Today we are looking at the wholesome. This is the 28 45. This is a brushless four wheel, drive 16th scale. All wheel drive monster truck. We are going to be looking at unboxing doing some driving doing a review of this. So if you’re interested in getting this, you know what you’re looking at welcome everyone. My name is troy. This is roadside rc on this channel you’ll see a bunch of the bashing crawling drifting racing, even some fpv drone stuff and a bunch of unboxing videos and product reviews. Today, this is the 16th scale wholesome now, if you follow the channel you’ll see that we recently did a review of the wholesome two nine nine five. It was a 12 scale, truck brushed, but four wheel drive and really the thing was rather fun, especially for what it was uh. You also know that we do a bunch of high boxing we’ve done a bunch of high boxing 18th scale 16th scale. So when i saw this truck and it was brushless – and it was four wheel – drive with metal drive shafts and it was that 16th scale, it peaked my interest. This thing might be worth checking out, so i picked it up. Let’S, look at it, Music, here’s! All of what you have in the box, so obviously the truck itself, looking rather nice. Actually, i kind of like this scheme on here. If you can’t tell yet it’s actually a clear body with graphics on it, like you can actually see through that check that out um, you know: it’s it’s, a bold move, it’s one that not a lot of manufacturers take, but enough graphics on there to really give You the idea, but yet you can also see through it.

Some which is kind of fun. Hosum, does provide a lipo safe bag, just like they did with the two 995. I love that that’s awesome, two one thousand milliamp hour, lithium ion packs so that you have plenty of time and the pretty much standard go to uh 2.4 gigahertz controller that we need to put some batteries in to get going. It comes with a charger, comes with an adapter plug where you can actually plug both batteries in, at the same time, to extend your runtime, a different style battery hold down some spare wheel. Knots looks like some spare body clips and a wheel, hex tool there. All together now underneath the body shell. This is really what gets interesting here. So again, you can see it actually provides a strap that just runs around the whole vehicle and it looks like that’s good if you’re going to be running both of those lithium batteries. Otherwise, you’re going to want to use the the provided battery hold down if you’re just going to be using one at a time it clips into here so similar ish chassis to what we’ve seen before two in one receiver and esc unit. But those three wires go into that motor, that is an official brushless motor, so we’ll have to see how much power we really get out of it. Otherwise, control arms design, look nice center, chassis ridge. When i look inside yes, i’m seeing a metal center drive, shaft metal drive shafts on all four corners, so that is very nice.

Indeed, the shocks look like some very nice units capped, but when i’m looking at them individually – and when we see here it is still just a friction shock – there is no oil. There is no rebound in that. So, just like, i did for the high boxing 16 scale, picking up a set of oil filled. Shocks for this would make this drive significantly nicer. It looks like from the factory we already have pre wired in two leds here in the front and actually a wheelie bar so i’m very curious. If we’re gon na have to put this wheelie bar to the test with the wheel off. You can see that this is not not a hex driven vehicle; it actually just has the cross pin that goes into the back of the wheel, but it actually does have metal shielded bearings in the corners, which is a very nice thing to have in a vehicle Of this size got the batteries charged up. I actually just put went ahead and put both batteries in here, it’s kind of actually just handy dandy, storage, storage and carrying. If you really want it that way, strap all the way around the vehicle um plugged it in turned this on now and so then, to turn it on. We should just be able to do that. Make some nice bloops there look. We have headlights, look all that works, let’s see we have steering and when we look at the controller it actually does have a high low speed mode.

You can reverse the steering, you can do steering trim and you can do steering dual rate. If you need that see: Music, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, oh Music, okay, it is final thoughts time with this hosum, so i’ve put two battery packs through it uh one at the park. I drove it up a tree i’ve driven it off the ramp in my backyard, we’ve done, donuts we’ve run it around on smooth surface and it’s done well right. There’S, no question about that. Overall truck is fun, i would say it has a good weight to it. Good power to it, the brushless setup that’s in it is really nicely tuned to about the size of the vehicle. I wouldn’t necessarily, i don’t know if i’d really want it more powerful than that, although very tempted to try to put a 3s in it and just see what happens but um as it sits. This is, this is it’s a pretty good vehicle comes with all the metal driveline all that stuff. I had fun with it. I mean you know. So if you’re in the market entry level 100 bucks, you got 100 bucks in your pocket and you’re looking at getting into the rc world it’s a pretty good deal that brushless setup in there it’s powerful enough man hey pulling rolling wheelies in the grass that’s, pretty Fun right and that’s good power to weight ratio. I would say you’re going to save up that 20 bucks or so and upgrade to the actual oil field, shocks by big big difference in how this thing handles, so i’ll be looking forward to that.

I might. I might pull that one out here pretty soon and go ahead and get that done to this vehicle. Um it’s, really nice – i mean the brushless setup is in there. That is good. Controllability is good, overall, very happy with this vehicle. Let me know down in the comments. What do you think is this something as a budget entry level that you’d be interested in? Is it uh something that you’d be interested in maybe doing a giveaway on the channel? You know if i did this, if i did give this away, would you be interested in it i’m not announcing it yet, but maybe right so trying to think what else i want to do. Um wheelie bar on this thing is definitely necessary. It likes to get wheelball airborne. I am very curious to take this thing to the skate park and just do a bash session with it and just true durability, test of it, because it took some pretty big jumps and some pretty nasty crashes. While i was driving it around so it might do really really good at the skate park. It might be a blast, so um anyway be on the lookout for that, and as always, i really appreciate your support. Consider subscribing liking hit all that stuff turn on those notifications down below hey, while i’m out there picking out the skatepark in the day that i can take this out to it i’d appreciate if you’d come over check out some of these other videos that i have I’Ve already produced, and we will see you in the next one.