My shocks i’m, not going to lie to you. I see a lot of people get this wrong so without further ado, let’s get on to the video yo first thing: first, let’s get these shocks off of the car Music. Now that the shocks are off of the car, as you can see, next up let’s get these springs and spring collars off of these shocks. Music. Now that the shocks are off the car. What i like to do before i start taking off the shock. Caps is clean off any dirt or grime that can potentially get into the shocks. I want any of that stuff getting mixed in with the new fresh oils. Okay, sharks are all clean, now let’s start dumping the oils out of the shocks. So what i like to do to protect the shock bodies from getting scratched up or damaged is i wrap it with a microfiber cloth and then i go to grab it with a pair of shock pliers so that i can go ahead. Put a wrench in here twist it get the cap off and ready to go. This way we don’t scratch up or damage our shock bodies. All right, so i got a water bottle, got my shock, fluid let’s dump it under here and it actually stayed pretty clean. I’M gon na go ahead and give it a couple: pumps Music get out of there Music boom clean. As you can see, i have a boo boo, so i’m trying to not get any oils under there.

So if you see me grabbing the shocks any weird way, this is why now, as you can see my shocks, weren’t all that dirty so i’m, not gon na go ahead and take time out and get a rag in here to clean this up. But if your shocks are dirty whatsoever or if you’re changing shock, fluid viscosities, then i would definitely go ahead and grab a microfiber rag. Stick it in there twist it around a little bit, get all that oil and dirt and grime out of there, so that when you go to put your fresh oils in there, it doesn’t contaminate it or make it feel all weird or anything like that. You want fresh oils and you want your oils clean when you go to replace them. Now, when i fill up my shocks, i fill it up just below the rim here. The reason i don’t fill it up all the way to the top yet is because when i go ahead and pump the shack up and get all of those air bubbles from underneath the shock piston, i don’t want the shock to overflow and make a mess and Get all over my hands and everything like that, so to avoid that i don’t fill it all the way to the top. I fill it just below the rim and the reason why you don’t want any air bubbles inside your socks is because first of all, you’ll have less compression and you’ll have too much rebound and they won’t be as smooth we’re gon na fill up the shock body With the oil pop it out just a couple times, or maybe three or four times, and then let it sit for a good five ten minutes just until pretty much all the air bubbles are out of the shocks who blew this bubble now, what i’ll do is I’Ll go ahead and top off the shock body with oil, and i want it to bubble over.

I want more than enough oil because, once i screw on the cap, it’ll actually release a lot of the oil and the oil will just overflow and get out of there, and that way you know you have the right amount of shock oil inside your shock bodies. One hour later and bubbles are gone okay, so i got the shock cap here and, as you can see, the bleeder screw is still inside the cap, so i’m gon na go ahead and back this out. Okay, we’re gon na take the cap place that, on top of the shock body, try to square it up as nicely as we can screw it on. Okay. Now what i like to do is grab a rag wrap it around like that and then just twist i don’t like using the shock pliers for this, because it doesn’t really need to be all that tight um you’ll find once you do that, and then you want To replace your shock oils again or whatever you need to do to get the shock cap off it’ll be way too hard and uh you’ll have to apply so much pressure that it may damage the shock cap. So be careful of that. So what i’m going to do now is take the cloth, wrap it around the bleeder hole, just like so try to give you guys a better idea. So there it is the bleeder hole, is right here and then we’re gon na just push up on the shock.

Shaft – and i don’t know if you can see that, but the oil is trying to bleed out of that bleeder hole as i am pushing up. You want to do this kind of slow and then hold that down and wipe off the excess oil. Take your bleeder screw: stick it into the bleeder hole screw it down with the shock shaft still fully compressed into the shock body. Okay, gon na, tighten it don’t over, tighten it because then you’ll strip it then. What i do is i pump it up. You’Ve got to dump it up about six times three. Four: five: six i’m gon na go seven eight, so that’s our rebound right now in 10th scale. We really don’t want any rebound. If you’re doing an e buggy or something that’s going to be bashing outside, then you may want a little bit of rebound, but for my purposes for what i do for indoor racing, um really zero rebound is the way to go. This is where i see a lot of people make this mistake. They really get this wrong. They’Ll go ahead and bleed this now at their house and they’ll. Believe this, the second time right now and um that’s not really the way you want to do it. You want to wait to do your second bleed until you’re at the track, because what will happen is, if you go to bleed it now, and you go to load up your rc cars into the car or you’re, going to a hotel for a big race or Whatever it gives the shocks enough time to develop air inside there and now, when you get to the track, your shocks are full of air and they’re not going to perform the way they should.

So what i do is i wait to bleed a second time until i get to the track once i get to the track. Yes, you’re gon na, be all anxious and you’re gon na want to get out under the track and have some fun, but just take the extra five to ten minutes to go ahead and take the shocks off of the car wherever you place, them bleed it. The second time get all the air out of there and then once you go ahead and get out there and get onto the track, your shocks will be performing the way they should the way i like to bleed the shock for the second time around is i Actually, just pump this up a few times see where it rebounds back out. This bleeder screw once more push the shock shaft back into the shock body. Hold it there take the bleeder screw screw it back in there, and then you should have a completely dead shock. If you want rebound, then what you would do is you would still pump this up about 10 times see where it falls and then say you would want about a quarter inch of rebound. Then you would just leave it. There then put the bleeder screw back inside the cap, and then that should be where your rebound should sit at and there you have it not too difficult, but a lot of people just get this a little confused and everything – and i just wanted to clear it All up and give you guys the best way to build the shock, so you have optimum performance going out onto the track.

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