There was nothing when i was waiting for you, oh, but screw that, because this is not the weather channel. First of all, subscribers viewers, thanks for the support for visiting our channel, for all your comments for the subscriptions and for sharing spreading the passion for the rc planes from this channel to the rest of the world. You can’t find better hobbies than flying rc planes and that’s it captain blush today. This is enough. I won’t say nothing anymore. I will go to the business right now, yeah, because what’s the point of today’s filming about to tell you the truth: hey, i need the receiver from this planet. So that’s, yes, and the second thing is that we were annoying about the sound that it was making. The last time, of course, uh uh, the beautiful is sexy cuckoo cessna 1.4 meter wingspan that runs on free cell, the cessna 188. I think the csa 182 182 with this. Yes, no yeah that’s written on your monitor, yeah, the cessna 182 that comes with flaps, beautiful lights and everything, hey can’t, you even read her. What is this now? The point is now what i have done since the last time. Well, i have reinforced the landing gear. A little the back of the landing gear, i have cut it out here the foam and put it inside the plywood. So now, in fact, this screws and glued the plywood in this screws here they didn’t hold nothing on the original one.

But now they go through to the plywood, and now i have really good landing gear and, of course, what was that crazy, sound on the first video? It was in fact the prop not balance day. Now i didn’t, i will screw with that prop later for this flight. I have just put it on the master air screw free, blade prop and that’s it, and this one even looks yes a little more scale to the size, because that one was really big. So this is it enough captain bigger than this yeah. What was it bigger than this yeah? I think it is a little bigger than this will captain be? Will this be enough yeah, but let’s hope it yeah. We will see that’s why we don’t have nothing else, but this one that’s why we are here today to to check yeah, but no from which plane, in fact, the csa, which one this prop is from. I have borrowed it from how we check the roads, the elevator and the rudder and that’s it now, of course, the flaps. I have slowed them down now, of course, my friends, i won’t text you nothing because we have the the wheel pants on and the one. Maybe one one uh i didn’t tell to the end: what did you borrow the propeller from aha from the albatrosse from the albatros plane and the one weak thing on this plane? I think it is the front landing gear.

If you will not land sexy, you can break it or not break it, but but banned it a little, because you can see it right now, but that was just from the food that is fixable eh i have landed in ziho lay yes. I just wonder. Good luck from shintiane yeah i have the wind here i can. I can feel it in my right ear that it’s coming from tierney. Is this a tail dragger it’s almost like the tail dragon hey? What is this yeah? It is like it is because this runway is pretty ruined. Yes, i mean this is unbelievable. You were saying hey. Can you imagine that on this channel we had we have a good runway. Can you imagine the windows then, and we’re struggling here in this whole same okay, screw that the monster is? Who can do something from this? Yes, so this is it good luck? The flight review with the hook is cessna 182a, with the new prop and let’s hope for something gay. I will not even put the flaps no, because i can feel that i have the wind from here today. It looks like it’s already in the v1a. You just rotate and that’s it i’m. Already taking off my friend, say what’s this on the truck. I just hope that this prop will work, but i think it’s good enough. Yes, i put in the battery correct position. Yes, captain washer, so this one was above you.

Yes, as you like to do it next, one will be more sexier. Captain blush and the position of the battery is is okay, perfect day. Look at this in the morning sunday huh, yes, it does. There is no one. There is no strange noises today. On the other side, this section looks pretty good in the air. Look at this huh yeah it’s, very scale, huh captain blushay, yes, now of course the the most beautiful it does fly from that side now in the winter. Ah, perfect. Now, of course, captain russia will be going to back. I will go with the wind and i will try to do one loop, yo, yeah, but i’m, not sure about the batteries. This is tight enough. Are you ready? Yes, full speed? One loop that’s enough because the battery is not so good secured, so i won’t screw too much. But if you will buy this plane, you can screw how much you love. Yes, of course, it does turn much much sexier with the rudder Music and this prophet big enough, eh big enough eh that’s what she said a little faster. I won’t just fly all the time. Like a pensionist. Look at this a huh. Look, you screwed me! I wanted to turn the other direction eh. I almost lost it: hey you’re, naughty boy, hey, but this really eight fly’s. So good. My friends i mean this is unbelievable, but of course with this plane you can fly fast, but the point is the point is to fly slow and sexy, so you can really see the plane gote in all its glory.

