We got the awesome 9155 on the bench here today. This one was sent to us by awesome to have a look at and share with you guys so looking at the box here guys, we got some awesome box art on here, we’re gon na flip it around this way and check out the top. Here we got some info here that we can take a look at so we’ve got a 60 amp esc electronic speed controller in there 550 motor it’s coming with it says a 1500 milliamp hour, 2 cell lithium ion battery it’s four wheel, drive, it has metal shocks And it’s got a high torque 2.2 kilogram servo on this. When we get a view of the inside, there looks pretty good looks like we’ve got quad shocks on the back here and dual on the front, that’s pretty cool anything else. We can look at here. It’S 112 scale by the way it looks like it’s, got full vehicle transmission bearings. We can see that that esc has a nice heatsink on there rubber tires and that’s about all. There is to look at on the box. Take a look there’s a little transmitter there. Familiar looking transmitter and anything else here, not really much to look at they’re, saying 60 meters range and 12 minutes run time. We’Ll be checking that out for sure, once we get it out for some uh time out there testing it. So, looking on the back here, really nothing we need to look at looks like it’s got a dean’s plug, which i do like and yeah that’s about it.

So we’re gon na get everything that’s in this box here and by the way it does come in blue. As well, i believe we have the red model here, but we’re gon na get everything that’s in the box on the bench for us take a look at and we’ll be right back all right guys. Everything that was in the box is now on the bench for us. Take a look at here. We’Ll start with the manual. We got the awesome 9155 and it’s the 9156 manual here, so pretty standard. Looking manual. Everything you need to know is in here how to operate it, how to uh charge it. Oh, we got a little something fell out of there. Let me check out what that was. I just little awesome customer care card, so everything in here that you need to know to get this thing running is in here and it’s in several languages: i’m, seeing dutch, french, italian, spanish, english, japanese it’s, all in here and at the back here guys. We have. We got our parts list there, that’s nice full parts list. I like that and schematic drawings exploded views perfect. All right, we’ll put that aside, guys hey check this out we’re, also getting a lipo bag in there storage bag charging bag very cool that’s a nice little uh little extra to get in there safely charge your batteries in the lipo bag, not a bad addition. Awesome brand there i, like that, all right we got a goody bag here, let’s dump it out, let’s see what we got all right.

Well, we got an awesome, uh strap here we might need that strap to hold the battery in we’ll, see branded awesome. Nice got a little usb charger. I don’t see the battery yet i’m, assuming the battery is in the rc so we’ll get to that momentarily, but to charge up that battery just plug this into any usb outlet, plug that into the corresponding plug on the battery and you’re good. To go all right and look at this, we got a little led action here, so we got some leds that looks like we can put in on the front end there that’s cool. I like that. Didn’T expect that to come with it nice little metal, uh wheel, nut wrench there, a little t, wrench style, that’s cool we’ve, got four extra uh. Four extra nuts there wheel, nuts and we’ve got looks like four extra body clips, so very cool. We got a good little kit there, so let’s put that aside, i’ll, throw it back in the bag in a sec, all right, transmitter, nice, looking transmitter decent size feels good in the hand you got your power button here. You got your steering trim. You have your uh. Well, it should be, i believe, would be your throttle, but it looks like it’s your steering rates, yeah i’m, pretty sure that’s your steering rates there. I thought it was a throttle rate i’ll check that out in the manual actually here and see. If it says well, it will say they always do they have good manuals here.

So that is your dual rates for your steering says in the manual and you’ve got your uh your low and your high speed right there. So that’s pretty cool check that out. You can put it down for low up for high speed and there’s your uh normal steering and reverse steering right there, so very cool and your power button, of course, cool nice foam grip on there, nice transmitter. I like that all right, let’s get the 9155 in here let’s check it out, make a little room for it. My space is a little limited. Now we’ve got some 3d printing going on right beside us here, i’m kind of keeping an eye on it. So my apologies: if the 3d printer is making a bit of noise but hey, we got to get this video done here so check this out the 9155. This thing is awesome. Looking check out the size of those tires, some big rubber tires on there, some nice. Looking mags on there like that little red accent around there very cool, looks good. We got a plastic front and rear bumper let’s. Take off the shell love. The design of this shell it’s got some awesome graphics on it, spider on top there very cool, quite heavy. Actually that weighs a bit it’s got to check out the wheel like the width of the the wheelbase there it’s pretty big. It should be nice and stable, while we’re driving. So, like i said in the opening there, we had a 550 motor in here.

So nice big brush motor in there check it out heatsink on there there’s our 550 brush got your dean’s connector right. There did say: 60 amp, psc and yeah 60 amp esc right there, esc receiver combo on this one so i’m, going to try it on 3s we’ll get our uh first test run out of the way on 2s with the included battery, which is right here by The way i believe they said it was a 1500 milliamp hour lithium ion battery, so let’s get that out of here, and we don’t need that strap by the way that came with it. Where did i put that we don’t need that awesome strap to strap in this battery? Has a nice uh retainer right there, so the battery guys yeah 1500 lithium ion 2 cell battery 15c discharge rate on this one dean’s connector, so we’ll definitely try that out. We’Ll bring a label battery with us as well. When we get the zoe to test run it and we’ll see the difference, usually there’s a difference in speed. Sometimes there isn’t you can see. We got that 2.2 kilogram servo right there. I believe that’s what they said on the box: it’s double checking that one i got the box here, yeah sure does 2.2 kilogram. Servo is what’s advertised there very cool feels good nice, uh everything’s plastic on here kind of had me fooled there for a sec, but that is also plastic. It looks cool, though, on the bottom, you get some ground clearance.

Let me just now: you get a bit of ground clearance there very nice. I like that. So, like i mentioned, we got single shocks on the front right here and we got duals on the back. You can see dual shocks. They are not oil filled. They are friction shocks so we’ll see how those do should be all right and anything else to look at here. Well, yeah. We sure do we got some nice big dog bones there. Those are thick metal dog bones check that out. We’Ve got uh metal cups. There very cool what about the drive? Shaft, we got a hex drive shaft, i don’t know if you can see it way down in there metal drive shaft, we kind of see it shining a bit down there. So very cool i’m. Looking forward to getting this one out and testing it guys looks pretty cool. I, like i love the look of it lexan shell, here very cool graphics. It will have some plastic on there, a film over it i’m going to leave that on. So after my test run, i’ll take it off, so it kind of looks new again but uh and that’s. What i usually do for my test runs. You can see it kind of right there, like a little bit of film i’ll, leave that film on for the tester unless i’m putting decals on. But this one doesn’t have any decals to put on so we’ll. Leave that film on i’ll go bash it hard and then we’ll uh i’ll be able to bring it back and it’ll look brand new.

All right guys. One last thing to take a look at before we wrap this one up. We got those leds that came separately in that little goodie bag. I threw them in here there. They are up front there. They plugged right into the esc, easy install there, throw that body on there throw these clips in let’s fire it up and check out those leds and wrap this one up get those front clips right there back ones in and we’ll be good to go perfect turn The transmitter on so you got that blinking light right. There hit our button right here on the side. Long press there we go we’re bound, led lights, are on when you’re bound as well. You’Ll see the blue leds on the transmitter very cool liking, the lights nice, to get those everything’s working good Music good brakes on this one Music, perfect, all right, guys! Well, let’s wrap this one up right now, thanks again the awesome for sending out the 9155 for us to have a look at and share with you guys today.