We just had a hot wheels rc car on the channel and it was the roger dodger pretty much the same thing, but this one is the batmobile. So i thought this one was more cool, and so we gon na check it out. Im, not gon na. Do a full review on it im just gon na do an unboxing then were probably gon na. Do a running and then im just gon na give you my thoughts about this in comparison to the roger dodger. So we got the bat knife on deck, probably not going to need this for much. We have an instructions manual here, get the transmitter out last thing: we have the track. The track is a little reddish in comparison to the orange one from the roger dodger and normal hot wheels cars, and this is the batmobile. This thing looks awesome, no lights. It looks like same transmitter same deal pretty much, except for the logos there. The batman logo there, the car, is a batmobile, so check it out. Let you guys have a look at it. Looks awesome, got the engine in the back. There larger wheels in the rear looks like same power situation. Here you have to charge it up with the transmitter yep, so lets get to running this guy, so i can tell you guys how i feel about it. So, for the most part, this thing is just identical to the roger dodger and the way it performs and all it drives the same way it does all the same things had the same features.

In fact, this transmitter can also bind up with the roger dodger, and so the roger dodgers transmitter is also compatible with that and theyre identical, except for this one is the batmobile, and so it doesnt drive on the tracks. The little tracks that i created for my turbo racing 176 scale cars. You cant hit the corners and everything is not as precise. The only thing rubber on them is the rear wheels. The front wheels are actually just plastic and so um. I guess you dont need them to be rubber, just because of the fact that the rear wheels are what is driving it. The rear, wheels control the turns and the uh for motion the driving and all they just spin a different direction to turn it unique concept. I guess with these, it makes them kind of control like a tank. This guy is still just as fun as this one and it has the added feature of being a batman car. You know a batmobile. I think these might weigh the same thing. Lets see this guy here, the roger dodger is 21.6 grams and the batmobile is 22.2 grams, so a tiny bit heavier a tad bit heavier, but it controls the same. Really cant tell the difference between these two when driving them. Although these dont drive well on the little tracks that i made theyre perfect for the hot wheels tracks, the little tracks that you have for your hot wheels cars that you put together, i found a bunch of those at the dollar store.

So i picked up a few of them, not a whole full track, but i just picked up enough to make a loop and you know an interest and then exit – and this thing works perfectly for it. When you hit this little turbo button here, it actually builds up enough speed to do the loops easily, and so these things actually work well on hot wheels tracks. So if thats your thing hot wheels tracks and all of that you dont need the launcher for these guys. These guys are fast enough to race around the hot wheels tracks and if you make a complete closed hot wheels track, you can ride this thing around and do the loops and all and complete completely drive around the track. So thats pretty awesome.