We are heading out to gainesville georgia today, um its actually a wednesday, so im actually working right now. Unfortunately, originally the original plan was that i was going to go out there and take the rv spend a week out there and hang out. Unfortunately, the kids just started school, so melissa and the kids couldnt load up in the rv, and i am almost out completely out of pto days. I do have a full time job, so i am working right now. However, right after work were hightailing the airport and were heading out so basically the plan is we are. The agenda is, were heading out to the airport. Tonight, uh well be getting there. I think our flight leaves at like 6 50 or something so well get to atlanta georgia at 9, 50.. So im assuming after we get the bags in the rental car and everything well be out of there at like 11 ish and then were driving an hour north to gainesville georgia to go to our hotel. So we dont plan on getting there still super duper late or super duper early tomorrow morning, but yeah. This is going to be a start of a very, very grueling weekend. I am off on friday, so ill be able to do the full race on friday, but i want to shoot a whole bunch of content out there um but yeah its kind of like the calm before the storm and a stressful time really stressful time.

Because im trying to think of all the things that i could potentially be forgetting man that background was weird its like it, its its like its flowing. I guess the neon lights anyways, the race were going to which you guys already know, because we should have already released a video on it is wicked weekend. So wicked weekend is supposed to be known as not so basically, psycho nitro blast is also a race time. Entertainment event, as well as wicked weekend so psycho nitro blast is like completely cycle, like youre, going 24 7. wicked weekends supposed to be the complete opposite of that um, not as like hardcore and grueling, and to say the least, so theres they split it up. Where you can, you can just practice on friday or you can just practice on thursday, but its a little bit more driver friendly when it comes to a schedule. This is my first time out here. So were gon na see what its all about. I just got done shooting some video before i left. I got done shooting to me a tuesday. I dont know you might see thats me a tuesday before this video im not sure yet so im not going to tell you guys what its about, but i got all the uh, the rc storage unit, stuff out here, which im really excited. I want to come back like im already thinking about all the things i want to do when i get back, i want to go back in the rc storage unit um.

But again, all these things racing through my head, my cars im trying to get im trying to make sure those are ready. So the good thing about my cars is my. My truggy was basically the exact same triggy as, when i say exact same like i didnt touch it since silver state, so that one should be perfectly fine it i actually cleaned it when i got back home from silver state, so that truck is ready to go A lot of people want to know if i rebuild my cars every race. I do not rebuild my cars every race only because when i get there my cars can be totally different like. Why would i fill all my shock fluids up with something that i think is good, when, if i get out to the track, it could be something totally different. So usually i like to rebuild my cars whenever i get to the track, so i know exactly what it is, because i could just be dumping that fluid anyways. So so, typically, i like to pack all my rc stuff up first because thats what im worried about for getting the most um, i tried to make sure i got everything that i know i cant get when i get there will be hard to get, which are My cars, my cars, my remote, my charger, my batteries, you can always get tires out there, but those are the big things to me. I dont have a checklist.

I kind of just do it by my head, but this time its a little bit different because evans car is not here either, because evans car is already packed. Also so evan is actually going with me, evan being q tip. My older son um were excited. I mean its gon na be fun its gon na be first time we get to travel to a race together, uh. It should be a lot of fun so right now, what im doing is im basically just kind of scanning my work area, my my rc race area, to make sure im, not forgetting anything we have three ogios joes packed. I would go show you guys. Oh jeez. We have packed, but it is raining out there uh and i dont want to get the camera wet stuff. So but yeah we got three ogios packed and then we have hold on. Let me flip the camera around. Then we have one luggage pack. That has all our clothes and stuff god, i hope, im, not forgetting anything its one of those things like no matter what you kind of feel like youre, forgetting stuff, but luckily i had roger and spencer theyre heading out. There theyre actually already out there with the canopy, so my pit area is already all set up. Thats gon na be really cool. Uh well, be able to just get there and start racing uh. I dont really have much more to say other than make sure if you can fly southwest of these races, because when youre flying out to a race you need to bring luggage and luggage is usually about thirty dollars per bag.

So if you think about it, you need at least four checking bags, at least for me, with with uh two for me, two per person thats already an extra 120 each way, so its actually actually an extra 240 bucks round trip of luggage. If you fly southwest bags, fly free its a lot cheaper that way, so you save a little bit so all right, thats enough here, hopefully, everything gets. Everything goes fine, theres, no delays! We get to our car. The rental car place closed at 11.. I need to make sure i can get to the rental car soon enough before they close, because we land at 9 50., hopefully theres, no delays, nothing crazy happens, and hopefully the next time you see me well be at the hotel getting ready to mail it in So thats the life guys, if you want a race, you got to make sacrifices. Some of these days are going to be crazy, so lets head on out. Oh one last thing before we take off uh, literally and figuratively check out. These are the giveaway sheets for people who visit me at the race. Look someone on a live feed mentioned an american flag msm sticker. Now we have little mini sticker sheets that were going to be giving away big shout out to max custom design so pulling this off right before i left. But yes, look at how sweet those are. Those are super, freaking, sweet, Music, all right guys.

We made it to the airport okay, so we went through security that one didnt go as smooth as usual. I had a crap ton of batteries this time and they did have like it took them like three or four people to validate batteries were okay to go through. There is a type of battery that cant go through its a lithium ion. They said so after much debate, which i already told them ive done this before they didnt want to hear that they did. Let us go there, so not as not as smooth as usual. You usually just see it and go um in this case they didnt, but were at the airport. Im gon na grab a bite and then head on to atlanta Music. All right guys. We made it – oh my god, so it was uh. We had our flight delayed. So basically, i knew that getting to the air we had to get to the airport or we didnt want to be delayed too much, because the rental car companies would be closed by the time we arrived at the airport, uh, the rental cars company rental. Car companies closed at midnight and we literally got there and got our bags and got to the real car place right before midnight, and there was this huge long line. It was a huge long line to get the rental cars in a huge long line to get out of the parking lot with rental cars.

