I want to get a tune I’m trying to get motherfuckers. I need gap insurance, but I live nowhere near you so I’m in Houston, Texas, but I tune remotely all the time I can tune with up Rev on na and boosted carbo and supercharged and nitrous and all motor fires around the country and around the world. So in this video we’re gon na show you kind of how the remote tuning process works, what you’re going to need and what to expect so we’re gon na start with the basics. You first need a laptop with windows 10 on it, and then you will also need the cable, which is part of my remote tuning package. I actually saw the cable license and the tune in one package, so you don’t have to go anywhere else to buy the stuff. So first thing we’re gon na do when I turn on our laptop here. So you see I’ve already installed up rev on the con. This particular computer on the instructions that I send. You will show you how to install a prep. So don’t worry about that. So you’ll open the software. It says: cable not detected right cables, not plugged in so let’s plug this shit in real fast. So the next step let’s find the obd2 port. If you’ve got a Nissan, you’ve probably had a check engine light. So you already know where this is just look it up right, where it needs to be at all right, so it’s, gon na say searching for ECU for a minute and depending on the car that you have, it may take a little bit longer than that.

All right so now it says ECU ready, so what you need to do and then the instructions will cover. This is you’ll, take a picture of this and send it to me. This is the ECU part number, and it tells me what ROM or what actual file I’m gon na be using to build your to number. So after that I’m gon na you’re gon na send that to me I’m gon na send you a tune back that’s customized for the parts that you already have on the car, which should be pretty close depending on the combo, the fuel stuff, like that that you’re Gon na provide all that information for me, so once you have it, you’re gon na click flash tune file and then usually it’s going to be in your downloads folder. But I have a folder specifically for tuning we’re gon na select the tune that I send you. It open it’s gon na ask: do you want to reflash the ECU? If this is your first time flashing, the car it’ll warn you saying: hey it’s gon na remove an up, Rev license and so on. So just click flash on that. So now we wait. You got to make sure that all of your headlights, AC, are turned off, make sure you don’t jerk, the cable or the laptop to avoid breaking the ECU you’ll hear the fans kick on when the uploading starts. It’S done shut the car off, like it says, on the instructions turn on again.

Okay. So now you go to the next step of the instructions, so the next step of the instructions are gon na. Show you how to actually data log, the car so I’m gon na go through that with you guys right now. You click on logging and tracing you’ll. Go to you’ll download the the scheme attachment it’s, a skm file, you’ll download that first you’ll hit schemes load scheme and you go to the Downloads, folder and you’ll select the scheme that I sent you. This will populate all of the boxes on the right. These are all the boxes that are relevant to what I need to data log to make sure your cars running good. So, even though the tune that I originally sent, you is customized for the parts that you have on your car. I still need to data log. It to make sure that I can perfect it afterwards, because the tune is custom tailored to your specific car it’s, not a canned off the shelf map, it’s, something that we use to get started and then afterwards we make modifications. Based on that, I usually have you run through so we’ll start the car up real, quick Music. So start data logging by tapping the spacebar or hitting the record button down here and they’ll start bill. You’Ll start seeing a bunch of numbers come down the screen once the once you complete the steps I’m going to show you here in a minute, you’ll data log, the I the idle cruising gentle acceleration, as well as a full short full throttle, pull depending on your Combo boosted guys, I probably will not have to do that until I make sure that the cars around on we’ll actually go out and do singles Music, okay, so we’re gon na get on the street here.

We’Ll do a couple pills. Obviously I don’t condone driving recklessly by any means. This is strictly for science, so we want to make sure safety first with all that, so I got the data logger running I’m, just pulling that off the car as I’m cruising it. This is a pretty simple part of the process, so once I actually get towards finalizing the tune on your car, my I have you do like a little pull through through the gears just to make sure everything’s tracking right, usually when we start out we’ll, do like A few third gear pulls, depending on the car that you’re you that you have and then we’ll will eventually just move towards actually doing pulls through the gears right and then any time after the bullets. That morning you just go to file and then save save that email to me. I’Ll give you the thumbs up and I’ll activate your additional maps. The map switching is available on any car, with the cruise control with cruise control buttons. What you do for that is you just hold the switch down, and then you tap cancel the amount of times that that corresponds with a map number that you want to select we’ll check the airfuel real quick. It looks like it’s exactly where I had left it before so that’s good. We don’t really have any issues with the tune. The car is already basically dialed in from before so it’s a good example for demonstration purposes.

But that concludes our video if there’s anything that you feel like I didn’t cover you can. Let me know in the comment section and then, if you have any question any other questions you can contact me directly.