This is the new wl toys it’s their first 10th scale. Rc buggy never hit the market that’s awesome, and we are here to do a speed test to see how fast this will go. We don’t expect it to set any records, but there’s a ton of hype on this thing online and we’re going to let you guys know if it’s, just a bunch of youtubers trying to sell to make a couple bucks or, if it’s, really worth picking up that’s. What we do so, like abby, said 10th scale. It’S got a 550 brushed motor in there four wheel drive. We brought this one, which is like the world’s most famous little buggy, that we don’t actually really like a lot. We like the purple buggy and the black rail buggy, the desert buggy, but we don’t really like this one, but everybody else does so there you go size comparison. I will. I don’t know if i could quite call that 10th scale, but golly gee, it sure, is close isn’t it enough of the green one. Don’T, like that, one let’s see how fast this goes: new gps meter, the dynamite, one uh zero miles, an hour, it’s kind of hard to eat zero miles an hour heavy it’s miles per hour, meter yeah, that’s right it’s worth noting that this is about 150 out Of the box ready to run and that’s pretty important, because i will say for the last couple couple: videos on the channel or so coming a couple weeks: we’ve had some pretty expensive products come on bring it in what’s going on.

I couldn’t tell you okay, he’s doing that by itself. No it’s, not it was okay. Let’S rub it. On that note, let’s drive it: okay, ready, uh, huh and that’s full speed i’m. Having range issues. Oh boy: oh boy, that’s, going wow wow. This is brand new batteries too, by the way. Okay, okay, all right, it literally took a couple of seconds yeah that’s, all for it to stop trimmed, but no it took a couple seconds for it to even go. Oh that’s, not good it’s, not good range issues. Oh boy, 155: i think dollars out of the box. Why don’t you just bring it in here, really close yeah, okay, all right, yeah, yeah, that’s, all right, that’s, all right, it’ll, probably be a good basher which is really but we’ll bash. It really good! Here we go here, we go. No um people have been saying a few people, a handful that we were not focusing on budget stuff and it just so happens there. We go 23 miles an hour 23 miles an hour, that’s. Okay, let me give it a shot. It looks like it should be a lot faster. I agree just saying for a tenth scale. This is a very good price. You know i mean we can’t really complain too much about that. It has and look at this too, look at this giant shocks on here. I, like the metal standard there’s a ton of metal inside i’ll, show you guys there’s a metal chassis on the bottom and it’s 155 bucks.

Something had to do with a lot of screws. I would, i would say they probably need to have a brushless version or a brushless upgrade kit for this, but yeah at this size. You know they’re saying a seven minute drive time same size, battery that’s on their small ones, they’re full speed – and i finished my thought earlier. We just wanted to show some budget options too, because we have had some insanely expensive things on the channel and that’s not usually like us. It just kind of fell in that order this time. So also, this is four wheel drive the tires, feel nice and soft. It feels fast, 24. 24. Well, you know it doesn’t matter in this one because it’s so slim, this is pretty Music pretty slow. Honestly, i was expecting it to go faster, which is why we came out here to do a speed test this. This is going to go to bash mountain and basically it’ll be a good opportunity to see how a a budget 10 scale four wheel drive vehicle does at bash mountain because that will set the bar and let us know how everything else has been doing. If you think bash mountain is wimpy, uh you’ll be surprised and i think i’ll be surprised. I’Ll be surprised if this can make it up, but the tires are soft they’re knobbier than they were on the vortex there’s foam in there it’s a very nice vehicle. Really, truly and all this metal let’s look at this metal on here, it’s a good looking buggy too.

I love the red wine blue collar, very america. I, like that, a lot and there’s our battery. I told you guys it’s the same exact battery on their smaller vehicles. They’Re 16 scale things and i think 18th scale steering servo’s mounted up here. Here’S, our esc receiver combo with a fan on there, that’s not working, it might be temperature related yeah and then a big 550 brush motor. I told you i was having range issues so maybe something’s up with the combo it’s wl toys they’re, usually pretty good quality control, but there’s even metal drive shafts in here. Look at that i mean they really they’ve put a lot of metal in here and i’m impressed by that for this price. Okay, uh, the only thing that’s, not super impressive right out of the box is that speed, but we got 24 miles an hour for a 155 dollars ready to run with a nice usb charge. Cable, i mean really, can we can. We complain for that price. There’S. No room to complain is there. I had range issues you did. I didn’t seem to feel any, but i i truly believe you and uh. It looks great. I think this is probably going to shine when it is bashing. We didn’t have huge expectations for this, but also we’ve seen so much hype uh. We thought this would be a better than an unboxing right. Would you guys rather have seen an unboxing or a speed test? I i personally wanted to do a speed test on wltoy’s.

Very first tenth scale, at least our knowledge rc vehicle. Like this, i like it, i do so if you like it, we’ll, have a link in the description box below and believe it or not. This is on pre order, like i think, wltoys is catching on to the game and they’re getting the hype built up like everybody else. The people that have this thing lots of views, especially for their channel size and stuff. So you know pretty cool, pretty cool wltoys. I’M excited to see what bash mountain does to this rc and if you guys want to see that too hit subscribe, smash the notification bell, because that’s, not something you want to miss bash mountain – is really kind of getting cool name for itself, because it’s so awesome Man, it’s very cool for today, getting out here to do this little speed test with you guys, showing you a budget rc2, because trust me, our channel is not going in the non budget direction. We just kind of got stuck in a little corner of non budget. Things there for a little while uh, just just sharing the hobby, with you guys beautiful beautiful day, to do that in and thank god. I also want to thank our patreon supporters because we could not do our channel without you guys. You know that the brutal honesty that shines through is because of our patreon supporters, so for for all of you, guys that have ever supported us just a dollar to continued support.

We thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. We’Ll, have a really awesome fast drag car. If you want to see some speed – and this did not fill the need for speed today, we will show you a fast ready to run car and it doesn’t cost too much more than this. That video will be popping up right about now.