This is the brand new arma vortex. This is the 3s 10th scale truck brushless motor four wheel, drive stadium truck and it’s in pink and purple and uh you guys. We have not driven this yet still brand new nate decided he likes this car so much that he ordered the green one. So i haven’t ran it and nade already clicked by, but never second one that never happens we’re here today to do a speed test of this to see how fast this can go right out of the box. No modifications, no pinion, it advertises 60 miles per hour with the opinion that it comes with, but this is just lifting it out of the box charging the battery and going so let’s see how fast this can go. Music. You guys can probably hear the wind check this out. We had to use old, faithful because our new gps meter uh died just won’t turn on anymore, so old, faithful still here so bear with us, because this will be kilometers per hour, but nato put it on screen for miles. Let’S go um. This has the throttle limit so keep watching because i’m going to start at 50 power, 50 juice and then we’re gon na work. Our way up to see how fast this can actually go. Let’S go. I like doing it this way, because then we can trim it out. Oh my gosh, it sounds good wow. It sounds good, pretty quick on fifty percent that’s cool all right here we go it’s, not bad for 50.

Okay, i like that. I think where this vehicle is going to really shine is bashing, but also it’s going to be quick. I noticed that need trimmed up a hair right. You see it. Oh, my gosh that’s, already that’s, already 48 kilometers an hour off the top of my head that’s, like 25 to 30 miles an hour, that’s cool okay, 75 keep watching we’ll hit, mostly, i also have when it’s my turn. I have a theory i’m going to test. I get a turn, i don’t know what you’re doing. I guess i did, but i still i want to know here. We go wow just with 25 wow that’s uh that’s much faster, and this wind is brutal. Yes, it is which might affect the results. A little bit wow that’s just 75, so i’m. Already seeing this thing, probably within a couple days it will be sold out. It may already be certain colors might already be sold out. We’Ll see whoa whoa whoa whoa, oh man, that’s 63 kilometers an hour. So what is that, like at least 40 something yeah? Okay? 35. 40.. Are you on a hundred? Not yet? Okay? Oh man, you got a trim that feels good. Oh nice riding running wheeling while it was moving. Okay, wow, it’s, powerful watch that wind too Music. That is fast. I didn’t expect a track to go this fast. This is just 3s crazy, yeah, 3s2. Okay, oh yeah, there you go hold that speed, hold it wow, okay, what’s your prediction: in miles per hour: what’s your prediction: i mean i don’t think it’s good.

I don’t think it’s going to be much under 60 miles per hour. No, i mean well, i say: 50. that’s, my prediction: okay, 87 kilometers an hour, wow, okay, i got ta. Look it up. I got ta. Look it up really fast: okay, that’s, fast that’s, 54 miles an hour, oh so i’m. Over so does that mean you win let’s go hold on i’m, not done 54. i’m. Not done. I still get a shot too yeah, but i’m, not done 54 months. Oh, i know what you’re gon na do nice – oh rock, just hit me in the hat: okay yeah. That was crazy. That was a good wheelie, nice wow that’s a fast willy that’s awesome. Did you see that i looked away, but the camera was probably on you? Oh nice, this is a fast car, oh that’s, awesome! Okay, can i give it a? Can i give it a go? Don’T break my truck because i have one coming. If i break it, then you can have mine, although the pink and purple is better i’ll. Take i’ll take your truck, but i need a new body this. I love that it has telemetry. If you guys, don’t know what that is right out of the box. It has this little meter that tells you how much juice is left and we can see that we still have almost full juice. It also has something called active vehicle control which helps it. If you, you can turn it all the way down.

