How cool is that, and this just came out im not using this one yet so lets start with this one, and i looked at some videos myself got me curious. I, like rc, so its uh, definitely holding to my wheelhouse my strong suit, so im gon na do a couple things right now were just doing opening unboxing review. The next videos will be possibly customizing, changing the bodies or adding light for you know whatever cool stuff. We could do to this card. What i like is that they each have their own remote, so you dont have to guess which, which ones which attack here it works better Music, im gon na put it down next to my other car here, and look for that. One now these chargers seem like proprietary, see that plug so yeah. I strongly advise dont lose this. The adventure force has like built in on the top see orange lets, see batman and the buzz lightyear didnt come with any trucks. Look at that youre not trying to massacre that much oops all right. These little rubber bands are evil, guys careful with these things. I smack myself like twice a week, thats good for now clean it up. So here it is two cars side by side. As you can see, these are different. These two, the batman tested, look the same the wheelbase, but look at the xr1, so thats pretty cool because hes, a smaller car, see as you can see, they almost look identical.

Yeah see, but this one is completely different: a lot shorter, theyre, definitely different inside too you can hear it so thats it for now. Well, do the uh tear downs of these from uh another video so go ahead and comment like and subscribe any ideas you want me to do to them.