Our grandson will be here in a minute we’re, going to turn him loose on that dirt hill it’s 10 12 feet tall. I want to mention that uh everything on that low or uh yeah, the low seat dbx le, is all stock haven’t done any modifications to it. We’Re going to get the floor out we’re going to get some heat readings off the gear boxes, transmission, esc motor you’ll, find at the end of this video. If you watch it you’ll see the motor gets pretty hot. You might want to decide if you want to purchase a fan i’m personally going to buy one. It is ready to run vehicle. You don’t have to put a fan on it right off the bat that’s. Just my personal preference, you guys decide what you want to do with your vehicle and let’s go down there and have some fun: Applause, Applause, uh, Applause, Applause, uh Applause; oh Applause, Applause, ah Applause, uh, Applause, Applause, uh, Music; oh thank you; Applause, uh, Applause, foreign, Music. All right, that’s, good Music. So if i go down Music, do that one more time: Music, huh, Music, okay, okay, almost all right, uh, Music, so Music! Oh, oh, all, right, that’s! Good enough! We could take it back up here for the battery gets dead. I did do a couple good donuts. You did some really good ones. You have fun yeah. I did all right cool swinging, smoking controller. All right do the whole thing from the top.

All right, let’s check the matter. Okay, what’d, you say up here: 156.. Okay, good job 156 degrees, hot check, the esc. Yes, yes, esc is back yes, he’s about i, 91 90, 90 close enough. 95. Okay, 95 degrees transmission. All right. Okay, i’ll! Try to change this! Oh yeah, transmission’s, hot let’s, just say: 126 132. That transmission is hot. What does that trigger? Do it takes a picture we don’t want to take a picture of it check the battery. I already took some batteries. You check them i’m. Recording it hold it up where i can see it. What’S the numbers battery’s, not hot it’s, about 60, 60., 80 degrees or so 80 degrees cool. All right, oh let’s, check this one there’s two batteries in it yep hope you guys enjoyed watching this video hope you guys had a as much fun watching as we had making it uh it’s, always fun with my grandson. He always gets excited. He always has a blast on with the rc cars um. Like i said we go to. We get to go down to that hill. Quite a bit, landlord’s, pretty cool, appreciate that landlord landowner, he’s pretty cool uh i’ve had a couple comments about the pond. People want to come over and go fishing, unfortunately, people it’s, not mine. So even if you do get to come over here, i can’t. Let you go fishing in the pond. Uh he’s nice enough to let me go down here and play in the field and play on a dirt hill, but i’m not allowed to play in the water.

If i was allowed to play in the water, i’d have rc boats on top of the rc car. It is what it is i’m, not complaining. I’M grateful. I got good neighbors good neighborhood, you can see the houses are all pretty close. The dirt track kicks up a lot of dust. It always seems to blow up this way towards the neighbor’s car i’m, constantly giving him money to go, get his car washed. We try to keep the track dusted off, but it is what it is. You don’t complain so grateful so hey hit click. The notification bell hit the like button, give me a thumbs up on it. Leave comments. We’Ll, always answer all the comments. If you have any questions about the dbxle i’ll answer them the best i can, if i don’t know, i’ll tell you i don’t know uh. If it’s something i can find an answer out for you i’ll do that uh. You can always send me an email. If you go to my channel main page, the email is listed in there it’s ellen williamsbackyardrc gmail.com. I try to respond to all the emails, so don’t forget to check out the descriptions down below and see if there’s anything there you guys might want to purchase that always helps the channel out a little bit extra spend the money. It’S always grateful.