Look. It really looks like a real one. Huh, yes, with the sunshine, when you zoom it like this, it looks like a real one. I think that the transmitter will soon say one minute, yeah. Of course it really one minute that’s it i will go back. I will come once more from the other side and then, of course i will you will now land that’s it. I will go now for the landing i’ll be going 30 seconds. I will go little back and of course i will do you even need them in this wind. I will use them a little Applause. Just i’ll just use the the take off flaps, which will work great because we don’t have the wind. But do you see how the wind is tossing it? Yes and the wind is pretty strong? Yes, it’s not bad day. No, because i was struggling a little it. The wind wanted to take the plane away, yeah well doing this throughout, but this is unbelievable, of course, and i was almost exactly to the time of the five minutes, it’s pretty good start of the day. All right this is not bad day. I just hope that the wind will start will. We will check the battery i don’t need, though sixty percent i for you if, after five minutes of flying, if i’m right, i did have fifty percent of the fifty or sixty fifty percent was left. So i have left it myself this the five minutes, but of course i will just put it here.

We can still have the power on so we can see some lights. Do you see something or you don’t see nothing the lights? I don’t see lights yeah, but then then you can unplug it put the flaps up, put the flaps up. Where are the flaps this knob here here? No, no up the biggest one that one forward like this and just put the battery out of me. My friends, this is unbelievable. I really had fun with the sa, and now we have something even the pre connector. What take the pre connector out? Uh huh, you have it yes, so this is it like this? A few words at the end, my friends, i mean look at the essay now i can give the real assessment of this. Yes now, like i have said, set yourself to five minutes and check it later uh. What kept the block put it down? Why i can’t see the detail, the tail? No, i was just grabbing it, so we can like this. I can say a few words, but i can also put it like this now. This was the second flight. There were no surprises here, like on the first one. The plane flies really really good it’s amazing. It does need some rather in deterrence to turn sexy and that’s it, and you have seen that in beautiful and sexy morning, sun, when the sun shines through the over the plain. It really looks like a real one and it’s really a joy to fly, because captain blush thought that in the past that this planes are hard to fly, we did have one before well.

I had a bad experience. Yeah we had one on the night or engine one, but that one before filming, i think yeah before we have filmed and that one was really heavy to fly. I mean really really, but this one because it’s so light and the 3s power, and this prop hey it works perfectly. Yes, i know i can really. I can really recommend this plane a. I can recommend the day you will have the link below you will have the code for the discount who complain. We have said that we will try a few who can this is some new brand uh. We will try a few planes and i can tell you that for the money a dicks looks pretty sexy. Now, of course, you must be able to i don’t know. Maybe i was just my luck to have the the balanced prop, but if you have at home the balancer, it will not be the problem to to to balance it quickly and you will have really really one sexy plane, a really one sexy scale plane and again. I will give the assessment of this. I will give it the same as the first time. I will give it 8.75. Where did you find that eh yeah between eight and a half and nine, because i have taken those points to nine and a half which usually i give to the planes? Just because of this prop which which i wasn’t able to use out of the box? The the little soft front landing gear, of course, if you will land good, my friends, you will not band it.

Well, it’s, not so bent yeah it’s, not so bad. It is bad the same as it was the first time. So if you will, with the flaps sexy, maybe first on the back wheels, you won’t bend it, especially if you have some asphalt or something, but hey they’re, really good for the money. So this is it captain blush enough for today of this plane, uh robert, the captain blast signing off from three of the beautiful sexy flight review of the hook and cessna 1.4 meter, wingspan beautiful and sexy scale plane that runs on freecell, with the relay with the Landing lights and, of course, with the working flaps, even the even the the light here on the tip. Now this is amazing: yes, really really sexy. So this is it enough? Yes, the captain must get quick, because if the wind will stop, we have another crazy plane to film, but maybe it will even love the wind. Who cares we will see, but if we, if it will not fly, we will film it the next time we will have the widow in the wind trying to do something in the winter, so they said, viewers love you all, of course, thanks for all the support And just expect more pretty soon the summer will come the spring and we will have more beautiful weather and then it will be less unboxings and more flying. Yeah let’s go because at the end captain blush we will stop unboxing and we will just fly because we have so many planes yeah, but the weather wasn’t allowed.

I mean you were sorry. We are unboxing at that times when captain blush, maybe doesn’t have time or when we have the shitty weather, because we still want to give you something on our channel. But the point at the end is not in this. The point is that we are having the ultimate fun. While you still can so click on something today and have fun already don’t. Wait. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Yes, that’s right, i don’t think that do you know captain blush, maybe yes yeah. I don’t think you have barbecue tomorrow, yeah let’s go or we get the meat today, so let’s hope that we will have the barbecue for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow.