So here i’ve got a an 8 scale gte from current, offering from from hot bodies, and over here i’ve got a yokomo 10 scale. Buggy and we’ve got two nine steps. Tool kits got there. The classic seven piece tool kit right here and over here we’ve got the essential five piece tool: kit, okay, so let’s get into it. So the seven piece classic toolkit here start off with the one and a half mil hex driver you’ve got your hardened steel. Beautiful handle this is perfect for making adjustments for the small anything with one and a half mil so let’s make a little sway bar adjustment here. Push this out there we go put that back up beautiful, great feel great tool. Of course, it comes with ever popular two mill, and this is you know, very popular on a on an eight scale car and something that definitely very well used um. Obviously you got your two and a half mil here. You’Ve got your chassis bolts, all your bigger stuff, really good for getting all those larger torque applications on your big screws, no problems with grip. There also included in this kit is your five and a half mil now that’s going to be good for getting getting at your shocks and making adjustments on the fly instead of either taking it off to clean them out or just making setup adjustments. I’Ve got a seven mil here now this. What have we got here in seven mil on this particular car it’s? Not a great deal of seven mil stuff always good to have, though we’ll get to that in the tenth scale, car and then, of course, the pista resistance.

Is your 17 mil hex wheel, driver perfect for all eight scale, applications beautiful torque, great on the nut allowed to alloy it’s, not going to cause any damage or any finishing on your nut whatsoever? That’S great! All right now let’s come over and have a look at the essential five piece kit. Now again, we have the one and a half mil now in tennessee it’s, a bit more predominant, whether you’re bleeding your shocks or changing your pinion gear, you’re really going to be using your one and a half mil quite a lot. The next one up the range is your two mil now anybody that races, one tenth scale, will know that two mil constitutes at least 90 percent of the screws in the car. Everything from your shocks to your chassis, bolts to your motor it’s, all all two mill, two and a half mil on this you’re, really, probably only looking towards your engine mounting screws and larger applications like that, okay included in the kit is a five and a half Mil nut driver again that’s going to be essential for removing your shocks for disassembly cleaning and making setup changes. Now the most valuable tool is probably going to be your 7 mil nut driver. This is going to be used to get your wheels on and off, and it does it with ease and again you’ve got alloy to alloy. You notice here how the end of the how the end of the handle is spinning for simple operation, and it feels good both on your fingers and in the palm of your hand, if you’re screwing it a great kit.