I have always wanted the tamiya tt01 and luckily banggood has this chassis, so they send one to me for review. Lets get one thing clear: this is not a product from tamiya its a clone based on mia tt01 type e. If you count the upper deck in this, video well see whats inside the box, and what else do we need to complete the car, along with the total cost estimation of this project? If you want to start rc hobby with this car ill tell you whats the cheapest option and what i use the price will be in us dollar. Some will be converted from euro. If i got it from my local shop now lets begin. It comes in a generic cardboard box like this with no label. First, we have the bumpers and the screws for them in the next bag. We have body parts, wheel, hexes, pins and also wheel nuts. The included wheels come with plastic drift tires. I want to build a touring car, so i have to buy new tires and possibly new wheels too. Finally, we have the chassis, it is pre assembled except the wheels. The steering doesnt seem to have any play in it and it feels smooth the only adjustability. This car has a front toe angle and coil over other shocks. The drivetrain feels smooth as well as the differentials the wheelbase is 257 millimeter and the width is 190 millimeter. Lets put the wheels on and see how it looks.

It looks really good and it rolls really well for the initial inspection. All the parts are smooth, but the shocks dont have oil in them, so ill need to fill them up later. One of my viewers told me about a mr light rediff, so i opened it up to check and everything seems fine and smooth on my car. The qc could be hit and miss. So if you get it turn the spur by hand and if you feel any noise or anything sticking open up the diff housing and see if you have to sand anything down like the bearing slot to realign the gears, it uses stock bones, not cvd. So i might upgrade it later, thats, all the stuff. We have its a rolling chassis, so a lot are missing to complete the car, so lets go over them. One by one first were gon na need a body banggood also send me a body from zd racing. It is an amg, dtm racing car. I think the width is 200 millimeter, so it is a little bit wider than this car. I can change the wheel offset to fit it later. The body is quite flexible, it is pre painted and i will only need to apply the stickers to be honest, im, not the biggest fan of the mercedes, but this body looks really good. It is also pretty cheap, just 33 dollars for a pre painted body. Almost ready to use youll just have to drill the holes for the body post.

The motor size is 540. Some brushless manufacturers will call this 3650. The esc or speed controller should be at least 60 amp. You can get a cheap brush. Motor combo like this. A cheap, brushless sensorless combo is also available ill, be using a cheap brushless motor with sensor from surpass hobby with hot viewing quick run. 120 amp. This kit is the best value for money you can buy today. If you want a brushless system with sensor, it will also need some m3 screws, six millimeter length to attach the motor to the chassis. You can buy them from a hardware store, theyll, be cheaper than buying from an rc store. The motor pinion gear pitch is m0.6, almost 0.6, the more teeth it has. The faster the car ive got 23t and also 17t, just in case the 23 is too fast or doesnt have good acceleration. The servo is standard size for 110 scale ill, be using the short version to have more space for the esc. My choices are either this spt that ive just got, which has better specs than the jx servo that i already have. However, it occasionally goes crazy under 6 volt, so im not sure if ill be using it. I might stick with the jx because i know it is safe and reliable. The biggest battery it can take is 46.5 millimeter, wide 26 millimeter thick and 150 millimeter long, but thats a bit too tight. If you cant find anything around 46 by 24 by 140, it would be perfect ill, be using this chances and dont forget the shock oil.

As per recommendation on the euro rc website, the weight is 400 cst, so thats what im going to use? Those are all the parts you need for this car next youll need some tools, a transmitter, receiver and a charger. I consider listings and investment, because if you want to start doing rc hobby, you can buy a good ones and keep using them for a long time and with other cars you might buy in the future for the transmitter im thinking either. My trusty radiolink rc4gs is a solid and reliable transmitter, or this new flash guide g7p the fly sky has the edge on the adjustable servo frequency. However, the reliability is questionable to say the least. If i shake it or knock it just a little bit, it will reset itself, as you can see here, thats not good. Now lets take a look when i try to do the same thing with the radio link. Nothing happens. You can call cheap and get a dumbo rc transmitter, but it doesnt have the model memory capability. So if you have more than one car youll have to adjust the settings every time you change the car. As for the charger, ive just got this sky. Rc s65 ac. It is a simple and easy to use charger that doesnt require a power brick or an adapter. I, like my old sky, rc b6. The only downside is that the plug is xt60 and i had to make a bunch of adapters to charge my batteries.

There are clones of the b6 charger as well. I dont know about their quality, so if you want to go cheap, do it at your own risk. Finally, the tools youll need hex, screwdriver and hex socket. You can get a set specifically made for rc like this, or you can just take a look in your local supermarket. This is what i found when i went to croatia. It is a really good set of tools, and it is what i take to the track because it is easy to carry as for the socket or nut driver. It has a set with handle or you can get a cheap cross. Wrench, like this and dont forget a reamer. If you need to make holes on the body, other tools like pliers and screwdrivers can be found in your local shops. So dont worry about that lets see. How much will this project cost just to get it off the ground or actually on the ground because its a car, okay, thats a lot, but remember if you already have a transmitter and a charger? This will be about 100 cheaper, and if you already have the tools it will be even cheaper and if you dont have anything yet everything you buy right now you can use it on your next cars. Some of you are gon na, say wow. Would you really spend 400 on a clone junk? You would rather spend that amount of money on an rtr from a reputable brand like mst or yokomo, but i want you to really look at the build.

I want you to really look at the electronics that ill put in the car and how much it is that actually goes into the chassis. How much that actually goes into the electronics tools. Charger transmitter youre gon na see that if you spend the same amount of money to buy an rtr, you most likely will not get a good charger out of that, most likely will not get a lipo battery. Most likely will not get a 4 channel transmitter and definitely will not get the brushless system with sensor. So most of the budget will go into the electronics that you can move to a better chassis. You dont have to buy this chassis anyway. You can just use this electronics and buy something else like yokomo, yd2, sakura, d5, whats up right advances for four wheel, drive touring car or any chassis you like, and if you are new to this hobby, remember youll need to spend a big portion of your budget On the electronics on a good transmitter, charger and tools, so please be prepared for that. With that being said, i dont have anything against buying rtr. In fact, it is the easiest way to get into the hobby, especially if you dont know how to do soldering and you dont have the time to do the research on what motor is right. What esc is right? What pinion gear you should be using only thing you have to do is open the box charge the battery and itll just work.

However, you need to set to expectation right when you buy an rtr youll, most likely not getting a good quality. Electronics, as im sure you know, this hobby is expensive, but if you buy the right stuff at the beginning, itll save your money down the line thats it for today, im gon na start building it soon. So i hope to see you again in the next videos. Please subscribe if you want to see more content like this and click the bell icon to get the notification.