1 8 rally cross radio controlled racing, so this is going to be racing focused, but it’s also going to be handy for you, bashers and it’s been designed for the complete novice all the way up to world championship winning levels. So this tutorial is all in easy to follow along video format. So we’ve got complete, build guides to world championship, winning specs go to the engine, so that’s the front shocks done: we’ve got full tutorials all about nitro engine, so breaking in and advanced tuning Music. I might see your idle be a lot more consistent with entire tutorials, so here we’ve got the main man mike craddock. So if you don’t know who mick craddock is and you’re into 1 8th rally cross, then you’ve been living under a rock, so mick’s been racing. Monique valley cross since 1989 he’s won four over 40s british championships. Three over 40s european championships he built set up and pickman’s the winning cars to go ahead and win four british championships and two european championships; a mix also pit manned for mark paviddis, no he’s mark pavetas, all right mark pavitas to tq and win the 2006 world Championship victory for mark gravidi’s slab eve drops his transmitter to the pit crew hi everyone, my name’s mike craddock and i’m, going to show you or tutorial you all the way through uh building racing, an rc18 nitro car and the ep will be later on and we’re Going to go through from wing technology what to do with the wings there’s, so many various ways you can set a wing up, setting the tyres up, balancing, choosing tire tread for track conditions, choosing the right wheel from spraying your body going all the way through preparing Your own body, with this tutorial, we aim to save you money but race at a high level, and i wanted to make it as simple as possible for you to do this from the from the basha to the club racer to racing at full european and world Championship level, i want you to get the most out of your car that you actually buy it.

Doesn’T have to be a cloud show i’m. I use kyosho all my life, so that’s. Why? I stick with kyosho, because i know it’s the best thing for me. So i’m, going to show you on this course how to get the best out of everything. You know tyre technology suspension now only joking, so we’re going to show you what to do from spraying the body you know i’ll spray, this out of rattle cans, how to protect it. With the shoe goo elongating the holes we’re going to show about exhaust correct length for manifold for the right tracks and getting the right amount of horsepower. Your gear ratios changing the clutches there’s, so many combinations of clutches. You know with free shoes, four shoes, different clutch shoes, weights, balancing fuel tank fuel, filtration airline length, fuel lengths, tire technology, gluing and balancing getting the best out of your insert gluing them to the tyre a lot of money saving in there actually in there yeah there’s. So much money, saving you’re paying 40 set for a 40 pound for a set of wheels nowadays set tyres. Complete set to go racing uh tires are so important that 50 percent of your setup on your car. You can have the world’s best setup, but if you haven’t got the right tyres on it’s all wasted, you’ve got you’ve got to get that handling and power to the ground. Um. We can show you about shock technology using the right oils.

The right pistons, the right, diaphragms or emulsion without the diaphragms and packing the diaphragm out all different tips like that. Getting the right known, you’ve got the right rebound anti roll bars how they work. There’S. A lot of myths about that camber change, making your car wider wider track using different hexes air filters, very important we’re, going to show you stripping the car down after a meeting what to check for in between the races. You know all these little things just to keep your car in peak performance, but save you a load of money. Engine rebuilding, changing the bearings checking the glow plug. What to look for in a glow plug different temperatures, usage glow, plug different nitro content wing technology. Putting the holes in the wings while we do that chassis technology, diffs diff, gearing inside diff, gearing there’s so much to talk about why you would use different oils different types of diff lsd. You know different gear ratios in the diff’s pinion and crown wheel engine tuning servo setup, but we want you to get the most out of what your budget is, and i can show you that, with my secrets, my my tips and secrets is all about consistency. Lasting lasting the race, if you don’t finish it’s, no result most important thing that this this tutorial will teach. You is about not just about diff building shock building, tyre gluing, all the normal stuff that everyone goes on. Videos we’re going to tell you about racing tips.

Picking the right lines prepping before you’re racing, what to do when you get to the track. All of this parts, fuel fuel technology regarding when you’re coming in, for the pits, how to use a fuel gun correctly, what’s the right strategy to use setups in different conditions. You know in rain conditions in extreme heat conditions, all the little tips in mud conditions. All of this is going to be covered. This tutorial will start off slowly so that you get engaged to it, but my my aim is with this tutorial. Is that you? You learn easily and quickly it’s going to be basically in layman’s terms in the way i’ve learned over the last 30 years and that’s the most important thing that you’ll learn easy, because i know a lot of people. Don’T read books these days, so i want to translate all of the stuff that i’ve learned in the last 30 years to on a video. So you can just watch you can stop at your own pace and and carry on we’re also going to back it with a facebook page specifically just for you. So if you’re a member of this tutorial, you will get the facebook page. You can ask me any questions you want and i will do my best to answer everyone personally, one to one. If we get loads of questions on the facebook page, where obviously we put that content in and please feel free to tell us if you want different content, what you need in there that all helps, but hopefully we should have covered a lot of it and we Will be adding and adding and adding even small bits you know like we find as we go along.

