How do you wash your rc car as soon as you get home, get into your washing routine? So, whatever your washing routine is stick with it and ill? Tell you my uh key key segments is one is have a washing station. You know, if its on your way into the garage dont put your dirty cars in your on your workbench uh make a mess. You know. Youll have to clean it uh real quickly. So, ideally, you go through your your side, gate or your your your front, porch and you do your washing there get all that dirt out. So its best to have a table. Um, unload your truck and and really the next step step is to make an assessment. You assess how dirty are these vehicles because you have your little wipey wipe or you have your medium wash just brush it off or you have your full water water. You need to do when you get your when you get your your your rigs muddy, you get them wet. You get them. You get some salt water in them. You really got to get into the water okay, so the second part is the assessment, and the third part is the actual, washing and ill show you what i do and the key tools that i use number one is a set of brushes super cool um. A lot of a lot of the the dirt you can just brush off, but you know, dont, have a little toothbrush or pos brush.

You know have a nice set of brushes that can get in there that are big uh, so you so it makes quick work of any job. The next thing you want is a a compressor. Maybe maybe you have one? Maybe you dont, you know you could reverse a vacuum: cleaner, a shop vac, but really you want a compressor with a gun with a trigger, so you can shoot 150 psi of pressure in a needle point and that bearing all right so a compressor. The next thing, uh hand in hand with that is a water gun. A water spigot dont have a hose, have a little thing that you can control, because this is this is this is a fairly sensitive operation and then the last part the drying have a bunch of rags. You can also use the compressor a key part of the drying, and then you have your fluids. You have your wd 40. You have your lexan protectant, your your your anti dust stuff to get all that pesky dirt and give your car that nice shine so hope. You enjoy this video that im going to show you and share with me what your routine is. You know if you have a routine, then you have to think about it. Boom boom boom charge charge wash uh and within a half hour. Maybe you uh get your your cars speaking span. Oh and the last part is have a have a nice place to set up your rc cars.

You know once theyre clean you set them up somewhere. In my case, its a shelf could be a cabinet some place where you just dont, leave him on the ground or outside or or or or stack them in a disorganized manner. Because if you, if you fail to do this, you know one week later, you go visit your cars uh its unpleasant to to start playing with a dirty car, but worse, if theres any moisture in them. You know you turn try to turn the wheels and it doesnt turn its all frozen, its all its all rusted out. They dont know all the bearings, so you dont want that so take care of your rcs and your rcs will take care of you. Thanks a ton, all right lets get to cleaning fun times here. So first get all the vehicles out nice to have a truck. You dont have to put your dirty cars inside your vehicle and the key is have a station, meaning just a table, a place to do all your cleaning every time and do an assessment. You know what kind of cleaning do you need you need water? Can you just do wipes and brushes and and have at it? So here we do the body first, the body is brushed and gets a dust protector and a shine. Armor armor all is this one and it really makes your your your bodies look good again gets rid of surface scratches if you have a good solution, all the way for an arma and then get the battery out your turn and do your charging routine.

Most importantly, whats important is put them in storage mode that way its ready for the next and the key is to try a gun, a nozzle. I just never heard that and just shoot away. So i start from the back and then here we go super cool to have a compressor with a gun, and the two elements here is have a a big enough compressor with a tank. So you could have 150 psi for of several seconds or minutes and then have a gun that can shoot out and really direct that air into a specific place. Most of what we deal with is dirt and dust, and this addresses that gets in those nooks and crannies um. So you dont have to deal with it in the workbench and theyre not causing wear and tear and then have a wipe routine. You know either have some nice wipes or a rag where you can get rid of a little bit of stuck on dirt, good chance to check your bolts and your hex nuts. If these get loose it is trouble, it will ruin your wheels. Something cool is to do clean, your transmitters as well, if you have a compressor, its good, its good to wipe them up. You dont want dust getting into the throttle mechanism, making it all grimy and in the case you need water. You know anytime theyre stuck on dirt or or mud use it with your brush, use uh soapy solution.

If you need to, if not just water is good, do the body and then the chassis. This is personal preference for sure the wheels and tires not a problem. Suspension as far as the bearings dont shoot it directly into the bearings and and electronics just be careful depending on what kind of electronics you have if theyre waterproof its a little bit safer to get some splash on it, the key is to make sure theyre turned Off and you have sufficient drying before theyre turned on again something to dry. Is the compressor again comes in really handy uh? Get it out of the bearings, get it out, get all the water out of the bolt heads metal elements that can get rusted uh. You can also use wd 40 wd, 40 repels water. Some people like to give their vehicles to wd 4, the 40 bath. That way, it prevents moisture from corroding the metal elements and there you go so let us know your cleaning routine well, have some links in the description for some of this, but uh see.