If you don’t like it, but if you turn it up, it helps it stay rock solid. Could you tell when you were driving? Yes, that’s cool probably helps with your wheelies too man, that’s fast i’m, going to love. We are going to race these together, that’s. Why? I got one we’re going to bash them and race them together, it’s going to be awesome, full throttle, oh that’s, a good ground vehicle, yeah there’s, a reason i picked one up for myself, oh cool. This is going to be insane when we bash it, which we’re going to take to bash no wheelie wheelie i’m, going to do a running wheelie like here, you ready, yep. Oh, that was so good that’s cool you don’t even have to be stopped. I was worried about those tires, but wow i get all those rocks you just. Oh okay, so i have a theory and somebody suggested this. They said guys it could run faster. Oh let’s see how fast, ah, 87., okay, somebody had a theory that they left in the comments and it sounded like okay. There could be some truth to it, so they said. Look when you guys do this 50, 75 and 100 by the time you work your way up to 100. Your battery is down just a bit and then it’s not hitting its peak speed. It’S lost some voltage, so we’re going to be mythbusters right now, we’re going to take this speed test on this vortex to the next level.

I have a second freshly charged smart battery exactly the same battery. In fact, it has the same amount of charge cycles on it because we always run them together on our 6s rc’s, so exactly the same battery, but it has a fresh charge we’re going to see if there’s any truth to that right now so we’re going to Test straight on 100 on a brand new battery and see if it actually goes faster or 54 miles an hour. Okay, old battery new battery yeah just go on now i put it back on zero, full full charge full charge, see the top. One was flashing right. Okay and abby, of course you get to do the honors 100 100., so my theory is it’s. Actually it could even be slightly slower, oh it’s fast every time. So my theory is that since the battery’s not warmed up a little bit yet it might actually be slightly slower this time, but we’re gon na find out that is such a good rc. Um. I’M glad you. Let me drive it because uh now i know that i’m gon na, like having mine, my guess my prediction is that this is probably gon na, be the rc basher of 2021. Unless arma comes out. Look at that 87 87 kilometers an hour so it’s the same. Exactly the same, so we don’t have to worry moving forward. We’Ve we’ve busted the myth that starting on 50 up to 75 up to 100 hinders its performance.

So it does not affect it, at least not to the point where this little gps meter can pick up on it. That is a good rc isn’t. It look at that that’s, so cool. I love how low and centered oh. Are you, okay? Was that your glasses yeah wow, that was dog, wear safety glasses when you peel out guys wow, look look how low it is like just everything, sits so low, and somebody said that no one is pointing this out, but in our unboxing we sort of did. I said it’s sitting like really low and compact, but something that people really like is how condensed the shocks are. The shocks are, actually, they don’t sit up too high, and that is something that is different than what’s on the big rock and everything. A lot of people are saying. A lot of people are saying this is just the big rock, with a different chassis with a different body on it. That’S, not true. That is not true. The big rock looks to be a very good vehicle, but the vortex might be unless arma has something crazy. In the works, i think we could at least say this will be the best 3s basher of 2021.. You never know, though arma even traxxas could come out with something, but if they do they’ll be so focused on ip, they won’t know if it’s fun or not it’s funny, because it’s true that’s right, should you give it a little grass run since uh we’re here, We’Ll see how it goes super fast, no issues.

Oh it almost rolled it’s thick, very thick, yeah, it’s disappearing. All right, oh into a wheelie. I can’t wait to get mine i’m so jealous that’s, probably how this is how everybody else feels when we get a rc early, what a cool rc you ready to take it to bash mountain, very ready, be sure to hit the subscribe button. So you don’t miss bash mountain and uh. This is gon na be linked down in the description box below this is gon na, be basically it’s a must have i i’m gon na call it a must have rc if you’re into rc cars, you have to buy this it’s a must have, and if you Decide to buy this, do us a favor use our link. We get a little a small kickback from it and it helps support our channel to continue to be able to bring you guys, rc content, and we just really appreciate the support from you. Well, for all the speed and adrenaline today i want to say thanks to the guy upstairs he uh is the reason we can do awesome stuff like this, also to you guys on patreon our patreon supporters. Thank you so much for your support. All you names scrolling by especially we just are so appreciative of you, so thank you. I’Ll have the unboxing of this popping up right about now, so go check that out see everything that comes with the new arma vortex and we’ll.