So we thought this probably deserves a speed test and although it’s not brand new it’s got some dirt on it, we didn’t break anything it’s super super, durable, like after after we filmed the video, we were walking back to the car, and i was like oh it’s. Such a shame, i keep cutting your head off because you’re so stop. I told nate. I was like oh it’s, such a shame that when you turn it’s catching the body is catching on the tires because it made it sound so bad and it was almost like. It was hard to get past that hurdle of that terrible grinding noise, but other than that, this is like really impressive. You guys, like i don’t know if we portrayed that enough, how impressed we are with this vehicle. It’S awesome, um, that’s, not that’s. Why i wanted to let you guys know that, because i just felt like we were a little hard on this, or maybe i was a little hard on this, because that noise was so annoying to me. Have you ever had a noise that did that to you like nails on a chalkboard look at this? This is a hard plastic wheel on a 260 dollar ready to run rc. I think, for a 14 scale vehicle ready to run at that price. You should have a phone wheel and it’s, so small it’s a small complaint, but it means a lot also it’s ready to run.

It came with a 2s lipo battery, which is awesome, but when have you ever seen a ready to run vehicle that doesn’t come with? If it has a battery a charger, my head is getting cut off again my arm’s tired, so i think it needed to come with a nice cheap. It would have cost him what one dollar to include the charger with that you know he’s complaining again, but what i was trying to say was: this is a surprisingly good. You know performing vehicle for what it is yes and it’s what’s on the inside that counts. But honestly i love the outside. So we got our speed meter on the car it’s zeroed out, yeah one because i moved it that’s fine one mile an hour, so let’s see there’s no like throttle limits really on this there’s throttle there throttle trim yeah, but no like no nose, presets one’s. What i mean so let’s go, this is it. This is how fast it can go. If you were wondering, if you want to race this we’re here on pavement today and we’re, going to see how fast it goes ready, i don’t expect to set any records, but it is quick. Are you ready? Yeah i’m ready Music wow that’s fast, and it sounds good. It’S, nice and quiet for 14 still it’s a good speed. It’S got to be one of the best and most expensive, 14 scale vehicles. We’Ve ever had now that’s fast what’s, your guess um 35 it’s hard to say, with these 30.

i’m going 30. hold on it’s tricky. Oh my gosh wow, i told you whoa what’d, you say: 30. 30., i said 35. So i went. You win the car it’s! Yours it’s, yours, let me give it a shot. Let’S see if you like how, when i was doing my speed test, i kept waiting for you to be quiet. You’Re. Welcome you guys. I want to see if we can hit 40 on this. It sounded like the slipper clutch was a little loose we’ll see we knocked it around a lot. There’S full throttle, guys that’s ridiculous for a 14 scale ready to run vehicle. I can see this being worth that price point, but the other. What is it lc racing that we did yeah the one we broke, the spoiler on. I don’t like that one, but i love it. You got higher than me. I just got one pass: ‘. i’m gon na juice. It listen for the slipper, maybe a little uh. You know what, though it could just be loose. I don’t think it’s like broken or stripping, i think it’s just loose, and that could be a good thing going around the track. We were gunning it though, and it was popping wheelies. You remember, listen one more time. It sounds like the slippers slip in her hair granny that was popping wheelies uphill that’s cool. This thing is a beast: it’s four wheel, drive and we’ve talked about this. You are definitely keeping this aren’t, you, oh yeah.

I love this. I think i’m keeping it because it’s pink it does, and i want to take it to a track, because i want to see how it performs like with ramps and all sorts of things. I just think it’s like a really good all around basher. I, like it uh. This is a super short video. So, if you like shorts videos, i want to give a shout out to our shorts channel we’re, getting really close to 5 000 subscribers, which is really insane because that video was just born this year. Just earlier. This year, in 2021, so january, 1st these sailors – shorts, yes january, 1st, that’s right and we just put nice short little videos over there with no talking if you’re bored and you just want to scroll through and watch. Some quick videos really fast see if there’s an rc that catches your eye, that’s a really a really good way to go about it, and we always link the rc’s over there too. So you don’t have to ask us about it. If you like, what you see on a short video, you can click the link and check it out for yourself, i’d be so pumped. If that channel could hit 5 000 subscribers massive shout out to to ama ama, which is surprising that you guys might hear us talking about this in a car video, but did you know that ama the academy of model aeronautics also covers rc car people? Most people don’t know that also most people still assume, even though we’re talking about it all the time you don’t have to fly your planes and drones at an ama sanctioned airfield to be covered.

You just have to follow their rules and guidelines. So if you’d like to be an insured rc car driver, you can be you also get a nice magazine, subscription, you’re, open to all kinds of groups and things online when you join ama. So if you want to learn more about them will be linked in the description box below by this rc car. The first impression that i had from lc racing was a very bad one. I did not ever want to give them another shot, but because they’re such a die hard fan base, we did – and you guys encouraged us to pick up another lc racing, rc vehicle and i’m – really glad we did, because this one for 14th skill might be the Best performing one we’ve ever had our hands on seriously. I really truly mean that it’s expensive, though too. So if you want to get into 14th scale and you don’t want to drop 260 dollars, we’ll have one alternative, actually two linked in the description box below the epic legendary, soon to be the best rc in the world. Purple buggy and it’s brother, the black desert, wltoys they’re, half the price they’re less than half the price they’re ready to run you don’t need to buy anything else to get them up and running and they perform really well too. So you know this is just like. If you want the best of the best to those of you that are buying the xmaxx and the creighton 8s, you might want to pick one of these up, because it’s really good for its size for the fun, the happiness and just being alive.

I want to thank god. I also want to thank our patreon supporters, because without you guys, we uh, we wouldn’t have the channel that we do. We certainly wouldn’t have 250 000 or whatever it is uh subscribers now, you’ve really fueled the fire helped the content rolling. Since day, one and we just can’t, thank you guys enough, because, because of you guys, the content continues to roll continues, to be honest as honest as it has been since day, one if we’re going to find something. We don’t like we’re, going to tell you about it, even if it’s as small as a foam wheel on a radio that honesty can really shine. Because of you guys. We don’t have to rely on kissing companies butts to put out honest content that’s why you don’t see some brands on our channel and we’re going to actually talk about some of those brands in the future. I think, and let you guys know a little bit of the reasoning why you don’t see certain brands, not just traxxas. Everybody knows about the traxxas steel, but there are other companies out there too. That have really done some morally horrible things that abby and i have just said, we’re not going to cross that line. So if you want to learn more about that hit, the subscribe button smash the notification bell and eventually i think, we’re going to talk about some of that stuff. All the good stuff is linked in the description box below.

Thank you guys. So much for everything. We’Ll have our bashing video of this little awesome it’s. Actually a truggy popping up right about now.