It was a rental car nightmare. We were delayed by a long time. We are exhausted, we did make it to our location. It is two two oclock 2 15. Something like that. I did want to talk to you guys about how much it costs to travel like this, but im way too tired guys so, im gon na have to wait till the morning when im a little bit more fresh and have some coffee and food, but working at The sack evan has already hes already in bed ready to go. I am super tired. He just got done with an hour and a half drive its a hotel but yeah ill talk to you guys tomorrow morning, all right guys now for the full cost breakdown. So i did get. I got a solid six hour, sleep thats all i need. We did go to the track this morning and put all our stuff out. Get our pit area set up our practice. Doesnt start till 8 pm tonight. So, im working right now, but im going to give you a cost breakdown on how much it costs to travel, to races like this. So when i say this theres a lot of caveats. Obviously this depends on location, um, theres ways to do this. A lot cheaper. A lot of these costs you get helped out by a lot of your sponsors. However, if you were to travel to races like a pro and when i say like a pro its like a business right, its like sending an employee somewhere um, this is how much it would cost, and this is essentially how much this trip costs.

So the first thing you got ta account for is a flight if youre flying which most most people fly because its all about its when it comes to big businesses, its all more about time. Uh time is more valuable than money. So when it comes to a flight, you got ta factor about four or six hundred dollars for the flight. Uh rental car is about 450 bucks, depending on how many days im here for five days, uh most races, uh huge races, are gon na be four or five days. Um hotel is between four and seven hundred thats, a really really broad range. Only because it depends on what your taste is like for me, especially if my familys traveling, with im gon na stay at somewhere a little bit nicer, because i dont want them staying at somewhere. You know a little, not as nice, i guess to say the least. Uh food – i probably budget about three hundred dollars in food thats sixty dollars a day assuming youre gon na spend ten dollars for breakfast twenty dollars for lunch and thirty dollars for dinner, uh also race entries race entry is about 200 bucks um because most racers or Most races are about a hundred dollars, an entry and then youre gon na run probably two classes, maybe three so i i run two so 200 bucks uh tires tires is where it gets expensive. So at a race like this, youre probably going to want a set of tires for practice and then youre going to want a set of tires for qualifying and youre going to want to set tires for your main day.

Now, with all that said, if you want different different things to test out, obviously youre going to need more than three sets of tires per car, but for this exercise i budgeted three sets of tires per car a lot of times. You can get really close to what tire you need to run based on the people. Whove run the race before so at 60 dollars. I think it was sixty dollars. A set six dollar set for two classes. Youll need six sets thats 360 dollars per for tires alone and then miscellaneous costs nitro you cant travel with nitro fuel, so youll have to buy some there, or maybe you can get someone to bring it out. I always buy some type of raffle, some merch uh snacks uh. That would be probably like an extra hundred bucks so with that said with all that said, thats pretty much the cost of these races, its about twenty two hundred to twenty seven dollars. Twenty seven hundred dollars a trip yeah, it is not cheap to travel to these big races and again with all that said, you do not have to travel like that. That is the most extreme case of traveling, like youre, truly going out there, like, i said, like a pro and when i say like a pro, your big travel guys like your adam drakes, your ryan, lutzs uh, your jared tebows, your top guys theyre its all business To them right, theyre, going out here and theyre here to win uh thats, what it cost so thats thats how much these companies are paying these drivers to go out here.

So again, i dont want this that price to scare you the 2200 to 2700 per race, because you do not have to spend that much you can. You can budget really well, basically drive dropship race, it might be a little bit longer. You can carpool definitely split a hotel room, thats, probably the easiest way to to get costs down, because, especially for this trip, the most expensive cost for this trip, even with evan coming with me and both like, if you consider both of our plane tickets, both of Our plane tickets dont cost as much as the hotel stays so thats, probably the most expensive part. Obviously you can cut that hat in half. Even you can cut it even more. If you have three people standing in a room which i used to do back in the day, uh someone would sleep on the floor and two people sleep on the bed um, you can definitely cut costs on tires. A lot of guys already have uh tire deals. Thats one of the first sponsorship deals you get, but you dont have to run three sets of tires every race. If you, i think you could very well get away with two sets, basically run a set, and when i say two sets two sets per car, basically run a set for practice that same practice set. You can run for two qualifiers, then break in your tires on your third qualifier for your main day and then there you go and then some tracks arent as abrasive at all, and you might not like silver state, wasnt, very abrasive.

I i think i really only ran one set of tires, the entire time um and then a lot of these places. A lot of these companies. Sorry im checking my notes a lot of these companies. They do especially for the the top guys they do offer travel support, so obviously these pros arent paying for that um. But yes, it is very costly to go to a race like this uh in this particular case for wicked, like i personally like to travel in the rv, i like to travel like basically have a home away from home, but in this case sorry just gon na Need to eat the granola bar in this case i didnt have the pto days. I didnt have the time, but i really want to come out to the race get some coverage for you guys hang out my friends, so we did it this way. So i hope that helps. I hope that shed some light on it have its its awesome, its all worth it its all about to me. My personal opinion is if youre, making memories the price shouldnt matter hanging out with evan hes hes in bed get resting up because were going to have a long night, because our practice starts a little bit later um. But if its all, if youre making memories, i think its worth it.