the lights traffic sign recognition, automatic headlights all this costs, a pretty penny prices start around thirty, four thousand euro for the less powerful model, and this test car costs about thirty, nine thousand. If you are looking for something outlandish, but somewhat more practical, the mazda mx 30 starts below 33 000 euro. If you don’t mind cheap interior, the renault zoe offers twice the range for about the same price as the honda pedro e 208 starts at around 30 grand and its looks are a statement, and if you want to blend in a bit more, the opel corsa e Starts below thirty thousand the smart four two eq has lovable range but more boot space and is even better suited for the city and don’t forget the fiat 500e and the mini e.

If lack of rear doors is a problem, fiat offers a version with an extra door on the passenger side in the back and mini is powered by an early, bmw, i3 motor. So well. Bmw may be your alternative Music with competition. Like this, the only thing i can say about the honda e is beautifully designed full of new tech and dead on arrival. And how do you like the honda e, let me know in the comment section below, if you like, my sarcastic down to earth and possibly mildly amusing car reviews join me every friday, 3 p.m.