We just destroyed our gps meter again, i didn’t actually think it was going to pop away racing you’ve done a very good job. I really like the way this rc looks the attention to detail on. This is just a step up from anything that i have seen them do and compared to a lot of rc people on the market. You got ta admit the detail here is great. Take a look at that little hose. This is like fuel line for rc airplanes. Okay, but it’s just here to look like extra scale detail for these shocks, it’s, so awesome you even have the little oxygen fuel line running into their helmets. Little fire extinguishers mounted on both sides. That fuel line is back here too. Look at the exhaust. It runs along both sides of this vehicle, and then we have an actual functioning light bar up here headlights down here on the front bumper. I just really like the way this rc looks so for that alone, i’m excited, but in this video we’re gon na do a speed test. We’Re gon na see how fast this goes. I really have no idea what to expect who doesn’t like to look and see what kind of power we have running under here. I love that it hinges up like that. We can see that the lights are run very nicely nice and clean light job that’s for the light bar and it looks like. Actually we have something running into the rear yeah.

We have a rear light bar too. I just noticed that very cool aluminum chassis. I should point that out and then we have some aluminum in here where we need it. Like the shock tower shock tower. Thanks abby we have a nice brushless motor setup. I think they actually saw a brushed version too there’s, our esc and receiver. They are separate, which is nice on off switch. Some people call this a t plug. I call it dean’s and then our battery tray is over on this side. I really i just really like this. This is such a cool. Looking rc, i don’t care. If this sets any speed records today – and i actually don’t expect it to – but i do want to know how fast is it and then, if you guys want us to, i guess we’ll take it to bash mountain after we do a speed test, so let’s power. It on and see how fast this is right out of the box completely ready to run with the stock included battery charged on the included charger. Let’S go so i feel like i should have done the intro with the lights on because check that out, that’s, so bright, that’s such a bright light. Sadly, oh zd racing come on not surprised and then look at the rear light. They are super bright. They look good, so let’s run it. That fan is ready to rock and roll. I want to see how fast this is: oh yeah, oh it’s, gon na be quick, big fat zero and some of you guys may notice the uh, camber and toe of this rc is not perfectly aligned.

Sometimes they do that on purpose. So let’s see how it runs and then abby noticed the center lights are actually yellow. I don’t think you can tell, though, on the camera, but the two center ones are yellow that’s, pretty cool yellowy orange okay go oh it’s, quick, that’s, pretty fast, so bummed out about the headlight racing. Here we go that’s, not too bad that’s, not too bad. This is like an off road dune, buggy basher. So keep that in mind. I just love the way it looks here. We go full throttle, that’s, not horrible man. I think this is just a look or maybe more than a performer, but that’s. What we’re here to do and show you guys let’s see how fast it went on that double speed run. Pass. Oh nope, nope nope, not 52.. 25. how’d! You come in at the right angle. You guys not this number it’s, this number 25 miles an hour. Do you want to see if you can beat me, i doubt i can and it’s cd racing, which you know. We all know how i feel about tv racing. You don’t, like zd racing, so they don’t like you, but i like zd racing watch the wheels probably gon na fall off. They do sometimes for you, so you guys may notice that oh yeah it’s it’s got some. Oh man that front tire. If it looks like it’s gon na fall off yeah, i think you should have tightened it it’s tight.

You should know about no it’s snug. Some of you guys may have noticed i’m in shorts and a t shirt. You uh, you can probably see abby’s in jeans and a hoodie type fuzzy thing: that’s smart, it’s, cold out, guys it’s, really cold Music. It feels fast when you’re close, let’s see let’s, see let’s, see let’s see you got 25, oh no, 25 miles an hour. Oh, oh why’d, you do that! You just destroyed our gps meter again. I didn’t actually think it was going to pop away what’s the rule that you always tell me don’t break your rc don’t scratch them, though, just pay back my new payback, my brand new look at that. Oh let’s, see. If i know i didn’t expect it. I don’t know how it does that, like that whoa, so it’s got some serious torque, but it doesn’t have a lot on the high end. So i think this is going to be a good battery really really it’s, not even like there’s, no wheelie bar it just can pop wheelies that’s fun, one more one. More just got ta have a little control over it. So if you guys want to see this back there let’s do another wheelie on bash mountain hit, subscribe smash. The notification bell be sure to tune in probably within a week or so. We’Ll. Take this to bash mountain. I have a feeling if something’s gon na break at bash mountain it’s, probably gon na – be this.

I don’t want it to because i love the way it looks, but we got to get out and have some fun today. Do a quick, very quick, little speed test, mainly because i’m, so cold, and so for that i want to thank not because i’m cold, but for just having fun today. I want to thank the big guy upstairs. Thank you, god also a massive thanks to our patreon supporters, because some people might get this and say: hey, it’s, perfect. Clearly, it’s, not you know, we’re going to show you when it has any issues, but i actually like zd racing. I really do i’m just i’ve. Always rooted for it, i just it’s good to have more than just arma and traxxas. Although i love arma, i guess we got low c and axial i don’t know. Maybe we don’t need zd racing, but i like zd racing. I want to hear from you guys in the comments below have you ever bought a zd racing and if you have did you love it or hate it? Because abby and i have this very love – hate thing – the household divided for sure boys with zd racing. I like to keep them. She says the shelf space is too valuable. We could put something else there, nathan if we sold those racing. I said i love zd racing, especially this one, so for all that, like transparency and just having so much fun in the hobby and just letting us say what we want to say on our channel, while keeping it family friendly.

Thank you to our patreon supporters. That was the biggest patreon support of thanks we’ve ever given. Thank you guys so much, and we have had a new a couple new patreon supporters sign up recently. I just want to say a special thanks to our new patreon supporters and all of our old ones too guys we’ll have a cool awesome. One of my favorite zd racing rc car videos popping up right about now.