You can see how fast it is on 2s and then were going to see how fast it is on 3s, if youre not seeing the on bunk, if youve not seen the unboxing and the review of this, i highly recommend watching that, but watch it after this Video see how fast it goes first and its worth watching, because if youre looking for a 1 10 scale short course stroke trophy truck, this is definitely worth a look. So an all new chassis from ftx, one of the main changes center diff. So the motor location is in the center got center diff, which means you can distribute the power between front and rear a little bit more control a little bit more evenly, depending on what sort of surface youre going on its a 2 900 kv, 3665 motor, its A little bit bigger than a 540 theres loads of power in this its geared really well, i was surprised on 2s how well it actually went its got. An 80 amp brushless esc on there, waterproof steering, servo and all your receiver is in there. So its pretty much, i wouldnt say its weatherproof lets. Call it weatherproof fully adjustable camber and tow also got a sway bar in there big bought alloy shocks. These work really well same at the back there, with your sway bar and your camber adjustment metal drive, shafts metal gears is a plastic chassis and some people have said this area can be a little bit weak, so well keep an eye on that and overall im Really impressed something you know its theres a little bit of play in it.

It could do some fine tuning and maybe some shimming on some parts theres a bit of play there, but overall at the price point, gets a big thumbs up from me and, while were on the subject of thumbs. Up so first run is with the volks 3. 200 milliamp hour, uh lipo – this comes with its a 40c comes with the truck its 99 ready to run then were going to run it on this 8 000 milliamp hour, 100c cnhl 2s as well, see if we can squeeze any more speed out of it. Talking of squeezing weve got to squeeze this into the battery tray because the straps are a bit short for it, but this is a gens ace, bastion series 3s, so three runs today: stock, volts battery cnhl 8000 milliamp hour battery and then a gen z8 3s. What a beautiful day for a speed run! I got my coffee. I had to go, this costs double double my usual mcdonalds coffee and it definitely doesnt taste twice as good right. Zorro then, stock battery stock, lipo, that comes with it, comes with a 2s lipo right stock out the box. What we going for today, i reckon i reckon its good for about 28 to 30., maybe maybe 25.. Here we go anyway, 2s straight out of the box. That doesnt seem as fast as it did when i was uh running it the other day. Hmm did i charge the battery im.

Sure i did lets have a look. 25. Well. 28. I wasnt far off 25 mile an hour thats, not all that fast um straight out of the box. It did seem faster when we were off road, maybe its because of the surroundings were in, and this is a big old wide road but 25 mile an hour lets, stick the cnhl lipo in and see. If we can lets see if we can increase that a bit more with a higher capacity 2s, so just just in there theres a little hole into where the center diff is, and i just emptied a few little stones out it wasnt, locking it up. I could hear it a little bit noisy and i opened that up and there was a few little stones in there. So something to be aware of there is actually i thought it was completely sealed. There was a little hole in so if youre running it on some rough ground, something to be uh, something to look at make sure you dont get too many stones in there and strip that center diff right cnhl in 2s, again, but 8 000 milliamp hour 100c. Lets see if we can beat 25 mile an hour. Oh hang on, i didnt read it last. Oh, we got 28 last time. I forgot to read it the second time anyway. Okay, thats, better 28 miles an hour, my bad. Well, we need to get 30. Then dont we to uh to see if his battery makes an improvement so that volts one three thousand two hundred uh milliamp hour 40c.

This one is eight thousand milliamp hour 100c. It looks a little quicker, not a lot Music. This handles so well. This thing that center diff really makes a difference lets bring it in no 28 still what a cool little buggy or truck sorry. No 28, 28 mile an hour time for 3s right is 3s gon na wake. This thing up: oh yes! Yes, it does wow right! Weve got to be good, for i dont know what 10 mile an hour more 38 mile an hour lets find out. The battery is slightly too big for the tray, so i had to use a bit of a zip tie. Mod hold it in there, but were in lets, go yeah, certainly faster. Is it 10 mile an hour fast? I dont know im going to say 35. shes fast, well, actually, yeah. Now its come past me quite closely. I reckon yeah 38. wow. Here we go. Oh 3s definitely wakes this thing up. Lifting that front up. Laughter: okay, okay, you wonder how fast it is. Lets have a look here. We go oh 41 mile, an hour, ftx zorro, you know more than 10 mile an hour. Wow 3s lets hope it can handle 3s long term lets do another run. Im gon na do a handful of passes just to make sure get it up to load just to make sure that esc and the temperatures are good. That was about four or five passes.

Still 41 miles an hour motor, oh, i can hold my fingers. Ive got my fingers on the motor now keep on. It is warm im not going to say its, not hot, but ill keep my hand on there, so it cant be that bad yeah saying the esc is even cooler. That is good news, so 28 mile an hour on the 2s lipo the stock and the slightly higher powered one and and 41 on a 3s. This thing has got some right: speed without 3s. Well, im going to leave you a little montage ive done for ftx of this at the quarry, because everyone likes the one ive done in my video. I think this ones better anyway enjoy and ill see you next time alone inside these empty broken walls, and i cant see it Music.