You know, i’m still learning after 30 years and you will be as well and it’s what you want to learn. This is a ideal tutorial for, if you all want to be the pit man, a mechanic like, i am now because i’m too old to drive a competitive level, and if you want to be teaching your son, i think the best thing for this hobby is a Family mum and dad this this tutorial will help you, if you’re a father or a mother that wants your son to be the next world champion. Then i’m. I can help you get that way because i’ve achieved you know european and british for many drivers now so with the world championship, i’ve, i’ve, actually pitted for a world champion and so and i’ve i’ve pitted in a few world championship finals. So i’ve got the experience. You know that only it happens every two years, so only a few people have had that experience of actually putting in a world championship final i’ve, i’ve pitted in many european finals, and if you meet me at any track side anywhere i’m, always open to talk. If you’ve met me before, then i’ve always been, hopefully uh able to help you, even if i’m busy i’ll still come and help you. So this is all designed to get you right up there. All the information, everything you need to know to get you right up. There to the very top of one 1, 8 rallycross racing it’s mainly focused on nitro, but it’s, also going to be a whole load of stuff in there about electric there’s going to be absolutely everything that you need to know shock tuning oil tuning suspension, setup engines Tires running in breaking in uh setting up the engines, you’ve got basic tuning you’ve got full advanced tuning.

I mean any everything that you’re going to want to need to know about this hobby. Everything is going to be in this tutorial and it’s also going to help you guys out there into more into your bashing cars, because a lot of the stuff like the engine tuning and the gear ratios and stuff like that that’s going to be the same in Racing as it is in bashing, so this is kind of designed to help everyone right from the club level, all the way up to the very top of world championship, uh winning sort of races. Now that sounds good to you, then click on the link down below and get involved now spaces are going to be limited. There’S, only one mic – and you know with a facebook group mike, is going to give one on one help to as many of you guys as he possibly can. I mean he might not be able to get all the questions that come in, because it’s probably going to be a lot but he’s going to do his best to answer as many as he possibly can and as time goes on a lot of the questions that Get asked we’re going to add that into this into this tutorial, so this tutorial is ongoing. It’S, never going to be finished, we’re always going to keep adding more and more and more stuff to it. So obviously, we’re going to have to limit numbers uh if too many people get in on this tutorial, then it’s too much for one person to handle so make sure you get in there quick and also it’s, only a one off payment once you’re in guys you’re In you can watch all the videos as many times as you like there’s no limit how many times you can watch them all.

The future content will be all included. You’Ve never got ta ever play again and it’s always going to get updated as new new stuff comes out as new technology comes out, new knowledge, new setup sheets um, any new stuff that comes out it’s, all going to be added into this program and you’ve. Only ever got to pay once and it’s all backed by a full 100 money back guarantee within 30 days, so it doesn’t matter what the reason you can have a little look inside. You can try it out for 30 days. Give it a go see if you like it, if, for whatever reason you don’t like it, or maybe you want your money back so you can go and buy pizza it doesn’t matter, you’ve got to send us one email and the email address will be at the Very top in the first part of this tutorial, so one email, let’s, say it’s not for us it’s not for me. I want to buy pizza whatever and you’re going to get a full refund. No questions asked so and also on top of that guys you’re going to save the price of this uh tutorial you’re, going to save that many many many times over. Just one set of tyres it’s going to pretty much cost you what this program costs and you know by you – buying the wrong tyres or setting them up wrong. Um it’s going to cost you a fortune in making mistakes, especially engines.

If you want these engines wrong, you run the risk of blowing them up gear ratios, even with lipo lipo charging. Lipo discharging like everything you need to know about this hobby uh of racing, one eighth, radio, controlled rallycross cars is gon na be in this program. So what are you waiting for click on the link down below get involved and see how much value this tutorial can give you to get you up to the very top highest of levels of racing or even, if you just want a few tips, that’s going to Help you with your general rc, bashing whatever it is that you want it’s gon na, be in here all right guys.