Let’S i mean the box contains here’s the box. The box can, oh, my god, that’s just my parrot flying wait. Let me get him. The box also contains this little okay, no, it doesn’t. So the box contains instruction sheet: rc, cart, lipo, save battery charger, wow contains a transmitter and the car itself, so here’s the car itself. It is pretty good car. This car is amazing. I mean this car, not a lot of people, have it but dude. This is amazing, if you’re weird, if you hear these weird noises, that’s just my parrot yeah, so the so the here’s, the body, the body – has a very good uh. I mean a very cool artwork. Look at this. This is amazing. I mean wait guys i put that sticker here. Let me put down the pins here: here’s, the truck chassis turn, this truck on there we go rtr got the lipo in here already installed, got ta charge that with this charger here this is the hot surface. Do not touch cooling thing here is the metal a arm flexible, bumper oil filled shocks, i think they’re metal and on a switch vent. Air cooling, vent foam filled tires four suspensions at the back and metal transmission shaft mattel, so the truck suspensions are made really. Well. Sorry, my pair is keeping on flying. I don’t know why. What is he doing? I also have a bearded dragon uh. Come this isn’t a review about a green cheeked conyer so never mind here.

It is uh here’s, the bottom of the truck uh suspensions great uh. Some scratches over here there we go and it’s ipx4 waterproof level, it’s safe in ipx4 110 scale. I think it’s 1 12 scale yeah, and this truck is for intermediates. It is plus 14 ages, uh uh, i am 10, but all right never mind. So here is this truck is for beginners. I have this truck for beginners. I will make a review about this truck. Also soon is the power super high speed best guard one it’s cheap uh got led lights, never mind i’m, not spoiling it i’m gon na review. It – and here you go the trans – the transmitter got the power switch here. It is proportional steering proportional uh steering, trim, steering dual rate adjustment. Here we have the steering reverse, switch and here’s high speed and low speed. I keep it on low speed because i like it with low speed and yeah the bumper is flexible. That is really good and this thing really likes to do back flips. I i’ve seen it doing backflips like when i bought it bra. This thing was doing so much back backflips and this was really fun and this is still fun this truck, but you know what don’t risk it don’t bash it. If, if you’re a beginner, i mean you can buy this, if you’re a beginner, you just want this truck yeah, you can buy it and if you’re a beginner i’ll recommend this truck.

This truck is amazing, uh, so yeah the body is great. The box itself is big, where the okay, so this truck. I i really like it it’s the best of in my collection. Now i don’t really like or want to bash it or like break it, because look at the pr yeah the truck itself. The price is 169 and yeah don’t really bash it, but uh. If you’re. If you have a bunch of trucks, then you can do it, but i won’t do it: okay, wise, okay and i’m gon na go soon to the skate park. I don’t know when, but yeah i’m gon na go and see how this thing? How good is this thing and if you want to see me doing that, subscribe to to not miss that video, i mean this truck is amazing like seriously oh, by the way right over here in the liposafe liposave has the metal hex arm. It is to take off the wheels or repair them got this weird thing and four other pins. If you lost a couple of them so yep this truck is i mean i recommend it a lot. This is the best i have. Why is he walking on the terrarium again bruh bit me too hard, so yeah, let it’s double motor bro it’s double motor. This thing is amazing. By the way i will leave a link in the description where i bought this truck so yeah it’s on amazon.

I will leave the link in the description. If you want the same and yeah i mean it’s great, so um this truck i’m, not spoiling um, so yeah. I definitely recommend this truck i’m gon na turn it on right now and let’s. Just get a speed test. Bam there we go so let me switch the truck on all right now. This transmitter that means it’s connected that is really cool. Now check this out low speed. I mean that’s, not the maximum speed with slow speed. Oh, my god, i’m gon na make another video when i’m gon na go high speed on the skate park. So this truck is amazing. You can do wheelies slap wheelies there we go got that on camera, so steering proportional proportional also – and i mean this truck is amazing. So i’m gon na take a bash outside let’s go there. It is outside uh. So this is, it looks really cool outside right. Now uh we’re gon na turn it on and first probably let’s go on the trampoline full speed. Applause, reverse backflip, Music Applause, all right everyone, so this rc is amazing. Have you seen the jump? Have you seen the backflips on the trampoline? This rc is amazing, so uh we’ve got little bit dirty tires. We lost a pin, but this rc is worth it now. I will try to find that pin i mean the grass yeah. So if i find the pin i’ll remind you, but i mean there are pins on amazon, i can just buy so yeah.

Thank you for watching this video. I hope you liked it don’t forget to click the subscribe button. The like button for more videos like reviews, this truck is amazing. Uh the stair fall was amazing uh i mean the deckfall and trampoline that was cool, so stay stay here, subscribe to see more videos like this, like about this truck and we’re gon na go to the skatepark.